Monday, November 29, 2010

Flu Blues

Ok, so I didn't have a wonderful Thanksgiving or Birthday. It seems my hubby decided (it was a conspiracy) to come down with the flu. I sent Raquel ahead to the seems when your 17 you get a free card and when your the wife you need to stand by your man, which I did and I was not a happy camper. I took care of him with just a little hint of doubt, thinking he had a sniffle or two, but when his temperature read 103, I became a believer and then I simmered down...with a book and a movie and the computer. I should look on the bright side, I got my exercise running up and down the stairs for 3 days and all my friends on Facebook wished me a happy B~day and I did get a pardon on Black Friday to do some's just that I don't like being left out. I should count my blessings and keep my mouth shut. I have my health, good family and friends and most of all...a discount at Denny's....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Construction Zone

I'm working on a Christmasy looking blog right now, so bear with me

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Poultry and Cake

Enjoying my Birthday and Wishing you all a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving...we ALL have something to be truly thankful for.

My next blog update will be from an older broad, but don't worry, from what I understand, she's still got her wits about her....i think~


Friday, November 19, 2010

Project Complete

Remember this post?

I'm kinda gettin' in the Holiday spirit and making these Christmas trees from buttons. Two will be gifts and the rest are mine. I had fun making them and I think I've heard every "button" joke on the planet from my family. I used felt, scrap book paper, thrift store frames that were spray painted and of course....buttons! I've got more ideas for my buttons, but for now...Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Swap Meet Red

A couple of Sundays ago, Brenda and I ventured out to our local Swap Meet eager to hunt and dig for treasure...and treasure is what we found. I purchased some vintage Superman comic books for Raquel's Beau, an old Coca Cola bucket for a friend and of course a irresistible churro...which is pretty much a straight donut...

then I found this...beautifully framed picture of vibrant red flowers. Approximately 34 x 29 with rich creme color framing. I've been trying to add little accents of red to incorporate into my very monochromatic living-room and felt that this would go perfectly on the mantel

I added a couple of accessories on either side and voile'

I love the composition of this painting..notice the detail of the almost invisible glass and the contrast of the creme to red flowers

comic books~$6, bucket~$6, churro~$2, picture~$8, bunny's happiness...priceless

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Guess Hell Froze Over

So, the church didn't fall to the ground, lightning didn't strike and my shoes didn't melt today. Yes people...I went to church. No one died and no one got hitched. I went because Josh, Raquel's beau, asked us if we wanted to go. Seems his church is so big, it had to move to a bigger place and after a year of remodeling, it was dedication and party time. What could it hurt right? Let's just say, it was an eye opener. Growing up we were never forced to go to church nor were we taught about any specific religion..therefore, I always went with my girlfriends and they're families to their churches...more specifically, Catholic. I married into a very Catholic family, baptisted my daughters in the church and married in the exact Catholic Church my in~law married in. Needless to say, I am pretty used to the rituals, symbolism and bru ha ha of said religion Which brings me back to the eye opener. This was a "Christian" church. Not sure if there a several types of Christian churches but this one was so time, If I choose to go again, I'll try to remember to bring a bathing suit...that's how calm and cool and pleasant it was. Instead of the traditioan scarf on the head, and button up shirts and suits, I saw flip flops, shorts and jeans plus there was a party after with games, activities and food which is always an added bonus in my book. I always wondered about the appropriate attire. Wouldn't you think that God didn't care what you wore and that he was just happy you showed up? There was a band, a very good one with actual people who had talent, there was a slide show that was provocative yet, comical and a sermon that made sense to me. What?...No guilt, No damn nation and no worries...hmmm!

I'm not one for formal religion...I'm more of a spiritual type...and yes, there is a difference. But like I explain to Raquel....If your comfortable going, you like the people, pick out the pieces of the sermon that make sense to you and your happy with your choice....then what can it hurt?
I'm just Sayin'

Friday, November 5, 2010

She's at it Again...

Raquel adopted an orphaned Steer, yeppers, a new addition to our family. What could she do but to take on another challenge. It's not like we're gonna get another addition next month...or a couple more in February...sheesh!

No name yet and he's just a baby. He only weighs in at 600ish lbs.

Coming in early December....Zanzibar...a milking goat...a very pregnant milking goat..
double sheesh!!

Oh yeah, and she was promoted to President of our local FFA chapter...which means more responsibility and work, but honestly, she loves it and as long as she can handle it we're all on board.....Goat Milk or Soap anyone?
I'm just askin'

update: His name is Screwball Smalls...smalls for short, because according to Raquel, he was the smallest steer and he's crazy...good to know Raquel...sheesh!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's the little (red) things in Life

If you told me I was obsessed with buttons it would be an understatement. I have been collecting them for decades...even as a child. Don't know what started it...don't care...I enjoy buttons

Can you tell?

I have a project goin' on and I needed to separate a few of them by color...

pink, blue, green

even the odd ones...pearl, gold, yellow, orange, purple and silver

I'm saving these...they are some of my favorites

but honestly, nothing excites me more..(well, maybe a few other things) than red ones

and when I'm done playin'...I'll show you what I'm up too