Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bread Head

The other day as I was cruising my favorite blogs, Anne from Fiona and Twig had written about her guilty pleasures and her confessions of them. The Bachelor, little Debbie goodies and a whole bunch of things that she felt were silly and indulgent...and she was right, but like everyone else, it's theses little things that get you through the day and although you don't tell most people that you secretly love to sing even though you couldn't hold a note in a paper bag, or that you love to squirt whipped cream straight into your mouth...we ALL have our Guilty Pleasures.

So my most Guilty Pleasure would be BREAD. I have struggled with it for most of my life. When everyone else is sneaking a chocolaty treat, I'm dreaming of French, Sour Dough, Rye, Wheat, Squaw...any type or shape possible of BREAD. Although I haven't eaten a burger in 6 months, when I did...I ate the bun first...Yeah, I know it's weird. If I go to a party or an event that has food, I am automatically drawn to the BREAD section. Recently as some of you know, I had gallbladder surgery and in doing so, it gave me a head start to lose some which I did. I have cut out bread 99% of the time but now that statistic is in jeopardy...Why?

While driving through my local little shopping mall which is 3 blocks from my house, I noticed some workmen putting up a neon sign at the entrance of this mall. It read Panera, which if you don't know what that is, it's code for 'bunny is doomed". Panera is a restaurant/deli type of establishment that specializes in bread. Bread Sandwiches, Bread Panini's, Bread Bowls, loafs and loafs of hot just made out of the oven BREAD and Bread furniture....well not really, but it might as well be because once you step inside it's like you've stepped into a warm, doughy, inviting and comfy place that grabs you like a BREAD monster and doesn't let go.

OK...I got carried away there for a moment...see...I told you. I get excited just thinking about it and now, I can literally walk there and partake in my Guilty Pleasure. I am not ashamed of my addiction nor am I bragging about it. It's just that why does BREAD follow me. I wonder if AA accepts Bread Addicts?


  1. Yep I can see it now... My name is Bunny & I'm a breadaholic! SILLY GIRL!!!! Bread is so yum. Do you like it with olive oil on it? So many people do. NOT ME!!!! Just give me some good old butter (none of that margerine stuff). No wonder my pants don't fit so well anymore. :) Have a wonderful day. Charlene

  2. Oh I forgot to tell you that I LOVE all the Valentines you have on your side bar. Charlene

  3. Bunny, we are talking about my one dietetic GUILTY PLEASURE! Hang chocolate, I can do without candy or any sweet or even burgers. BUT PUT ME IN A PANERA OR A FRENCH BREAD BAKERY and all reason goes out the window.In France, I ate all the bread I saw and once on a train, I was eating a larger than football-size loaf. A Frenchman with whom I was conversing stopped suddenly and asked, "Madame....are you going to eat all of that?" I answered with a full mouth, "OUI!" Girl, I hope that bread is served in heaven because it is the food of the SOUL!!! Anita

  4. Now you've got me craving Swiss Rolls! Fun post, Bunny. ~ Angela

  5. Oh I understand exactly what you mean and although bread isn't my passion (not sure what mine is exactly - probably cappuccinos) my son also had this same guilty pleasure. Hmmm... you know, I never put together that he works at Panera, LOL!!

  6. I love Panera too! Thank goodness it's not that close to my house. I'm not addicted to bread though. Oh I have my addictions. Too many to tell.
    Great that you are losing weight!!!
    Good luck.

  7. I confess, I am a fellow bread-aholic - if I could only eat one food ever again it would probably be that! Though cheese would come a close second. Can I come to the support meetings?
    Angie x

  8. Bread gets such a bad wrap but it is good for you, if you choose the right bread. I eat it many times a day. Always eat from the bread basket when it is brought to the table at a restaurant. And love a good tomato or pbj sandwich any given day of the week. Panera Bread is yummo -- with great soups and salads too. We have a PQ here with walnut bread -- toasted with some light cream cheese and honey. Delish! That to me is a snack. Pumpernickel bread for breakfast with cream cheese. Yum! My kids think it stinks. I love bread! Have a fabulous weekend. Blessings, Tammy

  9. PS -- You changed your blog up yet again. So different from what you normally do but looks so sweet! Hugs, Tammy

  10. Hi Bunny: You know I love it when you sing! I love that restaurant too. It is so hard not to have any of the extra stuff and take it home for later. I love how you are always changing your blog. A woman after my own heart. Have a great day tomorrow. Hugs, Martha

  11. Greetings from the Goat Rodeo~

    I love bread too...potato bread is my weakness.

    Looking after all these dogs is kinda like your grands coming to visit...herding squirrels!

    Love you!
    Happy Heart Day Dear Bun-Bun,

  12. Mmmmm, bread! Just the smell of it makes me weak in the knees. Man, you're making my mouth water just thinking about it!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. Since you changed your site again I thought I was at the wrong address...then I read your funny post and knew I was where I should be.
    Girl cookies are my sinful weaknesses but bread is right up there in the top 5.
    Love your new look and glad you put your tape back on I love that picture..hahahaha
    Love Maggie

  14. You know Bun, if it weren't for bread, I might actually be thin. I love the stuff. It's just impossible to live without it especially sour dough with butter....OMG! I think I'm drooling at the mention of it.


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