Monday, September 21, 2009

My Alarming Bra...

I didn't want to go inside the bank today. I had every intention of just going through the drive thru, but I had a question and apparently you have to go inside. I anticipated this because on those rare occasions when I have to go thru the metal detector to get to a teller...all the bells and lights go off.
And of course it happened again. I put my keys in the tray and tried again...waiting for the green light, a voice says from above..."do you have any other metal objects on you or in your purse?" I tell the bank god with a heavy sigh, "Nope...just my underwire"...well, at this point I really don't care who hears me, I just got off work where I was standing and walking in the hot sun for two hours and I was hungry.
I can't be the only women with an underwire bra . I hear a buzz and see the green light and I enter the bank and there is no one in line, just tellers and one person sitting at the open an account desk. They are laughing. They know me. I ask them, does that happen a lot because it happens to me every single time....yes it happens a lot she replied, but that was the first time we heard that.

It' not like I wear this.
I'm just say'n


  1. LOL, I thought you were going to say your forgot to put your bra on!


  2. You are so funny. I have to tell you that happened to me in Downtown, L.A., at the Superior Court Building. I was called in for jury duty. Everytime, I had to pass those things, the bells and lights went off. You just want to melt into the floor. Of course, every one thinks you are carrying a gun or something in L.A., no just a bra! Blessings, Martha

  3. I needed this laugh. You tell it so well.
    Love your new background and banner. Did Lulu do it for you? The banner? It sort of looks like her work.

  4. HA! I don't think my bra is big enough to cause such a ruckus! That must be some sensitive detector! Jingles is eating some and drank a little water, but she still hasn't gone to the bathroom -- that's the part that bothers me now and unfortunately, around here, you never know just what kind of veterinary care you are getting. Yes, most of the Indian finds are antiques, although there are some things that are made to look old. No matter, I love the look of it all! Vintage on this side of the world has a completely different look -- so when I view different blogs, I love the look of certain things, but just could never, ever find that on this side of the world. :) Have a great day!

  5. My bra is so small I don't need wire. Good old plastic works. I can't wait to grow up and wear bras with wire.



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