Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Roman Polanski jumped ship and high tailed it to France where he has been hiding for over 30 years, probably with the help of friends. Yes, he raped a 13 year old girl, I don't care that her family was in the same house at the time and I don't care how sophisticated she thought she was.....It's rape, he didn't finish his jail time and he needs to be brought to justice. Even if it was consensual...which it wasn't, still makes him a child molester. I don't care how sad his past was, I could care less how talented he is as a movie director, I am stupefied as to why the victim herself says let the matter rest and I have absolutely ZERO sympathy or tolerance for such behavior. And not only does he need to be punished for what he did to this girl, he also left the country in hopes of never being brought to prosecution which in it's self, is a whole other offense. I am pretty tired of the criminal being portrayed as the victim and the victim portrayed as a consenting girl. No matter what he thought was gonna happen, no matter what the judges actions were, he needs to do time for a crime he confirms he did. I'm just say'n!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Next Blog...

I was wondering what the Next Blog would be. You know, up on the top of your blog where is says, Next Blog, so I clicked on it expecting another window into someone else soul. I was expecting a whole new world of wonders and what I got was a big surprise but not all at once. When I first clicked on it, I wound up on a fashion blog written quite nicely by a young college student studying fashion here in Los Angeles. I thought, hmmm, interesting but not for me so, I went about my business. I don't know why, I figured all us bloggers were lined up one after each other in a nice little row. Maybe in categories or alphabetical order or by topic....Like, all the funny blogs go here and then we'll put all the technical blogs here and so on and so forth. I thought there was a method or a formula as to how blogs are put on the WWW. Anyways, a couple of days go by and I decide to check it out again. I click on Next Blog expecting to see my fashion don't of the week when I came across a motorbike blog. Wait a minute, is this chick designing fashion for dirt bikers now? The blog had changed. Being the tenacious person that I am I tried it again later that day and surprise....a new blog...something about new cell phones. Ok, my formula theory is out the door now and now I realize blogs are just shoved in like sardines. After thinking about it I realized there must be millions of blogs and people have so much to say to you and show you that your Next Blog changes several times in the course of a day. Who knew? I wonder if anyone ever considered rotating blog dating....I'm just say'n!

ps. click on it and tell me what type of blog is next. I think it'll be fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

My tomatoes growing days are coming to an end. I planted early this year so they are on their last leg with 3 little tomatoes hanging on. This was the best year for me regarding growing tomatoes, but this is how they look right now.

Off to the compost...soon!
My Peppers on the other hand are doing great. Good thing Eric likes stuffed peppers...

...and one more thing. When I planted this lovely flowering plant, imagine my surprise when I realized I had planted another bell pepper instead. So, because it's in a pot, the peppers come out mini size which is perfect for salads....I'm a genius ...kinda.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Alarming Bra...

I didn't want to go inside the bank today. I had every intention of just going through the drive thru, but I had a question and apparently you have to go inside. I anticipated this because on those rare occasions when I have to go thru the metal detector to get to a teller...all the bells and lights go off.
And of course it happened again. I put my keys in the tray and tried again...waiting for the green light, a voice says from above..."do you have any other metal objects on you or in your purse?" I tell the bank god with a heavy sigh, "Nope...just my underwire"...well, at this point I really don't care who hears me, I just got off work where I was standing and walking in the hot sun for two hours and I was hungry.
I can't be the only women with an underwire bra . I hear a buzz and see the green light and I enter the bank and there is no one in line, just tellers and one person sitting at the open an account desk. They are laughing. They know me. I ask them, does that happen a lot because it happens to me every single time....yes it happens a lot she replied, but that was the first time we heard that.

It' not like I wear this.
I'm just say'n

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Open Letter

Dear girl at the Check Out at the Market,

I don't know your name because you didn't have a name tag on and that's Ok being I'm probably not going to ever see you again. I appreciate you trying to start up a conversation with me. I know it's hard dealing with the public, I did it for over 20 years, but why oh why did you start talking to me about hamsters? Do I look like a hamster person, because I'm not. In my opinion, they are one gene away from rats. I'm not really interested in the different breeds of hamsters nor am I interested in the strange behavior of them and how you've trained them to do silly things like sit on your head. Being that I was waiting for my groceries to be bagged, you could say you had a captive audience, but I didn't know what to say to all the hamster info. What possessed you to incorporate me into the varmint talk is beyond me...OH YEAH, now I remember, you weren't talking to me, you were ignoring me and talking to the cashier behind me about your damn hamster. I'm sorry, I totally forgot I was standing in between both of you hamster aficionados. And when you told me that your beloved critter bit you once and it was OK because your boyfriend bit you on the arm in Vegas and what stays in Vegas, blah, blah, blah......that was a nice touch to your story. So, in conclusion, I hope in the future you start incorporating other topics of discussion like, Oh I don't know....the weather, latest news or maybe fashion and you might want to direct it to the person standing in front of you.....I'm just say'n!

bunny the hamster hater

P.S...I bet your little rodent friend can't do this...

Friday, September 18, 2009


I still don't know why Autumn is spelled with an n at the end. Anyways, Autumn is right around the corner and not too soon for me. I'm not much of a summer person and although I had gads of fun this past season....I'm soooo over it! Of course here in southern cali, Autumn doesn't usually arrive till October, but I see light at the end of the tunnel and I'm thrilled!
Out of all the seasons, Autumn is my favorite. The air is crisper with just the right amount of chill in the air. I can bake and roast and cook again not that I'm any good at any of that.
I can snuggle with my hubby without shrieking OMG...your too hot!...temperature wise, although I think he's hot as in looks too! I look forward to October which brings celebrations and events in some ways more hectic than my Christmas and speaking of....I can start my holiday shopping and not feel too guilty about buying things. The changing color of the leaves and the raking of said leaves...I totally enjoy and last but not least, I think at this point, I'm just tired of the heat of summer and want it to be over. The tiring days of Indian summers are not very forgiving and sometimes they reach beyond their allotted time, but in any case, I'm holding on to my images of spooky nights, turkey legs and mistletoe....they're right around the corner...
I'm just say'n!

P.S. Have you notice my beautiful banner? It was custom made for me by my very talented friend Lulu from Coastal Sisters
and not only does she design banners and such, but drop dead gorgeous jewelery too! Check her out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rude Awakening...

NOW, everyone is up in arms about people being rude? NOW, because some nitwit congressman yelled out at the President, NOW because a tennis champion got in the face of a line judge and NOW because a low class rap singer dissed a rising young singer at an award show? THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME PEOPLE! The only reason people are up in arms is because it's in the media and we tend to put certain humans up on a pedestal. My number one pet peeve has always been how people, whether you know them or they are complete strangers are rude to each other. The lack of concern or thoughtfulness for your fellow mankind. How much effort does it take to smile at people or to say good morning, bite your tongue or hold open a freak'in door for someone? Not that I'm bragging because it's not about me, but I do this ALL DAY LONG. It should be automatic, a way of life, natural, and I shouldn't even have to blog about it. Working with pre teens, I can see which kids are taught and which ones aren't. When one calls out to me "Hey", my response is always, my name is not "Hey"....well, I don't know your name they tell me, then say excuse me or ask.....and they do, but I shouldn't have to teach them. It should have been installed along time ago. There's nothing like waiting on line at the Dollar Store and watching the cashier chew gum and answer his cell phone. You might think they act like this because they are teenagers....BALONEY! I never acted like that and my daughter who is a teenager doesn't act like that either.

Today's technologies are making people impatient. Instant this and that with instant results. That's fine if your dealing with machinery. Today's stress doesn't help with people and their tempers and outbreaks, but still, I don't buy it, check yourself before you go off on someone or stop and think if I do this then this will happen. I have noticed this gradual change for some time now and I know we can't go backwards, but can we forge ahead with patients and understanding...I'm just say'n!

Never thought of it that way, but then again...that would make you rude.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Give It Time...

I'm driving my car, minding my own business, when I casually glance at my left forearm. I notice a hair... Apparently, a little stray hair fell out of my head and landed on my arm. You know, usually when that happens, a friend or colleague that your talking to will pick it off of you and you go on your merry way..I swipe at it. So, no big deal, until I notice it again at a red light. I swipe at it again and I'm off.

Fast forward 4 hours...I'm sweeping the patio when lo and behold, that little bugger is back. Ok, so now I'm thinking what a stubborn hair. Well, this hair was soooo stubborn it decided to plant itself on my arm for all eternity. Yep, it was growing out of my forearm....longer that some of the hairs on my head. There is was, all shiny and blondish and just flowing all by it self in the middle of my arm surrounded by NOTHING! I don't have hairy arms people...let's get that straight. In fact, I'm not hairy at all....except for my face and we won't EVEN go there right now. I was appalled. I studied it, I examined it and I could have curled it with a curling iron, that's how long it was. How did I miss that one long hair for so long is beyond me. Then...I was mysmerized by it. Wow...a long ass hair on a part of my body that's not suppose to have long ass hair on it. I exam my other arm...no long hair there...hmmmm, why this arm, I wondered. I let it be because now, I'm kinda dig'n the one long hair and I want Eric to see it when he comes home. Which reminds me of the story of when Eric and I were dating about 21 years ago and we were out in the sunlight talking to each other very closely, eye to eye, you know, we were in love, when he tells me, "You know you have a little hair on your upper lip"......GAWD...no wonder I married him. Anyways, he comes home and I'm chewing at the bit to show him, apparently I'm proud now of the fact that I can grow hair in odd places. I drag him into the kithchen, the best light in the house and I show him. My bald husband tells me "Wow, I could use some of that can you grow some more"? I'll see what I can do honey, just give it time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

6 Degrees of Facebook...

Who are these people who might be my friend on Facebook? They keep popping up! At first when I jumped on the FB (that's what us facebook people call it) wagon, people I knew but not quite friends with names kept popping up and suggested I might be interested in being their friend. Now, there's people I don't even know popping up and for the likes of me don't understand why.

They are friends of a friend of a friend and perhaps lived in the same area I used too or maybe went to the same High School after I graduated. Who in the heck is Raymond Mercedes and does he know about me? Does he want to be my friend?

I'm waiting for Kevin Bacon's name to pop up....then we'll talk. I'm just say'n

Saturday, September 12, 2009

In The Pink...

OK! I give. Can someone tell me what Pink Saturday is? Since I've been blogging, which hasn't been that long, I have come across a few blogs that have this Pink Saturday thing going. I have come across several beautiful images of delicate pinks in all different hues and being used in creative ways.
Pink clothing, furniture, household items, floral arraignments and of course decorative items....all which are stunning in there own personal way. I want to be involved, I want to belong and I want to become one with the pinkness....problem is, I'm not a pink person. I have absolutely nothing against pink, never have and don't forget I have two daughters, so there was never a lack of pink clothing and accessories. My older daughter has been and I suspect always will be a pink fan, even now that she has three sons. She is a girlie girl to the bone. My younger daughter...mmm, not so much. There is not much pink at the horse stables or on a farm where she spends half her time, so,
getting pink on or around her was a chore and at some point, I just gave up. So, having seen this particular shade pop up on my Saturday blog cruising got me to thinking. Do I have any pink in the house and if I did, where would it be? I know! my daughters bathroom. A few years ago when she didn't have an opinion (that has changed big time) we painted her bathroom pale pink and I decorated it in a modern like shabby chic. I incorporated some different tones of pink along with some creams on a shelf and "Voila"......here's my pink!

and a paper mache print on a cream tin...

...and that's it. I probably won't have anymore pink things to take pictures of, at least in my home, but if I ever come across something that is pink in nature, I will definitely post it....pinkie swear!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Award Season...

It finally happened. People around me are losing there minds. Sharon from Mana Moon just informed me that she is passing along an award to me for my brilliance and contribution to mankind. What...you don't believe me? Well check it out, go to her blog and you'll see, right there, she wrote it, not me, that I was brilliant and ....Oh wait a minute, that was someone else blog. Well, she did give me an award. It's called the Premio Meme Award and I have no idea what the heck it means, but it sounds good. I won a cake at a carnival once....in the cake walk...and boy, was that exciting, but all I had to do was walk in a circle and stop and sit in a chair (both of which I'm very good at) when the music stopped and poof! instant cake. I guess you could call this award cake. Isn't that a term people use when they think something is easy? Blogging is easy, for me.
It's just like me talking except I'm typing. And I pretty much am talking in my head when I sit in front of this computer. You should see the inside of my head...I'm talking a mile a minute in there, so, in a sense, this award is for me talking. You see, I'm just writing my thoughts as I see them that's all. I've been called bold, forward, open and sexy,( I just thought I'd throw that in, but yes it's true, I have been called that)...anyways, but I'm just me writing. If you were to talk to me face to face you would hear the same stuff come from my mouth. So when Sharon calls me witty and candid, I'll take it and for the record...thanks Sharon for putting pressure on me to be more witty and more candid in the future. I'd be lying if I said I didn't appreciate it. I started blogging for me because I like to write and I have a big mouth sorta (see profile pic) although I am getting better regarding that, hence the blog, and apparently people like to see what I write down...I usually say what most people won't. So again, thanks Sharon for passing the bloggy award thingy to me and I want to send my congrats to the other 6 arsty farsty bloggers who also recieved the same award. I'm just say'n

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fat Lipped Cat

This is the 2nd time this has happened. My cat Ginger has a fat lip. For some reason, she likes to chew on the neighbors climbing rose bush that drapes over on to our yard and we think a thorn got her. We shoosh her away when we catch her doing this, but for whatever reason, she continues to chomp away. It could be a insect bite too. It's not a tooth, I checked and don't worry, she's eating like a champ as usual and seems to be happy and content. She looks funny. Almost like she's wearing a kitty mask. Raquel says she has a joker mouth...big and wide. Whatever it is, it's slowly going away little by little. I just wanted you all to see the kitty with the fat lip.

Back to Middle School...

My summer is over and I must get back to work. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family this past hot season. I always do. I found myself reminiscing about summers past when I was a kid and I don't know why this year especially. I saw old friends on many occasions during good times and very sad times. I made a new friend and she lives 2 blocks away...who knew? I've come across an ex boyfriend unexpectedly and boy was that a surprise...thanks Facebook, I think. I took my plunge into the world of permenopause...turns out, I don't like it! I will miss the beach even though I only went twice and I will definitely miss the sleeping in...definitely!

But I must look forward to the next 10 months of learning the new jargon, inappropriate clothing trends, unimaginable amounts of axe cologne, fowl language, out of control hormones (not mine) girl drama, teacher drama, staff drama and the impromptu food flinging. Yes, middle school is one big par-tay and I will be smack dab in the middle of it. Seriously, I enjoy most of it and for some inhumane reason, I actually like this age group. So, wish me luck this year, NO, scratch that, wish my students luck because hormone for hormone, they're not gonna see it coming....I'm just say'n

Friday, September 4, 2009

Animals Got Soul...

I had an interesting conversation with Brenda the other day. A spiritual one you mind say. We were talking about different religions. We talked about Catholics, we talked about Mormons, the different types of Christians we've encountered, Hindus and Buddhists, but we really didn't talk about they're religion and what they preach or teach per say, we were discussing animals in heaven. Many years ago, Brenda knew someone who told her that animals didn't go to heaven, having remembered that traumatic statement led to our conversation.

Did I think that true? I am not the most religious person on the planet, I question people and theories all the time. I've even questioned Brenda on many occasion, but in my opinion, if something is a living and breathing entity, no matter animal or human being there is an energy or soul or whatever you want to call it and when the body is gone that energy leaves to it's resting place.
Now, I don't know if it's heaven but I do believe the soul goes somewhere. Animals have feelings and thoughts. They are our pets and part of our families. We cry and mourn when they leave us just like when people leave us and they give us pleasure and they give us grief. The Buddhist believe that people and animal souls are reborn into babies and the process is repeated over and over. Hindus know that cows are sacred. The bible referrers to animals and humans living together in peace but it doesn't really say where. Here on earth or in heaven? I believe Christians say that only true believers will go to heaven. Animals don't believe in god so what happens to them? After doing just a little research on this subject, apparently, there has been an on going debate as to if animals have a soul. There are many references to animals in the bible but they are not clear about souls and heaven...hence the debate.

Anyways, this was some conversation and we both agreed that they do and somehow and somewhere we will see Reign, kiki, mopsey, ryan, arthur, shadow,mimi, dolly,tweets, squeekie, hera, nokel and all our other pets that have been in our lives.

My furry children...cleo and ginger ~