Tuesday, August 31, 2010


For those of you who don't know me very well, judging by what I talk about and show you on this blog, I'm sure I come across as normal and pretty stable and of course, I'm pretty sure I am. For those of you who know me very well, also know I'm all of the above. So having said this, what I'm about to write and express to you will surely change your mind about me...Ahh... but here's the catch...I'm not the only one who has express this or even experienced it.

It all started about 5 years ago when minding my own business going through my life, did I start noticing the numbers 11:11. I've never been one to sit still and look at the clock, whether it be on a wall or side table or even a watch, which I don't wear, but little by little I couldn't help but notice that at least 50% of the times that I did seek out the time, the number 11:11 would appear. That includes analog clocks, micro waves, ovens and an occasional just perfect timing viewing when just as I gazed at it, it would change to this mysterious number. At first I thought it was just my daily rhythm...you know, at this time I usually do this and at that time I usually do that and it was just coincidental, but when it started to happen to me in different settings, situations (work schedule, bulletin board...ect) and even other states, I took notice.

I am not superstitions, I go out on Friday the 13th, I have broken glass many a times without repercussions and so and so on. Yes, I don't hang horse shoes up side down as that would be bad luck, plus I don't like the way it looks that way and I never walk under a ladder, only because that's just wrong, but when you start seeing the number over and over again....you pay attention. All this was in my mind when I started to see 11:11 in books, advertising and just about everywhere I go. Mind you, I don't look for it, I don't anticipate it and it's not like I see this everyday...it just happens. Yesterday while Raquel was listening to her IPOD, I just casually asked her how many songs she had in there...."Hmmm, let's see", she replied as she fiddled with it...1,111. Do you see my point? Why is this happening and what does it mean? For a time there I kinda thought beware of November 11th, you know the eleventh day of the eleventh month, but I was determined to go one with my life and poo poo it. It has been a strange phenomenon to me and when it happened, it made me feel weird...then something happened...

The last couple of years when this has happened, I threw my hands up and thought to myself that this means something...not bad, perhaps good and just go with it and guess what...I started getting a good vibe every time it happened. Yeah, I know what you all are thinking...that I myself have made up my mind to feel the vibe and that perhaps I'm just thinking happy thoughts ie; giving myself pep talks and whatnot, but that's not what I thinking.

I'm thinking this must mean something. Something or someone is trying to tell me something by showing me this, otherwise it's just a waste of time and blog space. The two people that I have talked to about this have both listen with interest and then shrug there shoulders not knowing how to respond or even relate. It couldn't be just me. There has to be more people expericneing this,and so, I did a little research and found some interesting stuff.

It's kinda complicated and I'm still trying to figure it out, but here are some links for you to visit and view...and maybe, just maybe one of you are experiencing this and haven't told anyone...





I know I'm not crazy. In fact, I'm probably the most rational person you'd come across, but even I have to stand up and take notice...besides, crazy people don't go around saying their "not crazy"....right? I'm just sayin'

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle again...

When Raquel was 3 years old she wanted to ride horses...always. She nagged me to no end and just wouldn't let up on the subject. She nagged me so much, that I off offhandedly told her when she turns 11, she could take lessons, thinking that a little toddler wasn't gonna remember and that the "horsie" phase would take a huge flying leap outta her brain.....WRONG!

For 8 years she continued to remind me that the day was coming AND the fact that Auntie Brenda would have her come down to the stables and help out with her various horse chores didn't help. She would feed and groom the horses and schlep hay and manure all with such enthusiasm, that I had a feeling this was no phase. So when she turned 11 with the help of Auntie Brenda and this guy...

...she started her horse riding training. This is Tom...Tom is hot and yes, Tom was her very first riding instructor and a very good one to boot. I will never forget her first lesson...it was in October and the lesson started out in the sunshine and by the time she really got into it...it was raining. When Tom asked her if she wanted to stop she replied.."No Way". As the years continued, Raquel had moved to various stables and instructor due to what and where she wanted to learn. One or two lesson per week for 2 and a half years...but that's not the surprising part. I hardly saw any of them. You see, I was extremely nervous watching her. My anxiety levels would sky rocket and I would have to leave. I would go for walks or shopping or run errands because I just couldn't deal with it. And as she got better and better which included jumping, cantor and even a little gallop here and there, I was outta my mind to the point the Dr. gave me something to take at every lesson if I choose to stay and watch, but not once did I tell her that she couldn't ride. I would explain my feelings of stress, reinforce her love of riding and that's just how it was. We understood each other.

After over 2 years of riding English, Raquel decided to try Western and ended up loving that too and took lessons for about 3 more years. Unfortunately, school became to stressful and she had
her hands full of other obligations, she had to to take a break and I exhaled, all the time knowing that she would eventually go back.....and she has.

She has missed riding English and is now picking up where she left off and actually learning a few Dressage moves too. My anxiety level has gone down due to the fact that I don't have to take her to her lessons...she can take herself...plus I've been doing a lot reading and it's helped me tremendously.

So my little 3 year old is growing up right before my eyes and it's harder that I thought it would be but I'm so darn proud of her and the young lady she has become that just knowing that, helps me to grow up too.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Rednesday!!

Again with the polka dots. I collect fireking polka dot kitchen ware. In the past it was pretty reasonably priced, but since Martha Stewart came on the scene with her collection, the price has doubled. The red and white is my favorite but I also enjoy the black and white.

I love this little glass with the piano player. Wish I had a whole set~

Sorry for the flash and bad angle, but this picture in my Kitchen is my favorite piece of Black American. First of all, the little girl is wearing a red and white polka dot dress and I just love the composition, but most importantly this little girl looks just like me when I was this age. Eric and I were in a antique store in Santa Barbara years ago and saw this pic....whereupon he turned to me and said, "look it's little bunny"...I just had to have it.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Rednesday...I am~

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Latest

Well, I'm kinda winding down for the Summer and trying to wrap my brain around going back to work and Raquel going back to school for her last year. This Summer has been a very mild one...climate wise and a very fun and interesting one...life wise. Here's just a little snippet of whats been going on here for the last few weeks....

This use to be a mini corn field

now it's just good ol' corn. Most of it was good (so I hear...I don't eat corn) with a couple of not so good ears. Gave most of it to family and friends

The tomato plant is still goin' strong and they were and are wonderful

Had a huge BBQ with Eric's relatives from Austria....we all had a great time including the newest member of our family....Alex

Celebrated my BFF Brenda's B Day at Farrell's and made a pig outta ourselves and pretended we were 16 again...OK...we do that all the time but we had a good reason to this night

Connected with a friend from High School...shout out to Facebook, and REALLY(uhh ohh) acted 16 again...turns out he doesn't live too far from me...We'll surely see each other again

Had a minute of crafting. Bought these 3 plaques at a yard sale for $2...total. They were brownish and I just sprayed them my ever lovin' off white and placed them in the patio

and these two are still together and it's been quite interesting to watch. I'm looking forward to this new school year...(shaking my head no..wink, wink

I'm just sayin'

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Linen Rednesday

Some of my vintage linen collection.

I fantasize about having a tea party with several little tables set up...each with a different tablecloth

and of course, I'm hosting in one of my vintage aprons

not sexy enough? How 'bout this one

Hope you enjoy some of my Reds...I really enjoy drooling over yours~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are You Lookin' at Me?

Ever get the feeling people are watching you? Looking at you as you pass them by on the street or the aisle of the super market? Giving you the ol' double take or the stare down? I get it ALL the time...have for years. Naw...I'm not paranoid or looking for trouble or even imagining it. I'm just very observant and for many years now, I've noticed people looking at me and sometimes down right staring at me as I walk by or stand and look at something out in public. The reason I bring this up now is because while in Vegas, we were walking in a mall and just happened to walk past a group of what appeared to be middle eastern tourists. As we walked by them a couple of them very intently watched me as I walked by. I turned to my daughter and asked her if she saw that and she did. Don't know why they watched me. I wasn't walking around scantily clad, I'm not drop dead gorgeous enough to stop traffic nor am I ugly enough to do the same. I wasn't wearing a funny hat or acting outrages and although, as Raquel pointed out, I do look middle eastern to some people, I find it hard to believe they would be checking me out for that reason. So, having said this, I find it very interesting as to why people have always looked at me in some way or form to the point of me noticing them. Does this happen to you or should I check myself into some sort of narcissist rehab? I'm just sayin'!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I don't want to offend anyone, but I collect Black Americana and it's all over my kitchen. I have been collecting it for at least 30 years. I have so much of it that some of it is in storage. Just little bits of red here and there

My kitchen china cabinet filled to the brim with it, including vintage linen in the drawers which I will show you all later

little buggies on the window pane

and a gift to me from someone who thinks they know me...HA!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Its

We swam it, loved it, lounged in it,walked it, viewed it, drove it and ate it

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What happens in Vegas

is a lot of swimming, walking, lounging, loving, eating, laughing and a little bit of gambling. When we get back on Friday, I'm sure there will be lots to talk about and more to show you. I miss you all already...tootles~