Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just a little note to let you know what's up and where I be. I know you worry your little blogs off If you don't hear from me (insert sarcasm) on a weekly basis.

Although the Fair is still going on, Raquel, our FFA and Small's part is done. Smalls placed 4th in Market and didn't place at all in Show, which is fine because.....wait for it.......Raquel was awarded another College Scholarship at an award ceremony. Every bit helps right?

Eric and I went to the beach yesterday and it was a beautiful day, although, I forgot the camera but trust me, it was wonderful. Especially when the dolphins swam by and play with the surfers and that one seal body surfed with a couple of people...yup, woulda coulda shoulda taken a pic.

Been busy creating tea candle holders outta shot glasses...ehh...we don't drink much anyways, (insert levity) so no ones gonna miss em'.

And now I'm gone to Scottsdale and staying in the lap of luxury here cuz the company pays for it...Brenda's company that is. I will be meeting up with an old friend from High School who wound up in the surrounding area, living on a reservation. And then, we will be traveling to here
for a few days of business, well, not me but Brenda's business is being the best friend ever...but I think she won. Oh yeah, I'll take a lot of pic (insert determination) because my camera's already in the car.....

See you when I get back (insert goodbye wave)

Friday, July 22, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

I'm home, sitting at my work/play table creating, minding my own business when Raquel calls:


Raquel....Hi Mom, wanna buy a turkey?

Me..........Umm, I need details Raquel!

Raquel...Well, Some Turkeys didn't make the weight rules and so, we have Turkeys we need to
get rid of...... I mean sell.

Me.........Are they freak Turkeys or

Raquel....(audible sigh)...No Mom, we just have to sell them or something.

Me.......How much are they?

Raquel....I don't know yet but I'll let you know later when I find out.

She tells me to hold on and then proceeds to yell at someone regarding the price and. I hear people talking back and big crowds of people rumbling and the PA system making announcements....

Raquel....OK, It's $30.00 and the butcher will cut and wrap and deliver.


Raquel....Really? Awesome Mom. Ok, I'll talk to ya later...Love ya!

Me........Ok...Oh Wait! Call Auntie, she might wanna buy one.

Raquel....OH! Great! OK...Good Idea....your so smart....LOL!!

Me.......And don't you forget it...bye!

I didn't ask how big, what breed, age...nothing. I was taken by surprise plus, I had Modge Podge all over my fingers and it was drying. Am I? Am I really smart?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fair

People watching, supporting Raquel and just plain having fun at the fair... enjoy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Red

Red refreshing fruit in the summertime is the best...especially when it's in red and white polka dot bowls

Apples,nectarines and
red plums

...and my fav...Strawberries

and from my own garden....

I don't know what's goin' on here on the West Coast, but everyone's tomatoes are phenomenal this year. I've made spaghetti sauce from scratch and have been enjoying these beauties with buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, basil and crustinis.

Happy Red Rednesday to you all!!!

ps....the corn is mine too~

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lucky Me

I'm back from Vegas and all I did was vegetate...vegetate in the pool, near the pool and in the room. We ventured out for dinner only and did not go anywhere near a casino...not even walk through one. My intent was to relax ...and I did.

Before I left I received a wonderful gift from my artsy fartsy friend Wendi. Seems I won a pair of earrings...any pair of my choice. I picked these cute little sand dollar earrings with little tiny feathers and baby blue iridescent pearl beads. They are more beautiful in person as my photo taking skills lack just that...skill.

Wendi is one of the most creative and talented people I know. Not only does she create stunning jewelry but, she makes the cutest and cuddly crocheted hats and caps around. You can take a gander at her stuff here and drop her a line or two...Thanks Wendi and if you all wanna know why I picked this particular pair... I'll tell ya ...this coming August we are going here...

...and I thought being that I have a blue bathing suit and I'm going to Hawaii where there are possibly tons of sand dollars...I picked those. Oh Hell, who am I kidding...I just liked them~

I'm Just Sayin'

Friday, July 8, 2011

Life Update

Been busy around here and haven't had much time to blog, well, it's not a priority right now but it will be come September. Got back from Palm Springs and had a wonderful time. I have one pic....this one...

Either we forgot our camera or the pictures we took we didn't like and I wouldn't be caught dead putting them on here, but needless to say...a good time was had by the both of us.

Trying to finish up my Christmas stuff but again...been kinda busy around here and seems I'm unmotivated...hopefully that'll pass...

little burlap rosettes wrapped around buttons make a very primitive and rustic Christmas Tree

I used vintage sheet music to make these....Candle holder and wall hanger. Added glitter and burlap and we're good to go

We celebrated my first born Birthday. Can you believe Meredith is 33?...she'd kill me if she knew I put her age out there...she doesn't read this blog so I think I'm safe

meredith and franklin

The staircase is coming along slowly but nicely. Eric can only work on it on weekends which leaves plenty of time for us to write all over them

Next Tuesday I will be here with my partner in crime Brenda...enough

and when I get back....It's that time again.....

Nothing says Summer like deep fried butter...

That it folks...till next time!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

From our Home to Yours

Everyone have a safe and sane 4th of July