Tuesday, July 31, 2012

American Idol....and stalls

I just wanna start by saying how much I enjoy the Olympics and all the pomp and circumstance, but mostly the "come together" moments as a nation...kinda gives me hope. This years opening ceremony left me a little indifferent. I totally got all the symbolism, I truly did, but a homage to the national healthcare, that was weird. Couple of things before I get to my main complaint...

Why is the Olympic torch, the symbol of all nations and cornerstone of Greek origins stationed in the track and field venue? I read that when the track and fields competions start, the torch will be moved to one end of the field....really? Could if have killed the powers that be to hoist it up, and perch it up high where ALL people can see and admire it. I actually liked how it was lit this time, very clever, but they could have done that up high...children are young, they can run upstairs.
Give the people what they want, the privilege and right to see the Olympic torch flame shinning long and bright over their city.

And speaking of the people....Would it hurt for the Queen to crack a smile...Jeeze, little lovely children were singing, "God Bless the Queen" and she still had that stick up her bum.

Anywho.....Ryan Seacrest. Really? What the heck does he have to do with sports? I swear, he must be related to someone in power because he is so out of place I just wanna throw my shoe at the TV every-time I see him. Actually, I wanna do that anyways. Bad choice NBC....really bad.

I'm Just Sayin'

Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY Chair Re~Do or....Some people Never Grow up!

I'm the type of person that gets tired of things kinda fast, most notably, furniture. Since I was a kid, I was always redecorating or rearranging my bedroom and on more than one occasion, substituting some old piece of junk I found in the alley, re vamping it and sticking it in my room. People never knew what to expect when they walked in the door. And nothing has really changed.

I had this chair that I bought at a consignment store that I put in my laundry room so that we could use to put on or take off our shoes or just sit and talk to someone if they were on the computer. But as luck would have it, I spotted a gorgeous cornered chair at a yard sale that I though would go better in there, so, I put the original chair in the den....

Mmmm, not bad. It was comfy and stable and went well in the room but like all things in life...I/it needed a change. I wanted something Turquoise as I have bits and pieces of that color here and there in that particular room....but I didn't want to spend a lot of money.
Then I remembered my friend Lulu and how she painted a chair, so that's what I did.....

This is the 1st coat and there is NO going back. And as I'm painting and singing to some Stones tunes, I'm thinkin', "Wow, I'm still that little girl from way back when".

and this is the 2nd coat...I think I can, I think I can.....I know I can....

3rd coat and I'm almost done, and yes, that's our Happy Father's Day Banner up there...I kept it up because it's so festive... and I'm lazy.

I painted some crackle paint on it here and there to give it that worn leather look....you know I prefer stuff to look old and worn, sanded the rough spots and then I added some silver upholstery tacks....

I like it and needless to say, Eric hasn't batted an eyelash....You think he's use to me or something...lol And just in case you all are wondering....NO, the paint will not come off onto your body parts or clothing......I'm Just Sayin'