Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That's Love

While standing in line at the check out at the market, I overheard two girls in front of me talking about what their plans were for Valentines night. Apparently they were going on a double date with their prospective love interests and left the details and plans up to them as to where and what time....

Cell phones rings and one of the girls is carrying on a conversation and hangs up. She then tells the other girl what restaurant and what time these guys will be over to pick them up......9:00pm.

9:00? Really? There is no way I could eat dinner at 9:00 due to indigestion and at that time of night the dinner dishes are washed , Eric has worked on the computer, I have folded the laundry and put it away, watched a little TV, taken a shower, put on my PJ's and sat on the couch either holding hands with Eric or if he's watching a program I don't like....then I'M on the computer engulfed in Pinterest. He will then kiss me goodnight and go upstairs and fall asleep while reading a book and I will be crafting or roaming the house till about midnight

Now that's love....I'm just sayin'


  1. Yep by 9 I am usually in my PJ's too. lol
    I do barely remember those days though of dating but back in my day we started our nights out on the town a lot earlier. Now they don't seem too.
    Hope you are well and wish I knew how to navigate around Pinterst since I did join it ...lol
    But I can't seem to be able to figure it out.
    Happy Valentines Day dear sweet Bunny

  2. I have already been in bed an hour by then. That definitely wouldn't work for me!


  3. That is so funny. When my daughter was in college I would call her around 9 and think oh good I can sleep tonight she is in. Oh no they were getting ready to go out at 10 yee gads I am in bed and usually asleep by then.
    ahh youth

  4. Oh the good ol' days..used to stay up for two or three days, afraid I'd miss something..besides, I worked nights and after work was when the party got started...
    *sigh* Now I'm ecstatic that I don't have to get up at 5 a.m. and go to work..amazing how precious downtime becomes as we ripen..er...age...

  5. My romantic Valentines dinner consisted of a bucket of KFC, card exchange, kiss, kiss, then holding hands watching t.v. WONDERFUL. TRULY, WONDERFUL. I LUV MY HUBBY!
    p.s. his card was addressed "to his girlfriend" awwwww ....

  6. Your evening was much like my Valentine's evening - that's the way we roll.
    Cozy and co fortable. Love it.

    I found you on Blogazine and am your newest "FOLLOWER"
    I'll be baaaack!

  7. We weren't very romantic on V day, but who cares true love doesn't need frills does it!!


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