Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Ass Purse

My latest project has been a very fun one and a very enlightening one. You see...I have lost weight within the last 6 months and in the process I've had to buy some new clothes. Yeah, I know I know...poor me, but you don't understand...I hate shopping for clothes. Not my favorite thing.
Any who, I kept my 3 sizes too big jeans thinking I was going to do something with the denim make a denim purse.

So, I got out my big Ol' jeans

cut the bottoms off, then rounded the bottom (as if it needed to be more round..HA!) sewed up the sides and bottom and then did the same with the fabric I used to line it with

Since these jeans already had silver buttons on them, I decided to continue that theme and embellish them with more silver from my collection

I have tons to choose from...Yep!...this pic gives me goose bumps

added a long enough strap and voila'

The enlightening part? Is that these jeans were too big to make a decent purse, so my denim purse swiftly became a denim tote and that's OK because I will actually use it for the beach or'll hold more stuff...good stuff.


  1. Goodness, when I clicked over I hardly recognized you! Love the purse/tote bag. I did a couple of those, years ago and had forgotten all about them. You just may have inspired me to do more!

  2. THIS IS A GREAT TOTE, BUNNY! You really put all your resources to great use, and those BUTTONS!!! You must have chills running up and down your spin when you see this...I love certain things too that just make me so happy! LIKE GLITTER!!! I just love your title to this post.....titles are always a great attention getter!!!


  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    Love it!!! Wish I could do something like that.


  4. Excellent job, bunny! I keep searching for a denim bag..had a couple through th years, but i need a really long strap..I'm tall!
    And, I absolutely love your beach bunny! Too cute!

  5. Bunny, love the laid back beach bunny theme you have going on here. What a grand idea, making a tote out of your former dungarees, and inspiration to be proud of the journey you have made over the last 6 months. Love those buttons too! ~ Angela

  6. you are so resourceful~~Congrats on the weight loss!

  7. You are way too clever making such a cool big ass purse; it's cute and cool and i love it!
    Congrats on the weight loss, lucky you to be all ready for the season.

  8. Well first of all congrats on your weight loss...I am a tad jealous.
    Love this purse a lot prettier than the one I paid good money for years ago. Mine is lined in mens underwear..must be why I bought it.
    Yours though is so much better.
    Girl am I dreaming or did you change your site again. lol I think you do it to confuse me. hahaha
    Well I was sitting here thinking about you so thought I would get my big arse up and check on you.
    Thanks for always encouraging me. Tomorrow is the c scan of the mass beneath the breast. Never thought I would wish for broken ribs but thats what I am hoping for. beats the other.
    Love your ladies on the sidebar
    and love you too

  9. Congratulations!!!!! I love the big ass purse...hahahahaha!!!

  10. What a great idea. Love the big ass purse!!!!!
    I want one.

  11. Bunny: I am so proud of you. What a great problem! To have jeans too big to use as a purse. Now tell me the truth, which one of those bikini beauties are you? Hugs, Martha

  12. Wow, I never had a bigass tote. I think I'm missing out!

  13. Yeah for you! This is a great tote! I've always wanted to make one of these. Why I have not I do not know I've made everything else...hee hee!


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