Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Give It Time...

I'm driving my car, minding my own business, when I casually glance at my left forearm. I notice a hair... Apparently, a little stray hair fell out of my head and landed on my arm. You know, usually when that happens, a friend or colleague that your talking to will pick it off of you and you go on your merry way..I swipe at it. So, no big deal, until I notice it again at a red light. I swipe at it again and I'm off.

Fast forward 4 hours...I'm sweeping the patio when lo and behold, that little bugger is back. Ok, so now I'm thinking what a stubborn hair. Well, this hair was soooo stubborn it decided to plant itself on my arm for all eternity. Yep, it was growing out of my forearm....longer that some of the hairs on my head. There is was, all shiny and blondish and just flowing all by it self in the middle of my arm surrounded by NOTHING! I don't have hairy arms people...let's get that straight. In fact, I'm not hairy at all....except for my face and we won't EVEN go there right now. I was appalled. I studied it, I examined it and I could have curled it with a curling iron, that's how long it was. How did I miss that one long hair for so long is beyond me. Then...I was mysmerized by it. Wow...a long ass hair on a part of my body that's not suppose to have long ass hair on it. I exam my other arm...no long hair there...hmmmm, why this arm, I wondered. I let it be because now, I'm kinda dig'n the one long hair and I want Eric to see it when he comes home. Which reminds me of the story of when Eric and I were dating about 21 years ago and we were out in the sunlight talking to each other very closely, eye to eye, you know, we were in love, when he tells me, "You know you have a little hair on your upper lip"......GAWD...no wonder I married him. Anyways, he comes home and I'm chewing at the bit to show him, apparently I'm proud now of the fact that I can grow hair in odd places. I drag him into the kithchen, the best light in the house and I show him. My bald husband tells me "Wow, I could use some of that can you grow some more"? I'll see what I can do honey, just give it time.


  1. Bunny: Your story is so funny. You are the best. Hey, anytime you want to get together, "all you have to do is call and I'll be there, yes I will. You've got a friend. Ain't it good to know you have a friend?" Another thing we have in common. LOL! Blessings, Martha

  2. Give him some hormones. Of course with his luck with hair, it'll grow hair on his toes.

    I can totally relate to your story. TOTALLY.


  3. Greetings Miss Bunny!!

    Thank you ever so much for dropping by my little corner of Bloglandia!! Yep Lulu is one in a Million that's for sure, and a darn good thing!! :)

    As for the wild hair issue there's only one thing to say and that's Welcome to Menopause!! Wait until the skin tabs the size of a small appendage start to appear over night!!!

    Stop by again anytime I'll have a fresh pitcher of ice cold limanada waiting!! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  4. Oh you are too funny!
    What did you do with it? Did you cut it or did you pull it out?
    And thanks for the tip. I went to her blog and left a comment. Not sure if she added me yet.

  5. Bunny I think you should grow another two - then you can plait them ;)

  6. LOL! I have one of those that grows on my forehead. Sometimes I forget about it -- so fine and white, and then all of a sudden, I will find it and by then it is at least 2 inches long. What is up with that? Let's not talk about the chin hairs. My ex-husband commented on that one time when the sun was shining brightly in just the right way -- something about growing hair like a goat on my chin. Guess you can understand why we are divorced! My tweezers are always at hand. HA!

  7. I have on of those thick hairs ... on my chin. Ugh.

  8. ... and another thing ... I STILL GET A PERIOD ... EVERY MONTH!!!! I'm so sick of it. What 52 year old do you know that still gets a regular period?! UGH!


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