Monday, March 5, 2012

Fix the Blinking thing already!!!

Don't know my neighbors very well...actual, I don't know them at all. They moved in about 6 years ago, divorced and the lady remarried soon after. So besides the two of them, there is a little girl, I'm assuming theirs, an older girl who I know goes to our local JC and a even older girl with 2 kids of her own who comes and goes....Anyways, I just trying to give you some background so that you can see my point...eventually.

Like I said, they are our neighbors and living in the suburbs we share a common brick wall that divides our backyards. Our kitchens, kitchen window over the sink and back doors are virtually side by side. Their kitchen door and window is almost ALWAYS open...our sink window is never open and we always use our patio door off the den...which is on the opposite side of our house.

About 2 years ago they purchased a new oven...a built in one with the double doors in the wall...just like ours. How do I know this? I saw the truck deliver it and sorta kinda saw a man install it. How? Their kitchen door and window was open as usual. The problem I have and mind's not even a's more like a irritation or hindrance...or perhaps my issue but..


You would think with 4 people living there they would adjust it, heck, I know the teenage girl probably lives on a computer and could easily do it for them, but no, it just blinks and blinks continuously. And if that's not bad enough....they have parties where gads of people, probably smart people who walk in and out of that back kitchen door and stare right into the face of the blinking 12:00....and keep walking. Wouldn't you think that at some point SOMEONE would say, "Hey, Let's adjust this clock".

I know it's easy I adjust ours every time the power goes out....Eric and I sit in our patio (on the opposite side of the house) at night and sure enough, their door is wide open while being highlighted by the blasted blinking 12:00. I've had discussion with him about rigging up a long stick and finagling it into their kitchen and doing it

Like I's probably my issue, I can't control everything, believe me I've tried, but damned if I'm gonna have a blinking 12:00 in my house for 2 minutes...let alone 2 years....I'm Just Sayin'


  1. That would drive me mad, I would have to set it if I were their friend, so I understand where you are coming from.

    Jill xx

  2. That would drive me nuts too. Would you feel like going over with a a nice plate of brownies and when you're chatting in the kitchen you can pretend to suddenly notice it and hopefully she'll ask you to fix it.
    I see people driving around with their handicap hanger dangling off their mirror all the time and that makes me nuts too.

  3. Go over there in your White Rabbit outfit with the big pocket watch and introduce yourself as Bunny and apologize for being late to set their oven clock. Then ya run out hollarin "I'm late"

  4. Mebbe they do it so that you won't look...just sayin'

  5. That would drive me INSANE!

    1. Aw no Bunny - I have a confession! My cooker clock is set to 12:00 too!!! Can we still be friends?!

      It is actually broken, in my defence. My OH doesn't think it's a good enough reason to buy a new cooker (and I have tried that argument ha ha!) x

  6. I also don't know my 'neighbours' . It's the times we live in:( Get to know them then they will be real neighbours....and THEN.. Fix the clock.


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