Friday, September 4, 2009

Animals Got Soul...

I had an interesting conversation with Brenda the other day. A spiritual one you mind say. We were talking about different religions. We talked about Catholics, we talked about Mormons, the different types of Christians we've encountered, Hindus and Buddhists, but we really didn't talk about they're religion and what they preach or teach per say, we were discussing animals in heaven. Many years ago, Brenda knew someone who told her that animals didn't go to heaven, having remembered that traumatic statement led to our conversation.

Did I think that true? I am not the most religious person on the planet, I question people and theories all the time. I've even questioned Brenda on many occasion, but in my opinion, if something is a living and breathing entity, no matter animal or human being there is an energy or soul or whatever you want to call it and when the body is gone that energy leaves to it's resting place.
Now, I don't know if it's heaven but I do believe the soul goes somewhere. Animals have feelings and thoughts. They are our pets and part of our families. We cry and mourn when they leave us just like when people leave us and they give us pleasure and they give us grief. The Buddhist believe that people and animal souls are reborn into babies and the process is repeated over and over. Hindus know that cows are sacred. The bible referrers to animals and humans living together in peace but it doesn't really say where. Here on earth or in heaven? I believe Christians say that only true believers will go to heaven. Animals don't believe in god so what happens to them? After doing just a little research on this subject, apparently, there has been an on going debate as to if animals have a soul. There are many references to animals in the bible but they are not clear about souls and heaven...hence the debate.

Anyways, this was some conversation and we both agreed that they do and somehow and somewhere we will see Reign, kiki, mopsey, ryan, arthur, shadow,mimi, dolly,tweets, squeekie, hera, nokel and all our other pets that have been in our lives.

My furry children...cleo and ginger ~


  1. I believe that we will see our pets again one day. I love all my babies so much and will be elated to see them all again when my soul leaves this earth :)

    I am feeling much better and am ready to shake a leg...almost!


  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    so cute!!!

    Just beautiful cat!

    Mr Tom send you big meowwwwwwww!!!


  3. OMG!!! Ginger and Cleo are so cute!!


  4. Great post Bun! (except for that blatent lie about you even question ME at
    It will be interesting to see other people's comments on the subject!


  5. Bunny darling!!! First of all, I hope you are getting many people have been very ill, and Lulu above too! That is quite remarkable that we both correspond with you! Hey, I hear what you're saying about animals....Ruben and I love animals and they have personalities and I believe that God created them out of joy. What happens to them? Contrary to some belief, I believe that God is good and kinder and more than we can imagine, so creation is precious and will have a very special place in eternity. I hope there are horses in eternity, I want to ride them forever!!!! And your little Ginger is just darling with her Blingee crown! (I love using Blingee) Thanks for coming to the theatre...I just love seeing other people get creative with writing! Ciao, Anita

  6. Oh Bunny I couldn't agree with you more! I've seen too many animals relate better to each other than some human beings do, treating each other with love and respect. So a resounding YES! I believe we ALL have souls and we see those we love again - no doubt about it! Hugs♥

  7. Gee Bunny, how did I miss this post? I absolutely believe our critters go to critter heaven and that we will see them again. How do I know this ... I just do. And that's all I have to say about that ...


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