Sunday, February 28, 2010

On a Tissue Roll

I am on a roll, craft wise. I saw this in a mag and told myself..."I can do that" and I did. I dug in my craft supply and retrieved an old wicker wreath that I just bought for no good reason and some old patterns that I'm never gonna use and whipped this up in no time.

1 old wreath
tissue pattern paper made into in the old days for weddings
glue gun
thin wire

one vintage looking wreath

This project was fun and I didn't spend a dime. FYI...A Styrofoam wreath would have been better so that you could use a glue gun for the whole thing. It was a little tedious pulling those wires through the wicker, but I was watching the Olympics at the time so it's all good ~

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Touch of Turqoise

Don't know if you all remember this white wooden tray that I acquired from an Estate Sale. Being that I already had one, I bought it not knowing what I was gonna do with it...I do this all the time.

...and for you late comers... A while back I was looking for a Turquoise sofa. I don't know why, I just had that color on my mind and once I have something on my mind...I had tunnel vision. The only Turquoise sofa I found that I actually liked was over $2,500 and If I wanted to continue to be married, that was out of the question. Although finding one was harder than I thought, I figured I would buy something else and incorporate that color in my den somehow. The decor in my den is very Santa Fe ish mixed with Mexican vintage pieces and so I thought this color would fit right in.

Here is the new sofa but honestly, I wasn't diggin' all the pillows that I covered a few of them.,...

The new covered pillow goes very well with the new tray that I painted turquoise and huge flowers similar to the ones I have in a vase.

After I painted it, I took some sand paper to it to make it look old and worn.

and Voila'...we have Turquoise in the Den. I've been a crafting dervish lately..more stuff to come.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I feel better now...

Whatever you not go to the market hungry! Right after work ( i get out at 1:30) I had to go to the market but I was hungry and I didn't want to go home because if I did, I would of never gone to the market to get something to make for dinner and we would have starved and Oh get the jest. Anyways, I didn't wanna eat in the aisles at the market and I didn't want to eat at that little place they have to sit and eat so I decided I needed something I could hold and eat and still drive. I didn't want a candy bar and I had plenty of fruit at home that I had planned to eat later on and a sandwich or something from the deli I thought, would be too hard to hold and I don't know what they put in those things, so I mosey on over to the bread section....BAD IDEA!..My weakness is bread and of course that's where I end up. Yes people I bought a croissant and when I got in my car and started to drive home, I shoved it in my mouth and savored every bit of it and it tasted soooo delicious and I don't feel guilty at all.....not anymore....thanks!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

piggie heaven

The sow at Raquel's school farm had babies unexpectedly over night and Raquel was the first one in the morning to find them. They were struggling in the cold of the concrete pen and a couple of them we're barely hanging on. Little by little with the help of her fellow AG and FFA friends, they transported the whole family to the warmth of a snugly and appropriate pig condo.

Aren't they the cutest little piggies you've ever seen?

There are six all together...5 males and 1 female and they are 2 days old.
I wanna take them all home ~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I must be outta my mind. I have become fascinated with the Olympic Curling Competition. I remember it from the last Winter Olympics and I was mesmerized by it then. The outfits, the techniques, the way the stone (yeah, I know what it's called) gently floats across the ice. What really blows my mind is the team member, brushing the ice hysterically in front of the stone like he was Mosses parting the Red Sea. The object of this sport and I use that term very loosely, is that you need to get the stone as close to the center of the circle (house) as possible. It's kinda like shuffle board now that I think of it. I did a little research because I didn't have a clue about this and found out it originated in Scotland. Ok...I confess, I was looking up a team member on the German Team There is a guy on there that is very handsome and I have a thing for Germans. Anyways, if you have a minute check it out. You know..I also have this attraction to Bocce Ball too! Hmmm...I like Italians too....I'm just sayin'

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

jump on the bunny train

By popular demand, I put one of those "followers" thingys on my side bar. A few people have asked me where it was after pushing all the buttons on my blog without anything happening. So, I've decided to add one. I really didn't want to because I didn't think that anyone wanted to follow me and I didn't want to be disappointed, but, I'm trying to get over it and realize that who ever is reading my blog is enough and that I'm grateful for just that. It's always nice to be appreciated and validated, but honestly, I just like to visit with you all and write what's in my head.

So please, go ahead, become a follower not a stalker. Be a participator not a hater. Be nice think twice.. Ok, I'll stop now.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vintage Aprons

I just love to wear aprons when I'm in the kitchen. I think they look stylish and for me, they are a must, as I am very messy and I usually have half of what I'm making all over me. I collect old vintage ones with rick a rack and see thru sheer fabric. I been given them over the years and I keep them safe in my kitchen china cabinet. I even have one from my husbands grandmother who brought it over from Austria. So in attempt to be creative, I ventured to JoAnn's Fabrics and looked at Apron patterns. WOW! I haven't bought a pattern in roughly 15 years as I kinda make up my own.
These suckers are expensive...anywhere between $10 and $15 for one. Fortunately for me, I spied one on a clearance rack for $2.99. Although it's only the half Apron, I figured I can improvise and add the top part on my own. I'm in the middle of another project right now and will get to this when I find some fabric that I like. I can't seem to find something that vaguely looks vintage.

Here's some of my favs...

I'll call this the Gypsy Apron...
Cocktails anyone?

I actually have something similar to this...

perfect for Spring Cleaning...

...and my favorite time you wanna doll yourself up in the kitchen or where ever, remember...

...I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bread Head

The other day as I was cruising my favorite blogs, Anne from Fiona and Twig had written about her guilty pleasures and her confessions of them. The Bachelor, little Debbie goodies and a whole bunch of things that she felt were silly and indulgent...and she was right, but like everyone else, it's theses little things that get you through the day and although you don't tell most people that you secretly love to sing even though you couldn't hold a note in a paper bag, or that you love to squirt whipped cream straight into your mouth...we ALL have our Guilty Pleasures.

So my most Guilty Pleasure would be BREAD. I have struggled with it for most of my life. When everyone else is sneaking a chocolaty treat, I'm dreaming of French, Sour Dough, Rye, Wheat, Squaw...any type or shape possible of BREAD. Although I haven't eaten a burger in 6 months, when I did...I ate the bun first...Yeah, I know it's weird. If I go to a party or an event that has food, I am automatically drawn to the BREAD section. Recently as some of you know, I had gallbladder surgery and in doing so, it gave me a head start to lose some which I did. I have cut out bread 99% of the time but now that statistic is in jeopardy...Why?

While driving through my local little shopping mall which is 3 blocks from my house, I noticed some workmen putting up a neon sign at the entrance of this mall. It read Panera, which if you don't know what that is, it's code for 'bunny is doomed". Panera is a restaurant/deli type of establishment that specializes in bread. Bread Sandwiches, Bread Panini's, Bread Bowls, loafs and loafs of hot just made out of the oven BREAD and Bread furniture....well not really, but it might as well be because once you step inside it's like you've stepped into a warm, doughy, inviting and comfy place that grabs you like a BREAD monster and doesn't let go.

OK...I got carried away there for a moment...see...I told you. I get excited just thinking about it and now, I can literally walk there and partake in my Guilty Pleasure. I am not ashamed of my addiction nor am I bragging about it. It's just that why does BREAD follow me. I wonder if AA accepts Bread Addicts?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Up in smoke

Tonight, during me and Erics nocturnal walks, we always pass a seemingly normal looking house one block over from our seemingly normal looking one. From my upstairs bedroom window you can actually see this house and the somewhat goings on with it. The garage door it seems is more open than closed and people are always in it. Moving about, sitting and talking and carrying on. When we walk by we always exchange pleasantries and we keep movin', but tonight was a different story. As usual we approach said house and notice the garage door closed...OK, it happens, but wait, what's this smell? Kinda potent yet sweet, enticing yet mysterious....OH YEAH!'s pot! You could see a sliver of light from underneath the door and these people were toking it up. I have to tell ya, we hesitated a little bit because although I haven't smoked in about 30 years, with an exception of one time about 2 years ago (that's another blog entry)we stood there and took it in...As we continued our walk, we laughed and giggled and talked about our pot smoking days and the funny and strange situations arising from those events. For instance how my brother, who lived and still does in Hawaii, would actually send me marijuana...IN THE MAIL! And there I was, opening up the box like it was Christmas morning. Or the time we dumped laundry detergent into a friends fountain in there back yard and proceeded to decorate ourselves with foam. Oh yes, I could go on and on but I won't...not because I'm embarrassed ( i don't care) it's just that there are too many to write. I stopped smoking when I became pregnant with Meredith (she's 31) and honestly, I haven't missed it...till now. Why? Who knows, maybe it's because I could use a little relaxing and I'm not much of a alcohol drinker. Or perhaps I'm loosening up in my old age...I don't know, but what I do remember is the munchies and lord know I don't need that anymore. You ain't lived till you've tried to defrost frozen wieners and contemplated eating them In any case, if I ever need any I know where to go. All I need to do is look out my bedroom window and see smoke....I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Assorted pics

Just a few pics to show you how I incorporate mean fantastic yard sale finds into my house..(click on pic to enlarge)

Old mirrored vanity tray underneath my dining room side table

Wrought iron planter...painted white

Shabby chic framed pic above dining room side table

Garden trellis hanging in the living room

Antique white ornate plaster mirror is now a center piece on dining room table

...and a whole lot more that I didn't take a pic of.....due to messiness. Oh! One last pic of my
yellow bell pepper plant that continues to give me peppers. I planted this last Summer and it
refuses to die....good thing we all like them....