Saturday, November 10, 2012

Change is good...right?

What's goin' on here?  I'm gone for just a little bit and the whole blogger set up is changed and I don't mean just a little tweak here and there...CHANGED, like, What the hell happened?  It took me months to figure it out over 3 years ago and now, now I have to learn something new?  Doesn't Blogger know that there are a lot of older people blogging these days and these said people don't do well with change?  Actually, I don't thing anyone does well with it. I go again into the tech future, heels dug in to the ground with a scowl on my face, shaking my head back and forth, cussing....and giving in because lord knows, I can't walk away from a challenge and I need to let you all know.  Know what you ask?  

Well, my Etsy Shoppe is back up and running. Spring is gone and so are my Spring items.  Out with the old and in with the new...kinda like blogger and me ( I'm the old) so I decided to dream up and create some
Christmas items and put them up.

I find stuff that interest me and give it a new life in my own crazy way.  Seems people like my crazy way and want to check out the Christmas stuff.  So, after a long vacay from Etsy, I'm back, I'm creating and I'm still crazy....

Take a look and spread the word

Bunnys Purpose