Monday, November 29, 2010

Flu Blues

Ok, so I didn't have a wonderful Thanksgiving or Birthday. It seems my hubby decided (it was a conspiracy) to come down with the flu. I sent Raquel ahead to the seems when your 17 you get a free card and when your the wife you need to stand by your man, which I did and I was not a happy camper. I took care of him with just a little hint of doubt, thinking he had a sniffle or two, but when his temperature read 103, I became a believer and then I simmered down...with a book and a movie and the computer. I should look on the bright side, I got my exercise running up and down the stairs for 3 days and all my friends on Facebook wished me a happy B~day and I did get a pardon on Black Friday to do some's just that I don't like being left out. I should count my blessings and keep my mouth shut. I have my health, good family and friends and most of all...a discount at Denny's....


  1. Your Christmas decorating is lovely.

    You were a good wife. You still have 24 days, 9 hrs and 30 minutes to shop.

  2. Poor bunny...go make up for it by devasting them at the shops! And have a big wonderful tasty slice of pumpkin pie on me...

  3. I reckon an extravagant belated birthday celebration is called for - with extra pressies for being such a dutiful wife! x
    PS Love your blog header - made me go "aaaawwww!"

  4. I'm feel for you....but you where the good wife. Good things will come your way. So glad you are posting these on FB. I've gotten used to checking fb more.
    Have a good one.

  5. I don't do well taking care of my husband when he is sick. I'll be honest, it drives me nuts..SIGH.


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