Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Love You Guys( and that lemon stuff too)

Last night was a blast. It was Cynthia's Birthday and we definitely celebrated. Now, I have know these people, Oh , I'm gonna say, roughly...OK, I'm not gonna say, but it's a long long time. We don't get together that often, as we all have gone on our separate paths...marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren, marriage, divorce...oops, wait a minute that's a typo, nope... wait, that's right, anyways, when we do get together it's fireworks. The stories we tell, well, they just keep getting better and better each time we meet. I heard a lot of statements like; "I don't remember"and" sure, why not"and"we did what"?...and my favorite "how did we survive'? We reminisce about our families and school and many other things that seem cool at the time but I would ground my daughter for life is she did the same. We all have been through everything together. It may sound cliche, but through good times and bad times we all depended on each other at one time or another. I also discovered new things last night too, like, I really really like that vodka lemon stuff and Key Lime sprinkle cupcakes and that Duke is all grown up now and he's the same age as'd that happen? And the most important thing I learned, well, I really didn't learn it last night. I knew it all along, is that you need to hang on to people you care most about in your life because their the ones that'll listen to the stories and actually believe it.


  1. I am sure that you are as special to her as she is to you!

    I don't think I have ever had the Tuscan Lemonade but will have to try it :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week!



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