Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I use to be a writin' fool

Not gonna lie. I used to have a bitchin' Blog and my writing was high larious and spot on, but somehow life got in the way and my mojo left the building.  I was strolling down memory lane on there and I was making myself laugh and cry from some of my entries.  I was thinking, that's some real stuff right there, candid and with some raw emotion...What the hell happened? 

I want to be candid again...I want to be raw, sorta....I WANT TO WRITE AGAIN!!! When I left the Blogging world, blogger had just changed it's format and I basically had to teach myself  "again" how this works through trial and error, but I did it, I muddled through and voila', I'm Just Sayin' was born.  Now, this format is very different and I'm not sure if I'm down and yes...I still hang around middle schoolers, hence the lingo.  There has been lots to talk about, lots to vent about and lots to share, but...and it's a big I want to commit?...I need to think about it, I need to write so I don't get Alzheimers, ya know, keep my mind active and use my fancy words like, therefore, obliterate and onomatopoeia (my favorite)

It'll probably happen, don't know when, but it will, when the moment is right and the moon is in the 7th house...I'm Just Sayin'