Tuesday, February 16, 2010

jump on the bunny train

By popular demand, I put one of those "followers" thingys on my side bar. A few people have asked me where it was after pushing all the buttons on my blog without anything happening. So, I've decided to add one. I really didn't want to because I didn't think that anyone wanted to follow me and I didn't want to be disappointed, but, I'm trying to get over it and realize that who ever is reading my blog is enough and that I'm grateful for just that. It's always nice to be appreciated and validated, but honestly, I just like to visit with you all and write what's in my head.

So please, go ahead, become a follower not a stalker. Be a participator not a hater. Be nice think twice.. Ok, I'll stop now.


  1. Bunny: I will follow you anywhere! Let's wait just a little while until the weather gets a little better. I do not like driving in the rain. (Remember, I am old!) Love you lots, Martha

  2. I quite liked being a secret stalker, but I've made an honest woman of you anyway and am now following you all properly!
    Angie x

  3. I figured it out awhile ago - you hit the follow button on the top left of the page and wam you are a follower (with or without that follow thingy on the side.)

  4. Bunny! I follow you without the little button on the side! And Ruben had wanted to follow you too, but asked about that button! Now I can tell him that you have one!

    You are great; no fear of anything. WE LOVE BUNNY! Anita

  5. I have been following since the first day I found you!

    Goat Rodeo with Squirrel herding still in progress at Casa de Chaos :)


  6. Oh, I forgot....yes, I am on the Bunny Train...TOOT TOOT!


  7. Hey Bunny! So glad to already be following right along with you and all those thoughts in your head. How do you find the cutest cartoons to match your posts? Or do you find the cartoon first and write a post around it? LOL! Have a beautiful day! Tammy

  8. Me too! I love reading your posts. It took me a while to get one of those stalker thingys rrr/follow buttons.lol. Not sure what the real purpose is.
    oh well have fun!

  9. Thanks for hopping on over to my blog - get it hopping on over?! Ha! Sorry, too much diet Coke this morning! =)

  10. Dont ask me how but I've been following you and I don't remember a button. I just know some magic tricks.....or not!



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