Friday, June 12, 2009

A House With A Name...

You know how some people who own castles and mansions and huge estates that are so big they gotta give it a name? Well, I was thinking, why can't I name my home. It's kinda like the commencement speech thing... if I'm worthy of speaking at a event then I'm worthy of naming my home and probably worthy of a whole lotta other things too, but I'll save that for another time. I think of it as a little mini castle... and so in one of my delusional states, I've decided to name my house. Perhaps a mixture of Eric's and my culture, like, Casa de Wurst or Edelweiss Hacienda, you know, like the UN or something or a statement that says a German and a Mexican live here and wow, they really get along. I asked Raquel to help me with a name but with rolled eyes she stated that she didn't want to get involved and asked me if I was kidding. Of course I'm not kidding I replied, "don't you want to live in a house that has a name, think of the prestige and honor of it all and all your friends will be impressed".

So as she walked out of the room shaking her head, I began to think. How do I want to represent my home? What do I want people to get from the name? You know, I could go the traditional way with something like "House of Love", or " Rabbit's Lair", but come on, yeah, we all love each other and yeah, Rabbit's Lair is funny, but it's not the image I'm going for or... perhaps something like "Jasmine"Estate" and "Crepe Myrtle Land", both , of which I might add, we have , but again, it doesn't say us.

When you walk into our house,the first thing I think people notice is that we have a lot of things.
I'm not talking about furniture or possessions, I'm talking about little things and very strange things ...everywhere. On the wall, on the floor, on counters, on tables, on shelves, on almost every surface and in every room....things! On any given day you will see and here is just an example; Chinese Masks, Old German Documents, horse statues and piles of horse magazines, lots of African people, Italian Architect, Agriculture hardware, a male hula dancer, Hockey paraphernalia, Kokopeli hangings and on the coffee table, umbilical tape, chop sticks, horse spray,spurs, ipod, old program for the play "The Music Man", more horse magazines, drivers training sample test, iodine, mineral oil and bug spray...all of which belong to Raquel and by the way, it actually changes day to day. Old and New trophys, pictures of family, vintage hardware, modern art, several bird cages w/o birds and so much more I don't feel like looking or typing. It's like a mishmosh of everything. Items collected over years from before I was married to present time. Items from people who have varied interests in many different activities and chose to display or set down in the middle of the house.

Having said all that, I think I came up with a very clever name that pretty much sums up the character of this place. It's not a messy home or even a dirty home, well, sometimes, but a home, like I said, with many things. And so, I will name my home "Misshmosh Mannor". Notice the double ss and double nn in reference to the ss and nn in Missbrenner? See, I told you it was clever and so being full of myself I run upstairs, knock on Raquel's door to give her the good news, she opens the door I begin my spiel and she silently shssess me because she's on the phone. As I slowly descend the stairs, I'm not dejected, I simply go to the computer and blog about it and let you all know that I now live in a house with a name and you can refer to it by that name anytime you want...I'm just say'n


  1. I LOVE it! Misshmosh Mannor!

    I call my house the Casa de Chaos.

    Well my were one of the winners today on my Giveaway. I decided to draw three more names for some Eiffel Tower earrings that I made and you won one of the pair of earrings. Please email me at and send me your name and address so I can get these in the mail to you on Monday!

    Hope you have a super weekend!


  2. DANG IT, I had already picked out "MissMatch Manor" for my got there 1st! LOL

    Hey, you won something too! Whoo-Hoo!!


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