Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa in the OC

Santa came last night and we had a heck of a fun time. Actually it was Josh's parents that dress up as the Mr. and Mrs. Well, they are the Mr. and Mrs but you know what I mean...the "man" and his wife.

Some of us waited patiently for him to arrive

While others played with Harley the dog

Some took turns sittin' on Santa's lap

and some of them didn't want anything to do with it

Some strolled down the street and took in the festive decor

while others snuggled

someone asked Santa for a horsie.....again

While that someone's mother just sat back with her hot chocolate and tried to keep warm


  1. Bun, LOVE the new look of your blog. Those grandsons sure are ADORABLE! And Raquel, omg, that girl is too cute for words and you look pretty damn good yourself girlfriend. though i don't comment everytime i visit, i visit often. have a wonderful holiday season Bunny!


  2. Looks and sounds like fun was had by all.

  3. SO glad you had fun....that is just an awesome picture of you!


  4. BUNNY DEAREST! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR DAUGHTER'S SISTER! WOOOOO you are a beautiful woman....and HORSES? WOman, I have loved them since I was born. They were the first animal I ever drew and Marie's dad,my beloved Uncle Daniel, was always blown away when I drew a horse! So, Raquel and I have a mad LOVE for these equine wonders! Make mine white, please, Santa!!!

    HAVE A BLAST THIS SEASON! We got dumped on with tons of snow and talk about cold.....


  5. Thanks for sharing..too cute..especially the on e of the baby and the bulldog..I have such a heart on for bulldogs..want one! I'd take it over a pony any day, although, when i was very young, I really wanted a pony and got a stupid fake cowgirl outfit instead for Christmas (I think I was about 5) and it made me cry!

  6. Looks like it was a great time! :) Sorry to hear Thanksgiving and your birthday were overshadowed with the flu bug. Maybe I had the flu -- I know I had fever Wednesday and Thursday. I even got up in the night to put a sweatshirt on over the two layers I already had on. Finally starting to feel better, still got the sniffles. Love the turquoise throughout your living room. I am easily drawn to that color too -- anything in the blue or red zone and I'm loving it. Hope you have a great week ahead. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Aw what lovely pics, looks like a lovely time was had by all! Your daughter is really like you you know - you're both stunners! Get the poor girl a horse already - you can fit one in her stocking can't you!? xox


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