Sunday, September 27, 2009

Next Blog...

I was wondering what the Next Blog would be. You know, up on the top of your blog where is says, Next Blog, so I clicked on it expecting another window into someone else soul. I was expecting a whole new world of wonders and what I got was a big surprise but not all at once. When I first clicked on it, I wound up on a fashion blog written quite nicely by a young college student studying fashion here in Los Angeles. I thought, hmmm, interesting but not for me so, I went about my business. I don't know why, I figured all us bloggers were lined up one after each other in a nice little row. Maybe in categories or alphabetical order or by topic....Like, all the funny blogs go here and then we'll put all the technical blogs here and so on and so forth. I thought there was a method or a formula as to how blogs are put on the WWW. Anyways, a couple of days go by and I decide to check it out again. I click on Next Blog expecting to see my fashion don't of the week when I came across a motorbike blog. Wait a minute, is this chick designing fashion for dirt bikers now? The blog had changed. Being the tenacious person that I am I tried it again later that day and surprise....a new blog...something about new cell phones. Ok, my formula theory is out the door now and now I realize blogs are just shoved in like sardines. After thinking about it I realized there must be millions of blogs and people have so much to say to you and show you that your Next Blog changes several times in the course of a day. Who knew? I wonder if anyone ever considered rotating blog dating....I'm just say'n!

ps. click on it and tell me what type of blog is next. I think it'll be fun!


  1. Where do you come up with this stuff? Actually, once and only once, I thought I would hit that "next blog" button, but when I realized it wasn't showing me things I was interested in, I never tried it again. Very random indeed. In fact, I just did it again --the first one was someone who created art with cracked boiled eggs; and then the next several were in Spanish so I got nothing from it. Somehow I thought it would record blogs you have visited and the sort of things you like to see and then would show you blogs along those lines. Guess that is not the case at all! I'll just keep visiting you and the others I've befriended along the way. I work for the Superintendent of the American school my kids are at. I taught for 7 years but was tired of doing that. Administrative works let me use my secretarial skills again and it also means that I get to leave my work at school. No more lesson planning and preparing (I taught kindergarten). Hope you are having a great day!

  2. I got a Russian blog - no clue what it said but it had pictures taken from a ski lift. There's some random stuff out there! x

  3. Bunny: Thank you for your comment on my blog. You made me cry, which is a switch for me, you usually, make me laugh. You are a dear friend, I am privileged to have you. Blessings, Martha

  4. I've done it several times (the pro here). Last time I got the blog of someone living in France. Got to read all about one of her afternoon's and having visitors from the states. The wine they drank etc. I felt like I was looking through the fence in her backyard, just like the guy on "tool time"...what's his name? I guess you can find some interesting stuff ifn' ya wants ta.

  5. I've done it before too. I think I hit a porn site and vowed never to do it again!
    Maybe I should try again.


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