Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rude Awakening...

NOW, everyone is up in arms about people being rude? NOW, because some nitwit congressman yelled out at the President, NOW because a tennis champion got in the face of a line judge and NOW because a low class rap singer dissed a rising young singer at an award show? THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME PEOPLE! The only reason people are up in arms is because it's in the media and we tend to put certain humans up on a pedestal. My number one pet peeve has always been how people, whether you know them or they are complete strangers are rude to each other. The lack of concern or thoughtfulness for your fellow mankind. How much effort does it take to smile at people or to say good morning, bite your tongue or hold open a freak'in door for someone? Not that I'm bragging because it's not about me, but I do this ALL DAY LONG. It should be automatic, a way of life, natural, and I shouldn't even have to blog about it. Working with pre teens, I can see which kids are taught and which ones aren't. When one calls out to me "Hey", my response is always, my name is not "Hey"....well, I don't know your name they tell me, then say excuse me or ask.....and they do, but I shouldn't have to teach them. It should have been installed along time ago. There's nothing like waiting on line at the Dollar Store and watching the cashier chew gum and answer his cell phone. You might think they act like this because they are teenagers....BALONEY! I never acted like that and my daughter who is a teenager doesn't act like that either.

Today's technologies are making people impatient. Instant this and that with instant results. That's fine if your dealing with machinery. Today's stress doesn't help with people and their tempers and outbreaks, but still, I don't buy it, check yourself before you go off on someone or stop and think if I do this then this will happen. I have noticed this gradual change for some time now and I know we can't go backwards, but can we forge ahead with patients and understanding...I'm just say'n!

Never thought of it that way, but then again...that would make you rude.


  1. That's why I VENT on my blog LOL! I do not go off on people ... mostly out of fear that they'll shoot me (not) ... People can be amazingly rude and mean but most of the time those people are miserable and have major issues, therefore they feel the need to piss on everyone to feel superior. The world really has gone mad. People have no manners, no self-control, no spiritual direction and we are obsessed with celebrity. I tell you Bunny, I should rule the world ...

  2. Preach it woman! The taco were great by the way! Blessings, Martha

  3. I agree. Been saying the same thing since....well, everyday. It's funny how when I tell someone I'm in a bad mood they say "you are?". Just because life isn't beautiful or the way expect it should be doesn't mean you should treat everyone poorly. It's all about up bringing and in some cases plain old bitterness. We just gotta keep smiling and that'll really piss
    'em off!

  4. Amen.... You say it so well...I'm just say'n
    I agree totally. We are a very rude society.
    Hopefully something will click one day and people will get it. But somehow I don't think so.

  5. I'm right there with you. I don't do celebrity. We are all human and none more important than the other. I do not let my kids think that the next best thing in technology will make or break them. I know people who use their mobiles to call family members when they are in the house at the same time. I mean hello -- people are so wrapped up in their technology that they can't actually interact with each other. Or what about when you see a family or group of people together and they are all on their mobiles. Sometimes I just say to myself "what are these people thinking?" Am I holding my kids back by not letting them carry a mobile with them everywhere they go? I think not! I am teaching them reality.

  6. I had to come by & check out the Fall Banner. I LOVE IT!!!! Isn't it fun to change things up a bit. Have a great weekend!

  7. I love the new look of your blog. Very Autumn-ness! Thanks for your visit -- the more the merrier. You will be in my sidebar too! I still have lots of work to do in my blog compared to what I've seen out there. All in due time. Best wishes for your weekend. Tammy

  8. You are SO right!! If I had acted like any of those peeps with this type of rudeness, my mother would have knocked me into next week...sideways!



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