Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Chanted Evenings...

Most people begin their year January 1st. My year begins in September and will end very soon. My whole life revolves around the school year, being that I have a daughter in High School and I work at a school. It's coming up fast and I can't wait! Ahh, summertime. That's when I can calm down and sort things out and do what I want to do. I can relax a little, visit friends and family, catch up on things around the house and most importantly, sleep in. And if you believe that, then I might as well tell you I'm gonna wear that bikini this year. HA! It seems that my life is just a little more hectic in the summer. I have more free time so, let's shove more stuff on the agenda and oh, by the way....let's spend more money too because we are going more places.. And every June, I tell myself the same thing, "I'm gonna relax and rewind this summer and not do too much". Why is it, that I don't listen to myself or, is it denial that I continuously repeat this chant over and over, year after year? Just like my other chant, you know the probably chant it too....come on everybody..."tonight I'm going to bed early"...yeah, that one!

Any ways...I truly do enjoy the summer...some examples as to why; I lose about 10lbs without really trying... because it's so freak'n hot I don't cook and spend most days in a pool or ocean. I get to go on vacations and do everything I do here....over there. Bugs and the odd animal wandering in our yard. You haven't lived till a family of raccoons parties in your patio, the wonders of ice tea refresh my memories as to where all the public restrooms are at the mall and my favorite,reformulating schedules around that would put NFL football plays to shame....yes, summer is coming and there is a lot to look forward too, Autumn, the changing of the foliage colors, Thanksgiving and Oh yeah!....putting back on those 10 lbs...
I'm just say'n

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  1. Just go ahead and set the table for the racoons party! Ohhhhhhh, and invite some squirrels too :)

    Thanks so much for putting my Giveaway on your page!



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