Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've decided to join my friend Angela over at Free Spirit Haven and participate in Rednesday. It's about sharing your decorative touches of red where ever they may be. Mine, are in the kitchen. I have lots and lots to share but I will start with this one...

Oh yeah...I'm polka dot crazy too!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Are We Crazy

to let these two go on Vacation with his family

a thousand miles away to an Island Paradise?

Because that's where they are.

Call us naive or too liberal but we'd like to think we're trusting and confident...Oh yeah and a little jealous.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink Piglets and Fond Farewells

My favorites...Pink Piglets with a dash of black and white.

Rogue won 3rd place in the Market category, meaning, muscle tone and physical appearance and Cormac placed 6th, also in the market category.

Good bye Rogue and Cormac...we love you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scenes from a far...oops, I mean from a Fair

Survived my first day of the Fair and actually had a fun and interesting day (click on pic to see details)...here we go..

Alex with his "I'm gonna make you stand still if it kills both of us" look...he placed 4th

Raquel beaming with confidence...she placed 6th

Textile Art...a
couple of my favorites

Some amazing wood creations

And for all you Mermaid lovers

Lil' Lulu..this one's for you

All made from Felt...

You couldn't pay me enough to get on this Ferris wheel

A bunny and some Sunflowers

Look what we saw...I swear, it was purely coincidental...lol

and this just made us laugh...needless to say, we DID NOT eat here

...and that's all folks....I'm moo~ving on...I'm just sayin'

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pile of Piglets and One Happy Camper

One of the sows at the farm had her babies...12 of em'. Aren't they the cutest thing? I like the pink piglets the most but these are right up there. There is another sow that is due in about 2 weeks and her babies should be pink...Interesting fact about expecting sows..their gestation length is, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.

These are 2 days old..7 girls and 5 boys. I couldn't get too close as this mommy pig was a little temperamental and cranky.

On another note: Today was Raquel's first day at the fair. Although the fair doesn't open till tomorrow, everyone needed to arrive this morning very early to help set up. She was so excited.
hmmm, wonder if it's because her boyfriend will be there too...EVERY FRIKEN' DAY...nahh!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Video Treasures

I've decided to show you my yard sales treasures by video. I came about this idea through my friend Angela over at Free Spirit Haven. Keep in mind that I haven't been sleeping much lately...lots on my mind, I'm tired and without make up. Yes...this is the real me folks....except now as of this date...I'm back to brown hair

Click HERE for my yard sale findings!...and yes...I really am this mellow and I do say "cool" a lot.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Ass Purse

My latest project has been a very fun one and a very enlightening one. You see...I have lost weight within the last 6 months and in the process I've had to buy some new clothes. Yeah, I know I know...poor me, but you don't understand...I hate shopping for clothes. Not my favorite thing.
Any who, I kept my 3 sizes too big jeans thinking I was going to do something with the denim fabric...like make a denim purse.

So, I got out my big Ol' jeans

cut the bottoms off, then rounded the bottom (as if it needed to be more round..HA!) sewed up the sides and bottom and then did the same with the fabric I used to line it with

Since these jeans already had silver buttons on them, I decided to continue that theme and embellish them with more silver from my collection

I have tons to choose from...Yep!...this pic gives me goose bumps

added a long enough strap and voila'

The enlightening part? Is that these jeans were too big to make a decent purse, so my denim purse swiftly became a denim tote and that's OK because I will actually use it for the beach or pool...it'll hold more stuff...good stuff.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goose Egg

I don't know why Meredith and Ethan are so happy here

While in my care today...Ethan was running down the sidewalk and tripped..you could say he got a pretty good goose egg...I'd like to think he had a fun time at Nana's

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's in a Name?

Many people including some of you, have asked me about my name...bunny and how did I get that name from Victoria. Believe me it's made for some funny stories over the years...but I won't get into that right now. But what I will get into, is how this name was created. Let's start with my birth, which is funny all by it's self.

I was born Thanksgiving morning in a hospital or more to the point, the hospital bathroom or even more to the point, the hospital toilet. Yep...my mother was in labor in her hospital room and had to go to the bathroom or so it seemed. The nurses would've let her and as soon as they left the room, my mother jumped off the bed (it was high off the ground) and fell in the process. And so, as she naturally went to the loo...here I come. She pressed the emergency button and by the time the nurse came in to check,there was my mom holding me as she sat on the pot. Then they wheeled her on a gurney with me between her legs into the delivery room. But the funny thing is, the next day after NOT seeing the Dr. for any of this, he leisurely strolled in her room the day after and asked her if she wanted to circumcise me. Hmmm,,,don't think so! And to make matters worse, a couple of weeks later, she received his bill for delivering me...they made a deal somewhere down the line..

anyways...My father used to call me honey bunny bucket. You know, as an endearing nick name and that I was told, stuck for a while until...my mother found out that the term "honey bucket" were the buckets the military used to clean out the outhouses and latrines. So then it became honey bunny and then finally bunny...so there you have it. I 've been called a lot of things...bunz, bunola, bun bun,bugs and for a while, my brother used to call me victoilet...which really would piss me off at the time, but now it's hysterical.

My husband Eric acquired his name in a very strange way too.

When he was born, my in-laws didn't have a clue as to a name. When a nurse asked Elizabeth (mil) his name, she told her that she didn't know and what names do you like? It just so happened that the nurses sister had just given birth a week ago and said that they had named him Eddie. Hmmm, Elizabeth thought, that's a good name and after talking to Tony (fil) they decided, yep...Eddie it is. The problem was, that Elizabeth's German accent was so strong, that when the recorder came around and asked her the baby's name...the Eddie name sound just like the Eric name..and the recorder promptly wrote down Eric...instead of Eddie. Good thing they liked that name too....me too! So there you have it folks...don't get me started on Meredith and Raquel....I'm just sayin'

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What happend

to my little girl that ran around the house taking off all her clothes? The one that climbed trees like a monkey and would sing the clean up song when it was time to put things away. The little girl who told me that she would live with me forever and told Eric she would marry him. Who sat in my lap till age 11 and was determined to use chop stick at the age of 4...and did. This same little one who slept in her crib till age 3 because as she put it "it's safer mommy so I won't fall out" and the little girl who told me that boys have coodies.