Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year of Me

I'm not gonna try to be all profound or to wax poetic about the New Year...

I just know it's gonna be a good one

2011 is the year of the bunny...oopps, I mean the Rabbit ~


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rednesday Chair

I'd seen this chair at Cost Plus many times before and I just couldn't get myself to buy it.
It was roughly $180 and it was the like a good bunny, I waited and waited and waited until....I stepped in there today and there it stood, my chair $60 off original price.

And like a prepared bunny I whipped out my $10 off coupon outta my purse and bought it...just like that

and then I sat in it...just like that, pink fuzzy slippers and all!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Photo

I'd like to think that people think of us like this

...but the reality is this

Everyone Have a Great Christmas and Have some fun while your at it!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Circus is Coming....

When the Circus is in's Christmas!

Carousels and confetti

High wire slippers and antique ribbons

Sparkly Christmas Trees and Dancing ladies

surrounded by packages of neon treats

Some levity and good humor

a Lion and a Lion Tamer and of course....

lots of Joy, makes for the perfect Circus and Christmas Day ~

Friday, December 17, 2010

Object de Christmas

Seems I get a little nostalgic this time of year. I started thinkin' 'bout Christmas when I was a kid and the objects that made it special. I know your wondering what I mean by objects. Well...these objects represent a moment in time or person that represent Christmas. I'd never seen these objects other than at Christmas time and when they came out of hiding all year long, I just knew it was Christmas.

Ribbon candy....Never saw it other than the holidays, but my Grandparents had it in a candy dish on the coffee table. Piles of strips of color and swirls, I would sit on the floor and watch it as if I was waiting for it to do something. Even then I was interested in color and design. Didn't taste so good but boy, was it entertaining to me ~

Our Aluminum Christmas tree. At the time I was embarrassed of it. Everyone in the world had a "real" tree but not us...nooo, we had a tree made of Aluminum that shined and glared at us the whole holiday season. And not only did we have this tree of silver....we had a color wheel to boot.
So the tree turned blue or green or orange depending on what part of the wheel hit the tree just right. When my parents were away and left us kids alone with the poor tree, my brother and sister and I would turn off all the lights except the color wheel and pick it up, point it in our directions and perform a little song or light hearted drama....until I broke it by hitting it (accidentally) against the wall. can't find these Christmas wonders without paying an arm and a leg. Guess my parents were ahead of their time ~

Christmas Tamales. Although I've never made them per say, I've put them together numerous times. Being half Hispanic and living in Southern California traditionally you just had to make these wonderful little gems of savory goodness. I'd go to Tamale making parties. You show up with your apron, assigned to either the Masa making department or the chili making department or like me...the putting together (assembling) department. All the time gossiping, singing, drinking, dancing and laughing but most certainly having a wonderful time. And before you know can smell the mouth watering little packet of heaven floating through the house.

Nuts and the Nut cracker. My Grandfather (fathers father) would sit in HIS recliner, floor lamp at his back, pipe stand on his right along side the TV guide and his bowl of nuts and the nutcracker on his left. I loved the smell of a good pipe tobacco and the image of him sitting there smoking his pipe, cracking the nuts and talking to us about the good old days when he used to own a bar in Michigan just puts a smile on my face. And just to add to this picturesque image...he had a full head of white hair, blazin' blue eyes and always wore a sweater vest ~

Christmas butter cookies in the traditional tin....need I say more?

Lincoln Logs. My Grandmother (mother's mother) had toys at her house for us grandkids just like I do for mine. Our favorite were the Lincoln Logs. We built sky scrappers with those puppies...well, it seemed like we did. We'd all be on the floor sprawled out and lounging about with the logs, adults in the kitchen talking (arguing) and we'd be in our own little world of Tarzan or Pioneer people or camping. And occacionally my Grandmother would add to her collection and never tell us until we'd open THE closet and spied the biggest haul of Lincoln Logs know to mankind. Christmas music playing in the background, Christmas tree ( a real one) sparking in the corner, tin of butter cookies calling my name on the dinning room table and the occasional whiff of a Tamale......ahhhh, Christmas ~ I'm Just Sayin'

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Rednesday

My Centerpiece atop my dining room table. Three inverted goblets, a crystal plate, a red feathered Christmas Tree and a very glamorous Reindeer.

Christmas Soldiers guarding judging ribbons

Victorian Christmas Vignette

and Santa wishing you Joy and Peace....and lots of buttons!

Happy Happy Rednesday!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goats, Doggies and Birthday Cake

Earlier I hinted that we were expecting a newcomer to our fold and true to my word, they have arrived. Zanzibar and Asha (sisters) are Diary Goats on loan and will be living at the school farm. Raquel is pioneering the Diary Goat program there and Diana, the owner of the goats so generously loaned them to Raquel ...only after meeting with her several times and teaching her about milking, feeding, vaccinating, trimming hooves and fur, drawing blood and generally everything else...

Oh yeah, did I mention they are both due in late Feb and late March. Did I mention that Raquel is over the moon? The same day they came just happened to be Josh's B-day party and honestly....Raquel didn't want to leave these two to go to the party....we did and we had a swell time but she was up early the next day and at the farm taking care of her new girls....and Smalls the steer..remember him?

Milking Zanzibar....easy peasy..

Settling in...Asha

and Zanzibar

This is Bo, Diana's Scottish Terrier (which she also raises and shows) and will be ready to breed in about 1 and a half years...I'm thinkin' it'll take me that long to work on Eric

...and then, we go to the party and Josh's Aunt and Uncle's Blood Hound had babies...and they brought them to the party...Can you say puppy heaven?

This gal "Harley" was babysitting. Seriously she stood over the pups all night.

We had lots of fun and Josh got everything he wanted

and Eric and I will be talking about puppies in the near future....I want one!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome Silver and Blue

I decorated my porch with silver and blue. It has a kinda cool wintry feel to it.

Wishing you all, Peace

And Joy through out this holiday season

with gifts galore

Along with tranquility

and hopefully a little of whimsy

love, bunny

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas Rednesday

Cardinals perched upon a lamp

surrounded by a cranberry Christmas tree and some vintage ornaments... makes a very festive side table

Santa on an antique child's chair greeting visitors

and the warmth of the fireplace adds an extra glow to the day

Wishing you a wonderful Rednesday~

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Wish List

Although I've been asking for years...just in case someone has pity on me this is my Christmas wish list.

In that order

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa in the OC

Santa came last night and we had a heck of a fun time. Actually it was Josh's parents that dress up as the Mr. and Mrs. Well, they are the Mr. and Mrs but you know what I mean...the "man" and his wife.

Some of us waited patiently for him to arrive

While others played with Harley the dog

Some took turns sittin' on Santa's lap

and some of them didn't want anything to do with it

Some strolled down the street and took in the festive decor

while others snuggled

someone asked Santa for a horsie.....again

While that someone's mother just sat back with her hot chocolate and tried to keep warm