Saturday, February 6, 2010

Up in smoke

Tonight, during me and Erics nocturnal walks, we always pass a seemingly normal looking house one block over from our seemingly normal looking one. From my upstairs bedroom window you can actually see this house and the somewhat goings on with it. The garage door it seems is more open than closed and people are always in it. Moving about, sitting and talking and carrying on. When we walk by we always exchange pleasantries and we keep movin', but tonight was a different story. As usual we approach said house and notice the garage door closed...OK, it happens, but wait, what's this smell? Kinda potent yet sweet, enticing yet mysterious....OH YEAH!'s pot! You could see a sliver of light from underneath the door and these people were toking it up. I have to tell ya, we hesitated a little bit because although I haven't smoked in about 30 years, with an exception of one time about 2 years ago (that's another blog entry)we stood there and took it in...As we continued our walk, we laughed and giggled and talked about our pot smoking days and the funny and strange situations arising from those events. For instance how my brother, who lived and still does in Hawaii, would actually send me marijuana...IN THE MAIL! And there I was, opening up the box like it was Christmas morning. Or the time we dumped laundry detergent into a friends fountain in there back yard and proceeded to decorate ourselves with foam. Oh yes, I could go on and on but I won't...not because I'm embarrassed ( i don't care) it's just that there are too many to write. I stopped smoking when I became pregnant with Meredith (she's 31) and honestly, I haven't missed it...till now. Why? Who knows, maybe it's because I could use a little relaxing and I'm not much of a alcohol drinker. Or perhaps I'm loosening up in my old age...I don't know, but what I do remember is the munchies and lord know I don't need that anymore. You ain't lived till you've tried to defrost frozen wieners and contemplated eating them In any case, if I ever need any I know where to go. All I need to do is look out my bedroom window and see smoke....I'm just sayin'


  1. Hysterical story and I'm sure you'll frequent walking by that by that house from now on.

  2. I have never smoked anything, so I can't comment or make any anecdotal additions to an already original and funny account! WOW...some people really have the ......I would be afraid of getting caught! Enjoy your walks, Bunny and Eric!!!! How are you dear Bunny! Did you ever eat the brownies? I heard tell that this little green "herb" made its way into a couple of beloved recipes...

  3. Ha! You are so funny! Ironically, we just had a discussion about this tonite. My husband hates it when I tell the kids about things I did growing up. And yes, smoking pot was one of those things. Yusef is in 9th grade, and when I was his age, we were making brownies and mixing in the marijuana, bringing them to school. Doing all kinds of crazy stuff -- but I never got wild, and never got in trouble. thanks for stopping by my place today. We had winds and dust over the weekend but today was cold with sun and bright blue skies. Good luck sofa hunting! :) Tammy

  4. *GASP*.......OMG I am dying laughing about the frozen wieners! I have tears running down my face......

  5. I only smoked the wacky weed once. I remember thinking, "Is THIS what all the fuss is about????" Didn't do a thing for me...I've gotten more buzzed from cold meds!
    Funny story! :-)

    And thank you so much for your comments on my "burnout" post, every visit and comment means so much to me!


  6. Bunny: Behave yourself. Love, Martha

  7. OMG and I opened this up at work...Good gosh I have got to get off here....hahahha
    Never tried it but have so much experience with it now at the Sheriffs Dept it ain't funny...The guy that murdered his five family members claims that he was only smoking pot that night....You had better walk faster past that house....
    Seriously your crazy enough without help

  8. Bunny,
    This caused me to have flashbacks. Fortunately I didn't lose time, forget who I was, or awakened to find myself covered from head to toe in Hostess cherry pies.

    Funniest line: "You ain't lived till you've tried to defrost frozen wieners and contemplated eating them frozen."

    So I guess my cherry pie body mask is not so crazy. At least they taste a lot better then frozen wieners.

    Funny post,


  9. Tammy...My daughter thinks I'm a saint...I've never let on.

    Martha...I always behave which can be a problem too. crack me up...the only reason I would injure someone if they were holding bread as a

    Ruben...Cherry pie and wieners? There's a joke in there somewhere my friend.

  10. just a few times in college for me! I was never that into it. I'm not a smoker either. sooooo must be related. But beer and alcohol....yikes love that stuff.


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