Sunday, October 31, 2010

Squirely Mummies and Batman

Now that I'm coming down from my sugar high, I can blog about my squirely grandsons,
the 2 mummies and batman

I asked DJ to give me his scary batman look and he came up with this one...and yes, that's Meredith sittin' back there with her hand all wrapped up. Seems she was carving a pumpkin last night and carved her hand in the process. She's OK...a few stitches and some vicodin and we were

Off to trick or treatin' and posing with some menacing people

We stumbled upon a grave yard in the hood too

We had a great time walking around for 2 hours...Thanks guys for the Almond Joys and Tootsie was the only way I could endure all that s l o w walking...I'm just sayin'

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Red

Keep your eye peeled

for things that go bump in the night

and critters that watch your every move

and mysterious spells

all to remind you


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Busy and Busy!

October is our busiest month. It's busier than the holidays because first of all

It was this guys 50th B~Day

and then it was my MIL's B~Day

and then it was my first Grandsons Franklin's 8th B~Day

and then, it was Raquel's 17th B~Day.
...and yep, that's her new beau Josh. Everyone say "hey" to all 6'4'' of him.

and then we had a huge B~Day bash

but wait...there's more. Eric and I celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary.

sorry for the bad pics...i was in a hurry.

and there's more...but I'll save it for another post. I'm kinda rushed right now...out the door for Christmas shopping...because I'm not busy enough.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloweeny Tree

When I took down my tree in the dining'd thought I'd did something illegal by the way my family acted. So after being in storage for 3 weeks, I brought it out again and this time, put it in my den. Decorated it with creepy crawlers, popcorn hands, black kitty cats and a little bit of Halloween whimsy....Enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Circus Red

Remember this vintage poster that my girlfriend gave me for cleaning out her closet? Well, just to add a little splash of red in my very monochromatic living room, I've incorporated it...hopefully successfully.

I found a huge frame at the Goodwill for $19 brought that sucker home and painted it glossy black, matted it and hung it up...Voila'

Can't wait to see your reds!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleeping with Grampa's pants

Having gone to yard and estate sales most of my life and had my share of my own..NEVER had I experienced what happened to me at my latest trek of yard sales this past weekend. First, I purchased this for $2. A white chippy wrought iron plant stand that I will probably spray white.

...and then I came across this box of crafty velvet ribbon, gold ribbon, green fuzzy pipe cleaners, red raffia, a red vase and lots more....all this for $1

...and then I came to the house of bad decisions... As I circle around this front yard, scoping out the yard sale landscape, I am listening to the what I think are the owners of said home as they bicker with each other about something or other concerning a price on something a customer wanted. They couldn't agree and the man turned on his heels and left to go into the house as the woman continued her negotiations and transaction with her prospective buyer. He came out again when the buyer left and started arguing regarding pricing and he kept saying things like "This was gramma's, why are you selling it?" and "I don't wanna sell this". I thinkin'
there is some stuff here that is #1 Old...#2 has sentimental value ...#3 maybe shouldn't be here and #4 right up my alley.

...and then I saw it. A flash of red outta the corner of my eye, some sort of throw I thought. As I walked fast toward it, horses appeared and they were pulling carts and buggys. I picked it up and it was a bedspread. A very large bedspread and as I turned it over it's other side was made up of some sort of patch work. Grays, browns, blacks and tweedy fabric. Hmmmm, I thought this is interesting and old.

The lady came up to me and told me $1. I repeated back to her $1? Ah, ha she replied. I asked her what this was, bedspread, comforter? She started to tell me how her GREAT GRANDMOTHER sewn that for her GREAT GRANDFATHER because he loved horses and had a buggy and that the patch work on the other side was put together using squares from his old suites. YES...his old clothing...SUITS....and how her grandmother had it in the spare room and didn't like it and gave it to her mother who hated it and somehow it came into this girls possession and she didn't like it either.

I was shocked. In my opinion...even if you hated something that was passed down from just kept it. Put it in a box up in the rafters hidden...anywhere...but you don't sell it for $1 at a yard sale. Needles to say I wanted it but was afraid the crazy guy would come and snatch it from my grip. I asked her twice if she was sure, ya know, after all, it is an heirloom..Yep!! "I'm sure" she said. I then asked her if yer husband was OK with it...She laughed and said "that's my brother and he can't stand this thing, we didn't even like it when it was at our grandparents house". OK then, sold for $1...

I'd like to think that I was doing a good deed and saving the integrity of the family name and that I was spreading good karma into the Universe knowing that I had a daughter that was horse crazy and would take care of it and appreciate, I couldn't pass up a crazy bargain like this...I'm Just Sayin'

Friday, October 15, 2010

Once Upon a Time....

17 years ago, in a land far far away, on a rainy day, under anesthesia, you were born in a hospital that doesn't exists anymore...and it was one of the greatest gifts EVER givin' to me.

You just keep givin' and givin' and givin'

Happy Birthday Raquel...we love you more than this dumb blog can tell

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peck of Red

I visited a goat farm the other day...more of that later~

...and on this farm there was some chickens...

here some red

there some red

everywhere some red red

Friday, October 8, 2010

All I am Saying...

Is Give Peace a Chance

R.I.P John Lennon Oct. 9, 1940~Dec. 8,1980

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Latest and Greatest

Letin' you in on the latest stuff around here....

These two are no longer

Don't feel sad...she's not. We're on to greater things and when I say "we're", I mean her...kinda. The best statement coming from a 16 year old girl..."Ya know mom, being in a relationship teaches me more about myself than anything else". It brought tears to my eyes...seriously!!

What? Don't see the "I'm too lazy to put the Christmas Tree away" tree sittin' in the corner of my dining room? Yeah, after 9 months I got bored with it. I have bigger plans for my tree friend.

Went to an Estate Sale and although this wine rack wasn't for sale...I actually spied it out in the backyard through a window, they sold it to me .....for $5. Yippeee!!!! Gonna clean it up and put it on my front porch.

Celebrated my mother in law Elizabeth's Birthday

and her never aging husband. A good time was had by 9 pm~

Friday, October 1, 2010

50 Years Ago

This guy was born...

Happy Birthday babe...