Saturday, September 12, 2009

In The Pink...

OK! I give. Can someone tell me what Pink Saturday is? Since I've been blogging, which hasn't been that long, I have come across a few blogs that have this Pink Saturday thing going. I have come across several beautiful images of delicate pinks in all different hues and being used in creative ways.
Pink clothing, furniture, household items, floral arraignments and of course decorative items....all which are stunning in there own personal way. I want to be involved, I want to belong and I want to become one with the pinkness....problem is, I'm not a pink person. I have absolutely nothing against pink, never have and don't forget I have two daughters, so there was never a lack of pink clothing and accessories. My older daughter has been and I suspect always will be a pink fan, even now that she has three sons. She is a girlie girl to the bone. My younger daughter...mmm, not so much. There is not much pink at the horse stables or on a farm where she spends half her time, so,
getting pink on or around her was a chore and at some point, I just gave up. So, having seen this particular shade pop up on my Saturday blog cruising got me to thinking. Do I have any pink in the house and if I did, where would it be? I know! my daughters bathroom. A few years ago when she didn't have an opinion (that has changed big time) we painted her bathroom pale pink and I decorated it in a modern like shabby chic. I incorporated some different tones of pink along with some creams on a shelf and "Voila"'s my pink!

and a paper mache print on a cream tin...

...and that's it. I probably won't have anymore pink things to take pictures of, at least in my home, but if I ever come across something that is pink in nature, I will definitely post it....pinkie swear!


  1. HA! Some blogs have White Wednesday. I'm not sure if I could come up with many pink or white things -- my house is very colorful. I used to be a country kinda girl, but since coming to the Middle East, I have to work with what I can find in this part of the world; therefore, eclectic and colorful is where I am at presently. Outdoors is so blah so indoors our home is a kaleidoscope of color! Love the bathroom shelf with vintage items. Maybe I'll post some pink things just for the sake of doing so. Have a great weekend!

  2. You are so funny. You want to become one with the pinkness! That is the first time I ever heard that. You will not believe this but, I have the very same shelf that is in your daughter's room. So here is another thing we have in common. I think we could be sisters, except for one little thing, I am brown! LOL! Blessings my friend, Martha

  3. I LOVE PINK! FUSCHIA! ROSE! And no Bunny, you did not jack up my blog LOL!


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