Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Guess Hell Froze Over

So, the church didn't fall to the ground, lightning didn't strike and my shoes didn't melt today. Yes people...I went to church. No one died and no one got hitched. I went because Josh, Raquel's beau, asked us if we wanted to go. Seems his church is so big, it had to move to a bigger place and after a year of remodeling, it was dedication and party time. What could it hurt right? Let's just say, it was an eye opener. Growing up we were never forced to go to church nor were we taught about any specific religion..therefore, I always went with my girlfriends and they're families to their churches...more specifically, Catholic. I married into a very Catholic family, baptisted my daughters in the church and married in the exact Catholic Church my in~law married in. Needless to say, I am pretty used to the rituals, symbolism and bru ha ha of said religion Which brings me back to the eye opener. This was a "Christian" church. Not sure if there a several types of Christian churches but this one was so time, If I choose to go again, I'll try to remember to bring a bathing suit...that's how calm and cool and pleasant it was. Instead of the traditioan scarf on the head, and button up shirts and suits, I saw flip flops, shorts and jeans plus there was a party after with games, activities and food which is always an added bonus in my book. I always wondered about the appropriate attire. Wouldn't you think that God didn't care what you wore and that he was just happy you showed up? There was a band, a very good one with actual people who had talent, there was a slide show that was provocative yet, comical and a sermon that made sense to me. What?...No guilt, No damn nation and no worries...hmmm!

I'm not one for formal religion...I'm more of a spiritual type...and yes, there is a difference. But like I explain to Raquel....If your comfortable going, you like the people, pick out the pieces of the sermon that make sense to you and your happy with your choice....then what can it hurt?
I'm just Sayin'


  1. Hey Bunny, so we have something else in common (besides cleaning up the floor around us as we are using the toilet). Ha! My dad's family was baptist but I was never actually raised in any particular religious fashion. Growing up, I went with friends -- from Baptist, Catholic, to Presbyterian, to Non-denominational, Pentecostal. You name it. I much preferred those that were laid back, where singing and clapping was expected. I consider myself spiritual and don't think there is any one religion that can say they've got it all figuered out. Have a great week. :) Tammy

  2. Well religion and politics are a no no right? I am all for being spiritual in anyway that makes sense to you as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Most wars are fought over religion which is nonsense. I think your right who ever you worship could care less what you showed up in.

  3. Since She supposedly created us naked guess She wouldn't care how you showed up..literally or figuratively..
    I'm with you-spirituality is personal, and organized religion regrettqble in my eyes, but to each her/his own....

  4. Hi Bunny: I am so proud of you! That church sounds like just the ticket for you. I will tell you a little secret. I have been praying you would find one. We all need Jesus, especially a good, kind lady like you! Love you a lots, Martha

  5. Hey girl...I giggled when I read the title and pictured you going to Church. Randy has said the same thing a few times (and so did a few of our friends, oh ya, my dad, I think myself) when he started to come to Church,, My girlfriend's dad..believe it or not, when he did walk in the church..the door fell..LOL. We laugh about that still!

    I remember going to a Church (non Catholic) and they clapped to the music..I looked around and was thinking,,'oh their going to get into trouble'..I stayed at that Church for 4 years...

    I'm back at the Catholic Church, my childhood Church,..God has a sense of humor is all I will have to say about

    We have one lady that wears the 'veil' (scarf?) on her head..other than that, we are pretty much relaxed with our clothing also. I haven't worn the bathing suit, well actually underneath my bathing suit dress (seasonal campers back than and decided what i had on was just fine!) I'm always wearing my flip flops.

    I never liked the 'let's get dressed to show off' kind of people that went to Church...

    Ciao bella!!

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  7. You're too funny. Glad I inspired you to go to HomeGoods. =D

    Like this post. Detest religion and none of it saves us. Relationship...ahhh, just the sound of the word is soothing and free.

    You are inspiring me to write a fresh About Me page on my blog so I don't have to repeat myself, but in a nutshell, I was raised in a Christian home, went to Sunday school, etc.,believed Christ was the Son of God BUT still did not have a revelation of Who He is. This, only He can give. I did not surrender my heart to Him until two years after I was married. Since then it's been 23 years and I fall more in love with Him with each breath I take. I have a 21 y/o son and a 17 y/o daughter. Although they attended church when they were younger, I do not force them to go to church. Why? Because love and relationship is not forced. They too must find their own way to that intimacy with Christ. I simply live it before them.

    As far as church? After going through Baptist, Pentecostal, Non-denomination, etc., I am free. WE are the church--not a building, and wherever God chooses to lead us for a season, that is where I am. My current church? HOME--where I am called to my first and foremost ministry--my husband and my family. Do I neglect fellowship? Absolutely not. Have plenty of friends that I grow with and feed from His Word.

    Anywho, I highly recommend reading "So You Don't Want to go to Church Anymore" by Jake Colsen. It is not about not going to church but about WHO the church is. Have a great REDnesday.

  8. I'm much the same Bunny - I think of myself as spiritual rather than religious. But I do still find something peaceful and calming about churches, and I find that many religions have aspects that I can gain something from.
    PS think the bathing suit may be a step too far
    PPS love the cartoon!


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