Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Assorted pics

Just a few pics to show you how I incorporate mean fantastic yard sale finds into my house..(click on pic to enlarge)

Old mirrored vanity tray underneath my dining room side table

Wrought iron planter...painted white

Shabby chic framed pic above dining room side table

Garden trellis hanging in the living room

Antique white ornate plaster mirror is now a center piece on dining room table

...and a whole lot more that I didn't take a pic of.....due to messiness. Oh! One last pic of my
yellow bell pepper plant that continues to give me peppers. I planted this last Summer and it
refuses to die....good thing we all like them....


  1. Bunny! I love all the finds, especially that mirror tray! I love the HUNT. It is so fun to find things for cheap AND FREE!!! Have a great day, ANita

  2. Bunny - love that mirror - so versatile and could be used anywhere -
    Love the yellow pepper too, tried my hand at peppers this season and they got sick with a black fungus on the leaves - next year I guess.

  3. Love these images! Hope you are having a great week honey! I appreciate the comments on my Grammy post. I didn't even see any pics of Maxwell! Kori xoxo

  4. Such a clever girl, you are! ~ Angela

  5. Will you take me garage sale shopping? will you teach how to decorate, refurbish, etc.? Dayum Bunny, everything you have found and spruced up and placed in your home looks fantastic. you should be proud of yourself. i'm jealous.

  6. Everything is lovely. Isn't it great that we can take pictures of only what we like and make it look so good while we overlook the messes on each side. I do that all the time. Right now, everything is a mess. Ugh! I love all your junk and you've put it together all so nicely. Beautiful plants outside. I tried to grow green peppers in pots but did't work for me. Your hanging peppers that just keep on giving is fantastic. Have a great day! :) Tammy

  7. Hi Bunny: As I was looking at your great finds, I noticed that you and I have the same rose print (at least mine is a print). My is in a different frame. I just love the romantic look of the roses. Lots of love, Martha

  8. Love the mirro under the tea set! Isn't it amazing how things can be re-purposed into such different looks! And I can't believe that pepper is still alive & producing! WOW! Do you have it indoors? Thank you for your sweet comments on my post. I have had my head to the grindstone learning a new computer program & it's kind of kicking my rear! Hope to get it under my belt by next week. Have a great weekend. HUGS! Charlene

  9. I love to go junking or even dumpster diving.
    Thanks for sharing. It's fun to see what you've done with your treasures.
    Take care and have a great weekend.
    Maybe I'll see you on fb.

  10. Bunny you are such a smart bunny. I love how you took your finds and made them special. It will not be long and my favorite antiques fair will be here and they have so much Junk for 14 miles that I will need your help when I buy any of it. lol

  11. You find the best things!!!


  12. BuNNY!!! Let's dance girl....I am done with school. No more for a while...I need to clean my house!!!! Thanks for coming over for a little turn on the dance floor!

  13. Why is it my friends and family have all the talent for decorating coming out of their pores and me, I just sit here looking at the same old stuff, day in, day out. I guess it's just one of those things I just have to accept about myself. Looks great Bun; I'm proud of you girlie.


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