Friday, November 5, 2010

She's at it Again...

Raquel adopted an orphaned Steer, yeppers, a new addition to our family. What could she do but to take on another challenge. It's not like we're gonna get another addition next month...or a couple more in February...sheesh!

No name yet and he's just a baby. He only weighs in at 600ish lbs.

Coming in early December....Zanzibar...a milking goat...a very pregnant milking goat..
double sheesh!!

Oh yeah, and she was promoted to President of our local FFA chapter...which means more responsibility and work, but honestly, she loves it and as long as she can handle it we're all on board.....Goat Milk or Soap anyone?
I'm just askin'

update: His name is Screwball Smalls...smalls for short, because according to Raquel, he was the smallest steer and he's crazy...good to know Raquel...sheesh!!


  1. When you adopt you adopt.

  2. LOL, Screwball Smalls? What a neat name. Never a hampster huh?? I'm thinking future Vet. You better get a bigger barn.

    GOat milk is spose to be really good.

  3. Congrats on the new 600 lb baby!
    Screwball Smalls will definitely never be confused with any other.
    Love, love goatsmilk soap and have used it for years; my skin is a great testament to its glories and the fragrance is awesome too.

  4. Oh my all surely have your hands full in your house!

    I love goat milk soap so I would be first in line to buy some!

    See you when I get back!


  5. And some folks think they have trouble with a new PUPPY around the house. Geeeeeeeez your just sayin...

    Guess what.... LuLu & I are both coming out to California for the SAME event in March. In fact, we're roommates for Moulin Rouge. Is that funny or what? I'm just sayin. Hee Hee. HUGS!

  6. It's amazing to see how your daughter has grown and moved through this program, you have to feel SO proud of her now - president, Wow!


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