Friday, December 21, 2012

57 Times

Time marches on and this will be my 57th Christmas...Big shout out to the Mayans for getting it wrong!  Either life was easier when I was 10 years old, anticipating my little Sony transistor radio that I circled in the Sears "Magic" catalog or my mind is playing senior moment games in my head. 

I used to help make tamales, now I can't eat them.  I loved gazing upon Ribbon Christmas candy, now you can't find it. The ornaments that we hung are now Vintage and back in the day, no one heard of Gift Cards.

But 57 years later, I have an amazing husband, 2 kind and fun daughters, 3 squirrely grandsons that I love to pieces and family and friends that are the glue that keeps me together and happy.

                                                             (this is what I grew up with)

~I am wishing everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and many more memories in the making~

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Change is good...right?

What's goin' on here?  I'm gone for just a little bit and the whole blogger set up is changed and I don't mean just a little tweak here and there...CHANGED, like, What the hell happened?  It took me months to figure it out over 3 years ago and now, now I have to learn something new?  Doesn't Blogger know that there are a lot of older people blogging these days and these said people don't do well with change?  Actually, I don't thing anyone does well with it. I go again into the tech future, heels dug in to the ground with a scowl on my face, shaking my head back and forth, cussing....and giving in because lord knows, I can't walk away from a challenge and I need to let you all know.  Know what you ask?  

Well, my Etsy Shoppe is back up and running. Spring is gone and so are my Spring items.  Out with the old and in with the new...kinda like blogger and me ( I'm the old) so I decided to dream up and create some
Christmas items and put them up.

I find stuff that interest me and give it a new life in my own crazy way.  Seems people like my crazy way and want to check out the Christmas stuff.  So, after a long vacay from Etsy, I'm back, I'm creating and I'm still crazy....

Take a look and spread the word

Bunnys Purpose

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

American Idol....and stalls

I just wanna start by saying how much I enjoy the Olympics and all the pomp and circumstance, but mostly the "come together" moments as a nation...kinda gives me hope. This years opening ceremony left me a little indifferent. I totally got all the symbolism, I truly did, but a homage to the national healthcare, that was weird. Couple of things before I get to my main complaint...

Why is the Olympic torch, the symbol of all nations and cornerstone of Greek origins stationed in the track and field venue? I read that when the track and fields competions start, the torch will be moved to one end of the field....really? Could if have killed the powers that be to hoist it up, and perch it up high where ALL people can see and admire it. I actually liked how it was lit this time, very clever, but they could have done that up high...children are young, they can run upstairs.
Give the people what they want, the privilege and right to see the Olympic torch flame shinning long and bright over their city.

And speaking of the people....Would it hurt for the Queen to crack a smile...Jeeze, little lovely children were singing, "God Bless the Queen" and she still had that stick up her bum.

Anywho.....Ryan Seacrest. Really? What the heck does he have to do with sports? I swear, he must be related to someone in power because he is so out of place I just wanna throw my shoe at the TV every-time I see him. Actually, I wanna do that anyways. Bad choice NBC....really bad.

I'm Just Sayin'

Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY Chair Re~Do or....Some people Never Grow up!

I'm the type of person that gets tired of things kinda fast, most notably, furniture. Since I was a kid, I was always redecorating or rearranging my bedroom and on more than one occasion, substituting some old piece of junk I found in the alley, re vamping it and sticking it in my room. People never knew what to expect when they walked in the door. And nothing has really changed.

I had this chair that I bought at a consignment store that I put in my laundry room so that we could use to put on or take off our shoes or just sit and talk to someone if they were on the computer. But as luck would have it, I spotted a gorgeous cornered chair at a yard sale that I though would go better in there, so, I put the original chair in the den....

Mmmm, not bad. It was comfy and stable and went well in the room but like all things in life...I/it needed a change. I wanted something Turquoise as I have bits and pieces of that color here and there in that particular room....but I didn't want to spend a lot of money.
Then I remembered my friend Lulu and how she painted a chair, so that's what I did.....

This is the 1st coat and there is NO going back. And as I'm painting and singing to some Stones tunes, I'm thinkin', "Wow, I'm still that little girl from way back when".

and this is the 2nd coat...I think I can, I think I can.....I know I can....

3rd coat and I'm almost done, and yes, that's our Happy Father's Day Banner up there...I kept it up because it's so festive... and I'm lazy.

I painted some crackle paint on it here and there to give it that worn leather know I prefer stuff to look old and worn, sanded the rough spots and then I added some silver upholstery tacks....

I like it and needless to say, Eric hasn't batted an eyelash....You think he's use to me or And just in case you all are wondering....NO, the paint will not come off onto your body parts or clothing......I'm Just Sayin'

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Thrill is gone...or is it?

Needless to say I was shocked when it occurred to me that I started this blog almost 3 years ago. It took me a couple of years to actually think about it before I took the plunge....and then....I dove in, head first. You never know where life takes you and I had no expectations as to where I was going with it, I just knew I enjoyed writing and talking and looking at other peoples blogs. Little did I know it would lead to a whole new venture in creating. I have been amazed at all the talent and creativity I've come across in those 3 years and you guys always seem to inspire me...from the garden experts, artists, crafters, mechanical engineers, writers, collectors and everyone in-between, I've learned so much.

The truth is, I'm kinda bored with my blog right now. You guys aren't boring...I'm just in a period where I'm not really feelin' it. There's a lot of stuff goin on right now and blogging in a sense is last on my list. I'm not sayin' I'm done, I'm Just Sayin (see what i did there?) you probably shouldn't expect entries on a regular bases right now...although, I KNOW you all stop your lives to check out Bunny's Blog.....ah huh, right!

So, with that being said, here's an update as to what's going on...

Raquel is coming home June 9th after finishing her 1st year of college...away from me and yes, I survived just like you all said I would. She had a scare with Mono recently but all is well and she will be living in a COED on campus apartment next year. She was also offered a PAYING internship at a goat farm......Apparently you can't take the country outta the city girl.

I've opened my Esty Shop and I've sold 2 items....I would like more but I would also like to win the lottery. I also sell at flea markets and do very well. My real job at the school will be ending soon and I will have the whole summer off.

Eric is done with the staircase and upstairs painting and just tying up loose ends up there...and now he informs me that the Living room will be next......stay tuned.

Meredith and her family are doing well...she's burnt out as she is PTA vice president and with 3 squirelly boys, how could you not blame her.

So, that's all the news fit to be printed.

I will blog.....eventually! I'm Just Sayin'

Saturday, May 19, 2012

All By Myself......Don't Wanna Be......

Yup! Even though Eric is home, I'm by myself. He's sick and he's quarantined to the upstairs....I'm hiding downstairs. Plans out the window and when I HAVE to stay home...I start getting a little squirrely, antsy, impatient, bored.....Get the picture? It's not his fault...he IS sick, I have proof...I took his temp and it's a little high and the biggest giveaway...he doesn't want to eat and he's been napping now for about 3 hours.

So, I putter around the house (downstairs) and try not to make noise. I clean the kitchen which took all of 10 minutes. Wondered into the backyard and weeded my veggie garden...took another 10 minutes, played with the cats and then came back in. Did a little crafting but now I have to wait for that to dry. So more ahem....waiting. What I'm waiting for, I don't know. Am I waiting for Eric to miraculously come barreling down the stairs with keys in hand yelling, "Let Go" or am I waiting for something exciting to happen to me? If so, it'll have to have a GPS on it...cuz I can't leave the house. So I get on the computer and talk to Raquel, but after 20 minutes, I can tell by her answers I am annoying her. So I tell her I gotta go tend to her father ( a white lie) and I cruise Pinterest, but honestly, that just makes me antsier because I really want to make all the stuff I see, but I can't because I need to go get it....but I can't leave the house.

What will happen if I leave the house? I don't know....but I can bet cha' Mr. Murphy Law will show up on my door step the minute my car makes the corner. So, I answer the phone and it's Brenda and I'm excited cuz I'm using my voice and actually speaking to someone. I ask her how it is OUT THERE? Oh, it's exciting...she's on her way to see her horse and then she has a date and then.....she's gotta go because she's on a schedule. I told her I used to have a schedule.

We had planned to go to a car dealership tomorrow after the Hockey game. We sold Raquel's car and now she needs a new and improved one. Pretty sure that's out the window...except for the Hockey game....Eric can watch that lying down. So, Perhaps tomorrow I will craft some more and tend to my Etsy, which, btw, I've sold 2 items. Maybe edit some pics and take a few. Harass Raquel some more and call Brenda and find out how her date went.

If worse comes to worse...I can do Mondays laundry....on Sunday....I'm just Sayin'

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Tenants


s I was cleaning up the front porch, I heard a little sound that seem to be coming from our ficus tree and then noticed a Mockingbird perched on a branch on our nearby Oak tree.....talking to me in a harsh tone. So I stood on our brick planter, balancing on my tippie toes and parted some branches..


...and then I saw two....

and as I rustled the tree a little more

moe, curly and Larry popped their little heads up...waiting for me to feed them.  I stood there just long enough to snap a few pics anticipating momma bird to swoop down on me.

I'm just hoping they grow up and find another home somewhere....far, far away as the Mockingbirds around here sing throughout the night....So far, they are very well behaved...

I'm Just Sayin'

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Etsy

Well, I went and did's up and, who knows. You can't say I didn't try. I've learned a whole lot of stuff, good AND bad. Here it is...

Bunny's Purpose...


As a child wondering the alleyways peering through people trash cans, I knew that treasures were in my future. When my youngest went off to college I thought my purpose had gone with her. I jokenly told people that I have no more purpose, but deep down inside, this nagging voice would tell me to recycle, re purpose and create. So, my purpose is to make the planet just a little bit happier and prettier and enjoy this ride

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just an Update

Lately my posts have been about my crafting and although I'm still on a roll here I thought I'd bring you all up to speed....

Raquel has been home for Spring break and it was just too darn short of time. We talked till 2:am the night she came in trying to catch up...although we text and fb message each's not the same. She was baking up a storm, visiting friends, dating and enjoying her girls night out...

Here is a resent pic of her visiting a Santa Barbara pasture...

We celebrated my father in law Tony's 84th birthday...

We celebrate my youngest grandsons DJ's 6th birthday...

and like I said...I'm still I made these....tags...

Remember when we finished the staircase? about it here. Well, our intent was to paint those walls but then we thought we needed to take off all that disgusting cottage cheese. We figured the new paint would make it look more disgusting....So guess what Eric is doing as I type away.... YUP! Scrapin' the cottage cheese...and not only the stairway, but the upstairs hallway too.

What a man!

So basically, I've been busy....and I thought I wouldn't have a purpose....pshhh! What was I thinkin'? I'm Just Sayin'

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lazy Crafting


ometimes I like very elaborate creations where my mind is challenged by the thought of not knowing where I'll end up creatively, but sometimes...OK, most of the time I'm what you call a lazy crafter. Give me your junk and I'll turn it into a treasure...hence, exhibit A...

Take a Barella Spaghetti Sauce jar, (yeah, I use store bought sauce this time of year and fresh tomatoes in the summer) and spray it red.

Then wind some twine around it and glue it, then, applied a applique on it from a friends wedding dress she gave me and popped a button on it......and L0Ok....

Yup...lazy crafting...exhibit B....

Wrap some vintage sheet music around a cork a few times, cut thin strips, wrap some gold ribbon along with a button and pop one of those hook things on the top (see,I'm so lazy I don't even know what those hook thingies are really called) and I've got a paper tassel

Lazy is as Lazy does...I'm Just Sayin'

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chic Prayer Candles

And why not? Most of us will NEVER afford "couture" fashion, so I might as well create candles that will give you that extra insurance on you wish list. These fashion statements are super easy to create and if I was girl....(you know what I mean) I'd love them for myself...not to mention....

they're Pink

~Happy Pink Saturday to you all~

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fix the Blinking thing already!!!

Don't know my neighbors very well...actual, I don't know them at all. They moved in about 6 years ago, divorced and the lady remarried soon after. So besides the two of them, there is a little girl, I'm assuming theirs, an older girl who I know goes to our local JC and a even older girl with 2 kids of her own who comes and goes....Anyways, I just trying to give you some background so that you can see my point...eventually.

Like I said, they are our neighbors and living in the suburbs we share a common brick wall that divides our backyards. Our kitchens, kitchen window over the sink and back doors are virtually side by side. Their kitchen door and window is almost ALWAYS open...our sink window is never open and we always use our patio door off the den...which is on the opposite side of our house.

About 2 years ago they purchased a new oven...a built in one with the double doors in the wall...just like ours. How do I know this? I saw the truck deliver it and sorta kinda saw a man install it. How? Their kitchen door and window was open as usual. The problem I have and mind's not even a's more like a irritation or hindrance...or perhaps my issue but..


You would think with 4 people living there they would adjust it, heck, I know the teenage girl probably lives on a computer and could easily do it for them, but no, it just blinks and blinks continuously. And if that's not bad enough....they have parties where gads of people, probably smart people who walk in and out of that back kitchen door and stare right into the face of the blinking 12:00....and keep walking. Wouldn't you think that at some point SOMEONE would say, "Hey, Let's adjust this clock".

I know it's easy I adjust ours every time the power goes out....Eric and I sit in our patio (on the opposite side of the house) at night and sure enough, their door is wide open while being highlighted by the blasted blinking 12:00. I've had discussion with him about rigging up a long stick and finagling it into their kitchen and doing it

Like I's probably my issue, I can't control everything, believe me I've tried, but damned if I'm gonna have a blinking 12:00 in my house for 2 minutes...let alone 2 years....I'm Just Sayin'

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pink Saturday

I haven't entered a Pink Saturday in forever...probably because I don't do pink very well and you'd be hard pressed to find it in my house. But, having said that, here are my latest creations for my future shows.....AND THEY"RE PINK!!! Who knew?...

A Mixed Media Jar....using twine at the top, doilie glued on the center and then painted PINK. I attached a vintage PINKISH ribbon on top with a massive rhinestone and VOILA'

Next.....I found this yellow and black hat rack ( i should have taken pics but I get too excited at the prospect of a new project) at a local yard sale and paid $4 for it. The faux crystal knobs are pricey just on their own. I painted it Pink,and commenced to design flowers in a pot as the insert was empty when I bought it. I used scrapbook paper, vintage sheet music, ribbon, felt, buttons and the background is an old rose print sheet I was saving for a rainy day.

I think I exceeded my Pink quota.....I'm Just Sayin'

linking up with How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday...yipeeeee!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pie Request

Is it too much to ask for someone, anyone to throw a pie in my face? I have been telling people for years, actually begging people to do it, but they refuse. They think I'm gonna get mad and hold it against them. This request is on my "Bucket List"...right up there with going to China's Great Wall, which btw, no one will go with me there either. Is it so hard to understand why I would want this?
I'm a rational person and clearly I have thought it out, but NO ONE has the nerve to do it.....
except Ellen....Ellen DeGeneres.

Yup, today I sent her an email telling her my woe is me story and asking her if she would do the honors of throwing a pie in my face. Come's not like my husband is out of work and our car is on 3 wheels and we need a new house......

I just need a pie and someone with pretty good aim. I hope she answers me...I'm Just Sayin'

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lots of Purpose

Just a glimpse of some of my new creations

Somehow, whether I plan it or not, a theme pops up in my head as I'm creating...besides Spring and Alice in Wonderland....Birds, yup, birds and mind you, they're alright, just not my favorite....

Candlestick and bird plate make a wonderful cake platter or serving dish

Prayer candles with a chic twist

I've altered Cigar boxes in an "Alice" theme...Queen of Hearts

and Alice herself

and lastly and most enjoyable.....Vintage Sheet Music Feathers...

This coming up Monday, my bestest buddy Brenda (say that 5 times) will be coming over and helping me set up my Etsy Shoppe. It's not like I'm gonna jump right in and start selling stuff right off the bat cuz I don't work like that. I have to think on it, drink on it and most importantly....sleep on it. But I's gonna happen.....I'm Just Sayin'

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That's Love

While standing in line at the check out at the market, I overheard two girls in front of me talking about what their plans were for Valentines night. Apparently they were going on a double date with their prospective love interests and left the details and plans up to them as to where and what time....

Cell phones rings and one of the girls is carrying on a conversation and hangs up. She then tells the other girl what restaurant and what time these guys will be over to pick them up......9:00pm.

9:00? Really? There is no way I could eat dinner at 9:00 due to indigestion and at that time of night the dinner dishes are washed , Eric has worked on the computer, I have folded the laundry and put it away, watched a little TV, taken a shower, put on my PJ's and sat on the couch either holding hands with Eric or if he's watching a program I don't like....then I'M on the computer engulfed in Pinterest. He will then kiss me goodnight and go upstairs and fall asleep while reading a book and I will be crafting or roaming the house till about midnight

Now that's love....I'm just sayin'

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Devil Made Me Eat It

Not that I'm endorsing Betty Crocker, although I should, she's helped me make it through for the past ummm, many years, nor am I endorsing Stater brothers with their mighty fine produce. This here is an endorsement for Angel Food Pineapple Cake. I found this recipe on Pinterest which deserves it's own blog entry in the future and the extremely easy way to put it together.

The recipe goes like this....

Start with this

then add this....

do this...

and you got this

Easy you say? People...this is beyond easy...don't believe me, check out the original recipe and see for yourself. And did I tell you how devilishcious it is? Try'll be rewarded from the big man....I'm just saying'

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wait for it.....

wait some more....

looking good...


The Man, the legend, the stair maker....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alice has Sprung

I'm on a roll...a crafty roll. I've been a busy bunny with my Spring items, Miniature Decoupage Bird houses of assorted designs~

Here are some of my Alice in Wonderland items...

Off with their heads!

bird houses of cards

classic quotes

And a Very Happy Unbirthday to you all....