Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Book Stores...

I wander around aimlessly but yet with a goal in mind. As soon as I walk into the old book store I can smell the pages, the musty scent of years gone by and the stagnant aroma of woody bookshelves. When I see the books stacked upon each other I am excited and I don't know where to start my journey as I know it will be a long one. As I open my first book I hear the sound of the binding crack and from the beginning, I am hooked. It entices me to explore further it's insides. I scan the pages but I'm not quiet sure what I'm looking for but I know what I want. I focus on dates and towns and publishing rights and depending on what I see, I will continue. I will then shift my weight back and forth from leg to leg and I will lean against a wall or find a tolerable spot to plant myself. Mostly it's a biography or historical piece I enjoy or sometimes the subject could be whimsical with it's brightly animated illustrations that depict circus life or Christmas at the turn of the century. There's nothing like an old book store to lose your place in life and wile away the time and at the same time, inter into a world that is so foreign to you but yet very familiar in every way.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Why do people in high places have affairs? Do they thing they can get away with it or are they so powerful they think that certain rules don't apply to them. These are people who are in the limelight or are very important people in the government and perhaps being watched by the world. People who have privileges that you and I could only dream about. Is it because they are in that high place and have access to more convenient devices like, tinted limo windows, private jets and assistants? Do cronies and acquaintances help them out because they too are doing the deed themselves and feel obligated to help out a friend, you know, Quid pro quo; Latin: meaning, something for something.

Do their brains work differently than yours or mine? When they have secret meetings and leave the country without telling people or send juicy emails to each other or go to the same event, but arrive and leave through different thresholds and then "tweet" about it...do they actually think this charade will endure? Perhaps they live in a world I like to call "Bizarro World" , where they are invisible, wear gossip proof armor at all times, no one will ever probe into their business therefore, they can write and say whatever they want, not take any responsibility for their actions and when caught, all they have to do is say I'm sorry.
Their spouse will stand by them with that "deer in headlights look"and because they live in "Bizarro World" too, they will put on a good face and continue the charade.

I don't know, I really don't have the answers and quite frankly it's really none of my business whether other people want to live in "Bizarro World" , but it becomes my business when they begin spewing their higher than thou (insert bad word here)and pointing their pointy little pious nose at me and tell me how to live my live one way while they themselves, live their life another... or, they want me to elect them, vote for them and admire them because they think that's what I want to hear so that they can continue living in "Bizarro World". Anyways, I'm just say'n.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Judging a Book by it's Cover...

Recently my best friend Brenda in one of her many travels, stumbled upon a sweet little book with the title of "Elizabeth and her German Garden". Brenda, being very thoughtful as usual, purchased the book and gave it to me as a little gift knowing that I would instantly love it.
This book by all appearances is a non descriptive looking book, drab olive green cover and back with discolored pages and absolutely no illustrations....not one! But she knew I would appreciate this gesture of kindness as I collect antique books among other things, but also because my mother in law who is German, grows a garden every year and believe it or not, her name is Elizabeth. This book was written in the year 1898 in London England and is told in the first person. I've only skimmed the pages as I have been a little busy lately to actually sit down and read it, but I will soon make time, due to the fact that I did a little research on said book.

This English author was born Mary Annette Beauchamp in Australia. Her family relocated to Europe where upon she married a Count from Prussia. They traveled all through Europe and lived a very happy life while she wrote several books, Elizabeth's German Garden being the very first one. Her husband died and she married again to an Earl. The marriage was rocky and they separated whereupon Elizabeth, whom she is now called, escaped to the United States never divorcing

It is written in diary form and spans a year in the life of Elizabeth and it depicts her experiences in gardening and interactions with her friends. It includes commentary on the beauty of nature and on society, but is primarily humorous due to Elizabeth's frequent mistakes and her idiosyncratic outlook on life. She looked down upon the frivolous fashions of her time writing “I believe all needlework and dressmaking is of the devil, designed to keep women from study"...I love it!

Her books and this one in particular turned out to be highly successful and in 1993 the novel was turned into a Academy Award winning movie by the name of "Enchanted April" and in 2003 was adapted into a Tony nominated play. A couple of fun little facts about our beloved Elizabeth and this book is that, this book is noteworthy for not publishing her name and that she was H.G. Wells mistress for many years here in the states. She died in 1941 in Charleston, South Carolina.

And there you have it. A little old book from many many years ago, with no author written anywhere, found in a antique store in Arizona and if I know Brenda, probably hidden under something, written by a very controversial and independent woman, given to a sometimes controversial and always independent woman who happens to write a blog.....hmm!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 30 Something...

I was just strolling down memory lane the other day with Marie about how we got you home from the hospital. At the time she was driving a little VW bug and I was sitting shot gun with you in my arms, no seat belts, no car seats and on top of everything else it was raining a little. Wow, times have changed since then, but what hasn't changed is my love for you. When you were born , yeah, I'll admit it, I was scared to death, but fortunately for me, you were a very easy baby and child...hell didn't let lose till later and that's a whole other blog entry. When we told people your name, the response was always the same "such an old name for a baby" and now people tell you "what a beautiful name" You were always smiling just like you do now and such a girlie girl, always twirling and twirling your dresses. Friendliest kid on the block. If I gave you money to buy ice cream from the ice cream man, you always bought ice cream for the neighborhood kids too. You always shared your toys and made friends easily...nothings changed. Remember when the door to door photographer man with the horse came down our street and you brought him to our door begging to take a picture? The only problem with that is we lived in the back house and they literally had to squeeze through the side of the house and park it in the backyard. You were always ahead of your time. You walked at 8 1/2 months and was potty trained by age 2. Now you are married with a husband and you have given me 3 wonderful squirrly boys that I adore. People tell me we are similar, but I know we are not. You never leave the house with out wearing make up even if it's to go get the mail...and your mailbox is on your porch....seriously! You have your own style and personality. You are an amazing mother...much better that I ever was and you are very kind and generous...sometimes to a fault, but I gotta love that about you too. You are strong, funny, beautiful, smart and very thoughtful and we are very proud of the person you have become. Happy Birthday Meredith!! Wishing you a wonderful b-day and a lifetime of happiness and good health...let's hope...your the one that's gonna take care of me in my old age.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Swill Juice...

The other night, Eric and I were talking and somehow the subject of disgusting food came up. This is probably because we had dinner at a Sushi Bar earlier and some people thing that Sushi is disgusting, but we won't talk about those people. I want to talk about the people who discovered Clam Juice. Yeah, that's right, the juice from the actual clam. Who in their right mind would open up a clam and drink the liquid substance from it? I can kinda see eating the clam only because it might be similar to Sushi, but the liquid? Was it a dare or accident? Was it a lonely survivor of a ship wreak or a brave tribal member trying to prove his manhood, because, man, you could not pay me enough to swallow this swine.

And to add insult to injury, you can now buy it, in combination with tomato juice, it's called "Clamato Juice", seriously, did some highly paid executive come up with this one? Why didn't they pick Oh, I don't know, let's say, Pomegranate Juice or Guava Nectar because I'm asking you, would any juice suffice? Come on people it's funky clam liquid...Hey...I'm just Say'n


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey Brenda, I Don't Think This Is Gonna Work...

I wasn't sure if I wanted to write about this subject. I really don't like to think about it, first because I am afraid and second, because it's sounds silly and trivial and most responses I get about this subject is "Really? Are you kidding me", Ahhh, no...I'm not kidding. My friend Brenda said I should blog about it, perhaps it may help, after all, I always do what I'm told, well kinda, I wouldn't t jump off a cliff..I'm afraid of those too! Clowns, I'm afraid of clowns! I'm a grown ass women, why would that frighten me? I even hate to write it and believe me, you will not see a photo insert as to enhance this entry, because I can't even get myself to go there. A whole page of images of clowns would probably do me in...I'm not that strong yet. I don't know where this fear came from. I was never attacked, talked to, had a bad experience, dreamed of, lived by or anything else by a clown that I can think of to make me feel this way. Don't get me wrong, there a few other things that I am afraid of, but those things I can sort of put in perspective and deal with much better.

A short story...When Raquel was in grade school and the school's annual carnival was in full swing, I was standing in the middle of the festivities talking to Mrs. Tanner, a school administrator of some sorts. As we were talking, over her shoulder I see a clown practically on the other side of the school from where we were and yes, my vision is that good, especially when it comes to clowns. I can spot a white face, red bulbous nose and floppy shoes anywhere. Needless to say, my focus was broken and I was full of "ah ha's" and "mm's" and my head was bobbing up an down in agreement trying to follow the conversation. As I watched this clown make his way closer to the area where we were in, I could feel my anxiety level rising and the panic starting to set in but I was still trying to pretend to listen and keep an eye on him all at the same time. Next thing I know, he's walking straight at us like he's on a mission, he's about 20 feet away now and in a moment of spontaneous rudeness, I abruptly say to Mrs. Tanner, "I gotta go, I'm sorry", as she looked at me with knitted eyebrows, I turned and walked the opposite way and pretty much hid from him the rest of the time I was there....and I was in charge of something or other so I was there for the duration. The following Monday I sought her out and apologized profusely and explained what had happened...."I'm sorry", "I'm wasn't trying to be rude", I'm deathly afraid of clowns, I'm am a psychopath...blah, blah and blah.
Her response "That was my husband, he dresses like a clown for parties" ,"I knew it!, I told him I think you scared off another one". Well, we had a big chuckle over that one, but honestly, he scared the bajeebers out of me. This is the only encounter with a clown I can think of with an exception of an ex boyfriend or two and it really wasn't much of an encounter at all.

One more weird thing, OK, there's a lot of weird things, but one specific bit of info regarding this subject. If I'm so afraid of clowns, then why am I so obsessed with circus life. Circuses, and that particular lifestyle and everything that comes with it...except for the clowns. Very interesting subject to me. When I was a kid and I'd go to a local carnival, people working there fascinated me and I would study them and wonder what kind of life they must lead. Who thinks that at age 8? The last 3 books I purchased where about this subject. I can't figure it out and so I have just stopped trying. I don't know if blogging about it helps, but what I do know is, that I need to stay away from Circuses and ex boyfriends. Which I have...on both counts!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Our National Treasure...

Do fathers get short changed on Fathers Day? Perhaps fathers don't get the respect they truly deserve. To me, it seems that Mothers on the other hand get way more attention on their day as oppose to dear ol' dad day. I know that mothers pretty much rule the roost ( at least in my home), they traditional tend to the children, and most likely take care of the house and everything that comes with that, but, fathers have played a very important role in society from the beginning.
They hunt and brought back the food, they go off to war, they historically have made huge decisions and most importantly, without them the human race would cease to be.

All I know is that when Mother's Day comes around..."stop the presses", this country comes to a stand still, phone lines are tied up, airports become crowded, flower shops increase their prices and forget about getting into a restaurant.
You are expected to fawn all over your mother,aunt, grandmother and wait on her hand and foot. Please don't get me wrong, I've been on both ends of that statement, but it just seems to me that we should give dad, husband, uncle or grandfather the props that they deserve. In today's society, traditional roles may have changed a little due to changing times, but I still would like to put that male up on a pedestal. You have heard of the term "male ego"?

Everyone likes to be validated and that includes men. So in a nutshell, let's treat our men on this special day and perhaps on an occasional day throughout the year like the national treasures that I know they are.

Here's mine...Eric ~

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is Summery a word?

Yeah I changed the look of my blog. It's summer and I wanted something summery, is that even a word? Anyways, If you don't know me by now, let me introduce myself, I'm bunny and I am constantly changing things up. It's not that I get bored, OK, it is, but I really get tired of looking at the same things over and over. And when I say the same things, that does not include people, otherwise I'd be a serial killer or I'd be like Medusa and people would run from me.
Wow, that was random...which is why I have a new "random" button and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I wanted a new blog look that represented something that said "Summer", you know like, pictures of chauffeurs... because I am constantly chauffeuring my kid around or pictures of people carrying large heavy items like the ones I carry at the beach or perhaps images of trees with money falling from their boughs, but no, I couldn't find anything that came remotely close. So I had to settle for large bright and colorful images of flora and fauna. Being that my daughter Raquel is the barometer of what's cool and I'm clueless, oops, I mean, I lack coolness, I asked her what she thought of the new look. Her response "It's you!", "what does that mean" I countered, her reply "Old, er, I mean vintage".

Ohh! It's gonna be a very long summer, I'm
just say'n ~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Postmaster General...

Dear Mr. Postmaster General,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you made my day today.
I thought I was going to purchase those same drab looking stamps that I almost always purchase, with the exception of the Holiday ones but today, I was given a choice and to my delight, it was an easy one. So, If I ever see you walking down the street or even better yet, at my local post office, I would surely shake your hand and tell you that you made the Missbrenner family and all their corresponding business associates very very happy...

"Aye Carumba"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stop Me Now...

OK, someone stop me. Don't let me bake anymore because apparently I've lost my mind.
I misplace things , I burn food, I don't pay attention and I am basically absent minded...only in the kitchen of course. I just finished mixing up some zucchini bread and put it in the oven, grabbed the timer, set the timer down in an other room and proceeded to walk away and do something else...in an other room, on the opposite side of the house, where I couldn't hear it if my life depended on it...and then I forgot about it.

Look, this isn't my first time at the dance, I've been baking since Mattel came out with that little baking oven thingy back in the day and by the way, I did quiet well at the time with that fine piece of machinery, but now, I don't know what's happening with my baking skills. Remember the bread (see 6 entries below) incident? Well, it came out alright even if I did accidentally bake it in a very expensive 1940's vintage bowl. Yeah, I could have played it off, like I'm baking high tech old school or I've entered a baking contest and the strangest concoction wins, but I didn't and I keep plugging along even thought my attention span is not what it used to be....Ok where was I...Oh yeah, that's right, there are a lot of shinning objects in the kitchen and apparently I like to look at each and every one of them. It's like when you get older your body goes backward, you supposedly shrink in height or something like that. I use to be 5 foot 7, now I think I'm around 5 foot 5ish and so, perhaps, my brain is shrinking too. And by the way, my zucchini bread burnt a little on top, but that's ok, we'll eat it in silence and not mention the hard surface and I might even send some of it to Eric's work...you know how guys are, "Oh look shiny obj er, I mean food, who brought in food"?

So when Christmas comes around and I give you your annual cookies and assortment of baking goods, just smile and nod and tell me your gonna save them because my baking is so good that you have to eat them in secrecy and you don't want to share. I promise you, I'll never know, because by my calculations, time + senior moments = bad baking, and by the time the holidays get here, I might have to set up the Coleman stove and bake outside in the patio. I can hear it now, "I don't know how the fire started sir, who would cook outside in this cold weather'?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Love You Guys( and that lemon stuff too)

Last night was a blast. It was Cynthia's Birthday and we definitely celebrated. Now, I have know these people, Oh , I'm gonna say, roughly...OK, I'm not gonna say, but it's a long long time. We don't get together that often, as we all have gone on our separate paths...marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren, marriage, divorce...oops, wait a minute that's a typo, nope... wait, that's right, anyways, when we do get together it's fireworks. The stories we tell, well, they just keep getting better and better each time we meet. I heard a lot of statements like; "I don't remember"and" sure, why not"and"we did what"?...and my favorite "how did we survive'? We reminisce about our families and school and many other things that seem cool at the time but I would ground my daughter for life is she did the same. We all have been through everything together. It may sound cliche, but through good times and bad times we all depended on each other at one time or another. I also discovered new things last night too, like, I really really like that vodka lemon stuff and Key Lime sprinkle cupcakes and that Duke is all grown up now and he's the same age as me..how'd that happen? And the most important thing I learned, well, I really didn't learn it last night. I knew it all along, is that you need to hang on to people you care most about in your life because their the ones that'll listen to the stories and actually believe it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A House With A Name...

You know how some people who own castles and mansions and huge estates that are so big they gotta give it a name? Well, I was thinking, why can't I name my home. It's kinda like the commencement speech thing... if I'm worthy of speaking at a event then I'm worthy of naming my home and probably worthy of a whole lotta other things too, but I'll save that for another time. I think of it as a little mini castle... and so in one of my delusional states, I've decided to name my house. Perhaps a mixture of Eric's and my culture, like, Casa de Wurst or Edelweiss Hacienda, you know, like the UN or something or a statement that says a German and a Mexican live here and wow, they really get along. I asked Raquel to help me with a name but with rolled eyes she stated that she didn't want to get involved and asked me if I was kidding. Of course I'm not kidding I replied, "don't you want to live in a house that has a name, think of the prestige and honor of it all and all your friends will be impressed".

So as she walked out of the room shaking her head, I began to think. How do I want to represent my home? What do I want people to get from the name? You know, I could go the traditional way with something like "House of Love", or " Rabbit's Lair", but come on, yeah, we all love each other and yeah, Rabbit's Lair is funny, but it's not the image I'm going for or... perhaps something like "Jasmine"Estate" and "Crepe Myrtle Land", both , of which I might add, we have , but again, it doesn't say us.

When you walk into our house,the first thing I think people notice is that we have a lot of things.
I'm not talking about furniture or possessions, I'm talking about little things and very strange things ...everywhere. On the wall, on the floor, on counters, on tables, on shelves, on almost every surface and in every room....things! On any given day you will see and here is just an example; Chinese Masks, Old German Documents, horse statues and piles of horse magazines, lots of African people, Italian Architect, Agriculture hardware, a male hula dancer, Hockey paraphernalia, Kokopeli hangings and on the coffee table, umbilical tape, chop sticks, horse spray,spurs, ipod, old program for the play "The Music Man", more horse magazines, drivers training sample test, iodine, mineral oil and bug spray...all of which belong to Raquel and by the way, it actually changes day to day. Old and New trophys, pictures of family, vintage hardware, modern art, several bird cages w/o birds and so much more I don't feel like looking or typing. It's like a mishmosh of everything. Items collected over years from before I was married to present time. Items from people who have varied interests in many different activities and chose to display or set down in the middle of the house.

Having said all that, I think I came up with a very clever name that pretty much sums up the character of this place. It's not a messy home or even a dirty home, well, sometimes, but a home, like I said, with many things. And so, I will name my home "Misshmosh Mannor". Notice the double ss and double nn in reference to the ss and nn in Missbrenner? See, I told you it was clever and so being full of myself I run upstairs, knock on Raquel's door to give her the good news, she opens the door I begin my spiel and she silently shssess me because she's on the phone. As I slowly descend the stairs, I'm not dejected, I simply go to the computer and blog about it and let you all know that I now live in a house with a name and you can refer to it by that name anytime you want...I'm just say'n

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Vegatables of My Labor...

These are my veggies. I grew them. This year just happened to be the best that I've grown. I grow my garden in huge pots because all the trees in my yard have shallow roots and there is no room...so I use pots. As you can see, it's doable. They ripen every few days so it really works out...
I'm happy :p)

~ next year I'm thinking of planting horseradish too ~

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Chanted Evenings...

Most people begin their year January 1st. My year begins in September and will end very soon. My whole life revolves around the school year, being that I have a daughter in High School and I work at a school. It's coming up fast and I can't wait! Ahh, summertime. That's when I can calm down and sort things out and do what I want to do. I can relax a little, visit friends and family, catch up on things around the house and most importantly, sleep in. And if you believe that, then I might as well tell you I'm gonna wear that bikini this year. HA! It seems that my life is just a little more hectic in the summer. I have more free time so, let's shove more stuff on the agenda and oh, by the way....let's spend more money too because we are going more places.. And every June, I tell myself the same thing, "I'm gonna relax and rewind this summer and not do too much". Why is it, that I don't listen to myself or, is it denial that I continuously repeat this chant over and over, year after year? Just like my other chant, you know the one...you probably chant it too....come on everybody..."tonight I'm going to bed early"...yeah, that one!

Any ways...I truly do enjoy the summer...some examples as to why; I lose about 10lbs without really trying... because it's so freak'n hot I don't cook and spend most days in a pool or ocean. I get to go on vacations and do everything I do here....over there. Bugs and the odd animal wandering in our yard. You haven't lived till a family of raccoons parties in your patio, the wonders of ice tea refresh my memories as to where all the public restrooms are at the mall and my favorite,reformulating schedules around that would put NFL football plays to shame....yes, summer is coming and there is a lot to look forward too, Autumn, the changing of the foliage colors, Thanksgiving and Oh yeah!....putting back on those 10 lbs...
I'm just say'n

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Commencing to Speak...

Graduation is upon us and what I see on TV are Movie Stars and Celebrities giving the Commencement speeches at hoytie toytie Universities and Colleges around the country. What do they have to say, that I, myself, couldn't say or what advice do they have that would be better than mine? I'm old enough to give advise...I give it all the time to my daughters, whether they want it or not. I've lived through some things...I know stuff. I'm rational and practical enough to realize a few things that perhaps rich people on TV may have not thought about. So, even though no one has asked me ...here is my Commencement Speech to the Class of Life, such as it is.

*** Bumps on the road may mean something,...I don't know what, but it might.

***At the work place, laugh and have a good time , but still do your job. Make yourself indispensable...like the place can't do without you. Stand Out!

***If your the boss, remember what it's like to be an employee...don't' be an ass!

***When talking to people, look them in the eyes.

***Do what makes you happy in life and if it doesn't pay well...than don't complain or get another job.

***Expect to start at the bottom and be OK with it.

***Learn to manage your money...whether your rich or poor.

***Call parents once in a while.

***Travel a lot if that's what you want...once your married you probably won't do it much.

***Don't lone money to friends or family and if you do...see it as a gift and don't expect it back...once or twice only.

***If you have children teach them practicality and strength. Unfortunately they will live and die with out you, it's sad but true. Make them strong.

***Listen to people who don't have children...they're usually right.

***No children? If you have pets..do not talk to them like children out in public...it's annoying.

***Things almost always look better in the morning.

***Go ahead and go to bed angry with your partner. Your calmer in the morning than staying up late trying to fix things.

***If after college you don't want to work, that's fine, but move out of your parents house, they've had enough of you,, but realize the effect of it on you and others.

***Pay attention to the little things...you never know what you might miss.

***Smile at strangers and be polite...open doors, say good morning and good evening..it'll impress them. It's good for them...it gives them hope for the human race and it makes them happy for the day.

***Be yourself, that way you have no one else to blame..good or bad.

***Depend on people they will come through.

***Learn from your failures. If you don't have any...go out and buy a lotto ticket.

***Keep your old friends, they're the ones that know what the hell your talking about when you get old.

***Make new friends along the way, but be picky.

***Listen to old people, they usually know what they're talking about. When your old, wouldn't you want people to listen to you?

***If no one sees it...it still counts.

***The grass is greener on the other side for just a little while and then your lawn is full of weeds.

***You'll realize success when you get there.

You can book me for 2010 if you like...I'm available.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm losing it...I think

This morning I thought I would be on the ball and bake some bread. Impressed? You shouldn't be, I bake bread all the time. Being that summer is almost here, this would be a good time since I don't bake when the months begin to get warmer, so this would be my last time for a long while.

I go ahead and begin. I do everything I'm suppose to do. Mix, knead, rise, wait...everything.
To let it rise, I put the dough in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the oven to rise.
Why did I put it in the oven you ask? Well, I had all the windows open in the kitchen and dough will not rise in a cool room, the oven was off, so, I put the dough in there to let it do it's thing.

I then put the timer on for 30 minutes and go get on the computer and start looking for vacation deals. I'm looking, I'm looking and I suddenly remember that I should turn on the oven so that it can pre heat. I've got about 20 minutes to go and that would be perfect to pre heat it.

I go into the kitchen and turn said oven on to 425* and walk away...back to the computer. I'm still looking for a deal and although I smell something, Oh I don't know, like something baking, I continue my search. The timer goes off and I'm totally involved in my search and I think to myself...I don't have to get up right now, nothings gonna happen to it.

Wrong! As you know by now, I had turned on the oven with the dough covered in plastic wrap in a old vintage bowl that is not made for the oven heat. I had no idea of what I had done until I reached the kitchen and then and only then did I realize what I had done. Needless to say, I took it out and placed it on the counter. There is no sign of plastic wrap except for a little sticky substance on the edge of the bowl. The bread is cooked and I am dumbfounded as to what I was thinking. I tell ya...I am losing it. This is not the first time something like this has happened to me, but it seems to be happening more and more. Laugh, yeah, I'm laughing at myself. What else can I do? So, I'll try and salvage the bread, clean up the bowl as best I can and perhaps I'll make some more tomorrow..who knows, maybe I'll forget too! I'm just say'n

Monday, June 1, 2009

Open Letter To Someone I Truly Care About...by popular demand...

Before I began writing this blog, I had a little wannabe blog on my Facebook and I had to actually send what I wrote to specific people. I didn't send what I wrote to all my friends...only the ones who seemed to be interested in what I had to say. Some people I know,(see names below) refuse to sign up on Facebook and missed my entries. Just recently during a discussion, they were curious as to what I wrote about. I don't get it, you guys act like your gonna miss something! These are people who actually have read this blog, but don't comment and are not tied to the computer as I am or they send me emails with comments. I told them I would put one, just one old Facebook entry on this blog, but I really don't see the difference.

Sooo, Lynne, Art and Tom...this ones for you and for my friends who have seen this one before....pretend I'm talking to you and I'm repeating that same old story (eye roll) that you've heard over and over...

I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I know it's only been a few weeks, but it feels like forever.

Lately people have been asking about you and I tell them "soon, the 7th is just around the

corner". That morning I will wake up with nervous anticipation and patiently await your arrival. I will

straighten up a little around the house, turn on the radio just to set the mood , make sure my diet

Pepsi is chilled just so and of course I will be wearing my most comfortable clothes in preparation for our


When you get here, I joyfully welcome you into my home and take in all that you offer. You

gingerly stroll into my kitchen where all the action will take place and you compassionately ask me "what

do you want today" as you gently touch my hair. As we begin the task ahead of us, we banter back

and forth like a well oiled machine and of course it's easy...we've been doing this for a few years.

We laugh, we tell stories, we are serious, but mostly we connect. We met through a mutual friend

and I've never looked back. As it get close to you leaving, I hand you a check

for services rendered, but how much should you pay a confidant, a keeper of secrets, a truly addition

to my life.

I will walk you to the door, but not without thinking how bittersweet this encounter has been and

look forward to seeing you again. Hugs and kisses and maybe an imaginary tear for effect and

off you go. I am a new women. I feel rejuvenated and fresh and I can take on the world, but this time

with confidence. Until the next time or when my roots begin to appear, I will be reminded of you as the

weeks (approximately 4 ) go on and every time I look into the mirror I will think of you Emily, my

hairdresser, my friend...until we meet again

Renovation Update...

We have painted two tones of green, darker on the bottom and lighter on top. You have to imagine white chair rail in between.

It's a little gloomy outside so the paint looks just a little darker than what it is...if you squint your eyes, you can see the infamous lemon tree...

opposite wall...same paint.

In between this room and the kitchen is a pocket door that when closed, it rolls back into the wall. Before it was solid and boring, but now...

it's opaque and exciting. My design, Eric's ingenuity. Reed glass insert. He did an awesome job.

This is the view from the kitchen, looking into the dining room. You can see the texture of the door a little bit better. We are in our element and we are on a roll.....stay tuned.