Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swap and Bait

Occasionally I go to a great swap meet with Brenda, the problem, although it's not that big of one, is that If I go pick her up I am going in the opposite direction, If she picks me up, it's way out of her way, so we compromise. We meet half way, half way meaning, the parking lot of the Holiday Inn right off the freeway. This Holiday Inn sits right next to the off ramp so that when I sit in my car and wait for her, I can see the cars coming off the freeway down the ramp.....which is what I was doing when I saw this....

I watched him as I casually sips my morning diet Pepsi and thinking, man! what a life. Poor guy! People at the stop sign at the bottom of the exit giving him money and him nodding and mouthing thank you. Him not knowing where his next meal is, where he or his family are gonna sleep tonight. Does he even have a family? When was the last time he had a shower? He looked like he needed one...about a week ago. And just as I wondering how long does one stand here and ask for help, he starts to walk down the Blvd and into the the parking lot....my parking lot.
I'm thinkin' he's probably gonna use or try to use the hotel facilities or perhaps find a tree and sit and rest ..but no, he keeps walking, past me. Now I'm thinkin'...Whoa, buddy...you better not be getting into a car. Not that homeless people don't have a car, I'm sure some of them do, but this guy looked like he didn't even own underwear let alone a vehicle. And sure enough, he walks up to a truck, takes the keys out of his pocket, opens the door, reaches in, puts on sunglasses, throws the sign in the cab and grabs a cigarette from his torn shirt pocket and lights up.....and stands there taking in the view ....besides this

Needless to say, I am shocked!! OK, again, I know homeless people own cars, homelessness, meaning without a home not car-lessness meaning without a car... but really? A brand new gorgeous Ford F10 in burgundy? If your homeless your probably without money and if your without money, you can't afford food, bills, clothes and a home, but how can you afford a brand new car? You can sleep in your car but THIS was a spankin' new huge truck.

I just watched him, couldn't take my eyes off of him actually, so much so that Brenda is parked right next to me and I didn't even see her pull up. As I hop into her car I instruct her to check out this guy....Yeah?, she says. I tell her the whole story and without a blink of an eye she tells me that people do this ALL THE TIME....AND THEY MAKE MAJOR MONEY!!! She's telling me how angry it makes her and that when people have a dog with them, they make more money. I believe her. She travels for a living, here and in other countries, she's seen a lot. Me, I don't get out much, which is why I'm still shocked at this.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some of them are really homeless but what am I suppose to believe. I'm just sayin'

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Urban Barn

This past weekend Brenda and I ventured on over to Escondido to check out Urban Barn. This is the flea market that we plan to sell at this coming October. Talk about vintage, retro, re-purposed and just plain funky stuff...we had a ball!

Nighties created from ultra soft cotton pillow cases

Gorgeous pink and taupe Chaise just waiting to be lounged on

Chippy, Shabby and Blingy

Gypsy Wagon adorn with whimsy....
vintage baby dolls and pillow trees

It was like another world.....

Throw in a little flashback retro and our heads were spinning

and for all you Mermaid obsessive people...feast your eyeballs of this....

Not sure how I'll fit in or even if my "stuff" will, but I'll give it a whirl...in the meantime...
I'll keep creating and drinking....Cheers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playing in the Dirt

Remember this post?
I've been playing in the dirt lately and planting veggies and flowers. This year, again, I swore I was gonna plant my tree, a petite crape myrtle and again, I swore up and down the isles of every nursery and DIY store in a 20 mile radius looking for it...no luck. Being that I had no tree, I decided to plant flowers around the edges of this area. Last year I went on a garden tour and came across a clingy flowery plant that I very much admired and after talking to the owner of said plant, she gave me some seeds in a baggie and wrote on it, "plant late January". Fast forward to this past January where I found them and proceeded to plant them...the problem was, I forgot what kind of flowers they were. So I waited and waited and did my research...seems I planted Sweet Peas and they are gorgeous!

and then I planted Mexican Sage because it reminds me of velvet...

and these guys seem to pop up everywhere and how they got there I don't know, but I like them so I let them grow wherever they want........nasturtiums

and since I can't find my tree, I decided to look for another tree that would fit my criteria, pink, white or lavenders blooms and not to tall, but alas, my agricultural lovin' daughter scretly behind my back and planted this

corn....stinkin' corn. I know, it could be worse, she could be planting something else and I know when she goes to College, I will miss her shenanigans. So, after seeing this, I went ahead and planted tomatoes,which are doing very well...

and just recently green bell peppers and something called Salsa chili....again, not my idea

I will you keep you posted on the progress and of course, I wanna see what you all planted this year...I'm just sayin'

Sunday, May 15, 2011


For someone who likes farms,manure, animals and agriculture....you sure clean up good...


my heart

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Circus is in Town/Flashback Friday

La Habra California, population 59,233...opps make that 59,250 with Octomom and posse of 16. Yes people, Octomom is moving to La Habra. I heard it, not once, not twice, but three times. We haven't heard news this big since the crowning of the Corn Queen at the La Habra's annual Corn Festival. Can you believe it? And it's ironic because the name of the street the clan will be living on is called Madonna Lane. You know, Madonna, mother of Jesus, the one who conceived immaculately. If this wasn't really happening, I truly wouldn't have believed it. I'm surprised the street wasn't named Angelina Lane near the cross street of "looney bin".

This quaint 2,500sq ft home with 4 bedroom and 3 baths sits cozily in a well groomed culdesac amongst NORMAL people with jobs and income and looked after children. Can I just say how happy we all are that this event will be happening on the other end of the city from me. Although, I can feel a ripple of excitement just thinking about running into the fam at the local Stater Bros or maybe me andOctomom will exchange glances in the neighborhood pharmacy. I'll be picking up allergy medication, she...she will be picking up her Thorazine Medication. I can see it now...tupperware parties, candleparties, botox parties. Anyways...How exciting for us La Habrians. A Celebrity, right here, practically in my backyard. I know....I'll send over a basket of muffins, oh wait, I better make it acouple of dozen.

Update: The clan still lives there, although at this time, Octomom hasn't paid the mortgage and is being threatened to be kicked out. Somehow, I don't believe it. All the commotion has died down regarding her 3 ring circus but her Dr. will be loosing his license.

Monday, May 2, 2011


A little peak of what's on my plate. Been busy creating. Sorting through buttons, yarn, fabric and just about anything else most people discard.

This Christmas Tree is made from taupe colored yarn, an assortment of buttons , some dingle berries and lots of glitter. I found this old chippy tin at a yard sale for 10cents...

Dollar Store religious candles made into festive Christmas candles....same thing right?

and more...honestly, about 20 of them which are packed away in a cool spot of the house and this candle stick and stray votive I found that I stained

This, well, I don't know what this was when I found it. It's like a food cover made from metal with a little birdie sitting on top. Painted it, added a button ( of course) and I paired it with this once again, lost English tea saucer...I suppose you could place anything in there if you wanted

and this honey of a cookie jar hive that I painted, shellacked and topped with a whimsical bee

Your probably wondering what am I gonna do with this stuff...Well, hopefully, in October I'll be a vender in Escondido (that's near San Diego) at a re purpose, recycling, makeover flea market. One of the problems I'm having is that some of my items I've never seen before. I've looked high and low all over the internet, etsy, ebay and the assorted blogs and I'm having a hard time pricing certain items. Guess I'll find out come October....I'm just sayin'