Sunday, September 13, 2009

6 Degrees of Facebook...

Who are these people who might be my friend on Facebook? They keep popping up! At first when I jumped on the FB (that's what us facebook people call it) wagon, people I knew but not quite friends with names kept popping up and suggested I might be interested in being their friend. Now, there's people I don't even know popping up and for the likes of me don't understand why.

They are friends of a friend of a friend and perhaps lived in the same area I used too or maybe went to the same High School after I graduated. Who in the heck is Raymond Mercedes and does he know about me? Does he want to be my friend?

I'm waiting for Kevin Bacon's name to pop up....then we'll talk. I'm just say'n


  1. lol, now that's a friend!

    I have done jumped on the Facebook thing because I can barely keep up with my Blog, the website, the Etsy Shop and all the groups I belong to. Too much to do and not enough time!!

    Here's to wishing you a beautiful week!


  2. Hey ... wanna be my friend?

  3. Bunny!!! I love this blog post! How true! I just received one the other day from a person asking me to join High5...what in thee Sam Hill??????

    Thanks for coming to my closing performance of the play. I know it's silly, but I just love being creative. You are kind to amuse me! Have a great day, Anita

  4. I've had many invitations to join FaceBook, but from what others have told me, it's not very creative. Certainly not like a blog, or even scrapblogging -- so I stick with this as it keeps me busy enough. I am enjoying making new creative friends rather than visiting my past. :)

  5. I too get invitations from people I've never heard of. I just delete them. I'm only interested in people I know. Why on earth would you send a request to someone because they know someone you know? I think it's a new change FB has made thinking they could hook more people up. If it's a hook I wanted, I'd go to a fishing supply store.


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