Monday, March 26, 2012

Lazy Crafting


ometimes I like very elaborate creations where my mind is challenged by the thought of not knowing where I'll end up creatively, but sometimes...OK, most of the time I'm what you call a lazy crafter. Give me your junk and I'll turn it into a treasure...hence, exhibit A...

Take a Barella Spaghetti Sauce jar, (yeah, I use store bought sauce this time of year and fresh tomatoes in the summer) and spray it red.

Then wind some twine around it and glue it, then, applied a applique on it from a friends wedding dress she gave me and popped a button on it......and L0Ok....

Yup...lazy crafting...exhibit B....

Wrap some vintage sheet music around a cork a few times, cut thin strips, wrap some gold ribbon along with a button and pop one of those hook things on the top (see,I'm so lazy I don't even know what those hook thingies are really called) and I've got a paper tassel

Lazy is as Lazy does...I'm Just Sayin'


  1. I love the jar you would never know what it started as.

  2. You are very creative. I love what you did with the jar. I have never gotten into craft work, but love seeing what others do.

  3. That's not lazy crafting, that's up-cycling, eco-friendly, being-so-creative-you-can-see-possibilities-everywhere crafting (it's all in the perspective!) Lovely work x


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