Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goats, Doggies and Birthday Cake

Earlier I hinted that we were expecting a newcomer to our fold and true to my word, they have arrived. Zanzibar and Asha (sisters) are Diary Goats on loan and will be living at the school farm. Raquel is pioneering the Diary Goat program there and Diana, the owner of the goats so generously loaned them to Raquel ...only after meeting with her several times and teaching her about milking, feeding, vaccinating, trimming hooves and fur, drawing blood and generally everything else...

Oh yeah, did I mention they are both due in late Feb and late March. Did I mention that Raquel is over the moon? The same day they came just happened to be Josh's B-day party and honestly....Raquel didn't want to leave these two to go to the party....we did and we had a swell time but she was up early the next day and at the farm taking care of her new girls....and Smalls the steer..remember him?

Milking Zanzibar....easy peasy..

Settling in...Asha

and Zanzibar

This is Bo, Diana's Scottish Terrier (which she also raises and shows) and will be ready to breed in about 1 and a half years...I'm thinkin' it'll take me that long to work on Eric

...and then, we go to the party and Josh's Aunt and Uncle's Blood Hound had babies...and they brought them to the party...Can you say puppy heaven?

This gal "Harley" was babysitting. Seriously she stood over the pups all night.

We had lots of fun and Josh got everything he wanted

and Eric and I will be talking about puppies in the near future....I want one!


  1. I will be happy to make the supreme sacrifice and take Harley off anyone's hands for any length of time..that gorgeous dog would be worth getting evicted for (no pets allowed!)
    Sounds like a good time was had by all..but have to tell you that when you listed the two names Zanzibar and Asha (sisters) I was wondering what branch of your family would give a girl such an edgy name..not until I read down did you make it clear that the expectant mother was..a goat..

  2. it is animals every where for you congradulations to all.

  3. i love critters. raquel is so beautiful. i know i say that all the time but she is ... she's adorable.

  4. Raquel is a rare one. Be careful or you'll be hollerin Ye haw before ya know it.

  5. Oh so sweet! Its so awesome Raquel loves animals the way she does. Goats are funny creatures. I love the basset hound puppies. My dog is half basset and half lab. It's really a good mix. Well have fun!

  6. Bunny, Good luck on the puppy talk. And thank you for the sweet words about our new little Elle the Christmas Elf. Her Daddy is smitten... me, I'm already tired of standing in the cold wind waiting for her to piddle. At least I'm having to milk her right? You have to look on the bright side... Have a great week. HUGS!

  7. Aw they're all so gorgeous Bunny - you have a proper Noah's Ark vibe going on here! Am rather intruiged about Raquel being shown how to draw blood for the goats - what's that for?


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