Saturday, June 27, 2009


Why do people in high places have affairs? Do they thing they can get away with it or are they so powerful they think that certain rules don't apply to them. These are people who are in the limelight or are very important people in the government and perhaps being watched by the world. People who have privileges that you and I could only dream about. Is it because they are in that high place and have access to more convenient devices like, tinted limo windows, private jets and assistants? Do cronies and acquaintances help them out because they too are doing the deed themselves and feel obligated to help out a friend, you know, Quid pro quo; Latin: meaning, something for something.

Do their brains work differently than yours or mine? When they have secret meetings and leave the country without telling people or send juicy emails to each other or go to the same event, but arrive and leave through different thresholds and then "tweet" about they actually think this charade will endure? Perhaps they live in a world I like to call "Bizarro World" , where they are invisible, wear gossip proof armor at all times, no one will ever probe into their business therefore, they can write and say whatever they want, not take any responsibility for their actions and when caught, all they have to do is say I'm sorry.
Their spouse will stand by them with that "deer in headlights look"and because they live in "Bizarro World" too, they will put on a good face and continue the charade.

I don't know, I really don't have the answers and quite frankly it's really none of my business whether other people want to live in "Bizarro World" , but it becomes my business when they begin spewing their higher than thou (insert bad word here)and pointing their pointy little pious nose at me and tell me how to live my live one way while they themselves, live their life another... or, they want me to elect them, vote for them and admire them because they think that's what I want to hear so that they can continue living in "Bizarro World". Anyways, I'm just say'n.


  1. I couldn't have said this any better!!

    Happy Monday Sweets!

  2. LuLu follows you too? Cool! Thanks Bunny for coming on by; I will most definitely swing by to see what your are up to and what you have on your mind. I will need some reality to escape to while I am writing on "Performance Assessment in the Foreign Language Classroom." I love your blog by the way!!! Anita


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