Friday, February 26, 2010

A Touch of Turqoise

Don't know if you all remember this white wooden tray that I acquired from an Estate Sale. Being that I already had one, I bought it not knowing what I was gonna do with it...I do this all the time.

...and for you late comers... A while back I was looking for a Turquoise sofa. I don't know why, I just had that color on my mind and once I have something on my mind...I had tunnel vision. The only Turquoise sofa I found that I actually liked was over $2,500 and If I wanted to continue to be married, that was out of the question. Although finding one was harder than I thought, I figured I would buy something else and incorporate that color in my den somehow. The decor in my den is very Santa Fe ish mixed with Mexican vintage pieces and so I thought this color would fit right in.

Here is the new sofa but honestly, I wasn't diggin' all the pillows that I covered a few of them.,...

The new covered pillow goes very well with the new tray that I painted turquoise and huge flowers similar to the ones I have in a vase.

After I painted it, I took some sand paper to it to make it look old and worn.

and Voila'...we have Turquoise in the Den. I've been a crafting dervish lately..more stuff to come.


  1. All Imona say is ... you need your own show on HGTV. p.s. Kirsti Alley was on Oprah yesterday and redecorated a couples bedroom. Bunny, you would have LOVED IT! She took it from really ugly dark teal colored walls (gross) and repainted in sort of a grey, taupy color with an accent wall in turquoise. Then she brought in furniture and bedding in turquoise, yellow and gray. Sounds funky but it was BEYOOTIFUL!

  2. Bunny, this looks great! Doesn't it feel good to create something from almost nothing? How are you feeling these days?

    Come on by when you get a chance!

    Bisous, Anita

  3. Well Ms Bunny aren]t you the creative one. I think you did very good and I like how it all turned out together. Clever.
    Hey you know your going to have to take your tape off and be one of my guest on my new project. So start writing your story and email it to excuses...just write about anything ...once that tape comes off I know you have a voice.
    Oh and send me pictures you want with the post too.

  4. Bunny, you have turned into a Crafty Bunny! I like the new look in the den. The color just makes every thing look happy. Job well done, woman! Blessings, Martha

  5. Oh yes you have the crafting bug! It's a good thing. I think the turquoise really accents the brown sofa. You are the decorator extraordinaire! :)
    Have fun!

  6. I'm tired and sleepy but I wanted to stop by because I haven't been able to do any writing of my own.
    Everything looks great, looking forward to awards night!


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