Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pie Request

Is it too much to ask for someone, anyone to throw a pie in my face? I have been telling people for years, actually begging people to do it, but they refuse. They think I'm gonna get mad and hold it against them. This request is on my "Bucket List"...right up there with going to China's Great Wall, which btw, no one will go with me there either. Is it so hard to understand why I would want this?
I'm a rational person and clearly I have thought it out, but NO ONE has the nerve to do it.....
except Ellen....Ellen DeGeneres.

Yup, today I sent her an email telling her my woe is me story and asking her if she would do the honors of throwing a pie in my face. Come's not like my husband is out of work and our car is on 3 wheels and we need a new house......

I just need a pie and someone with pretty good aim. I hope she answers me...I'm Just Sayin'


  1. Why anyone would waste a perfectly good pie, is beyond me. A lousy one, maybe. Here's to pie in your eye!

  2. I'll do it. But just for you because of your help.

    The logistics need a bit of working out tho.

    I wont even ask why. well maybe I will.

  3. As long as I could have a wee piece of it I would do it! LOL!!

    What are friends for, right?

    Tee hee!


  4. I would not only be happy to 'pie' you, bunny, I would make a luscious creme pie of your choice with which to do the honours..and I'd love to go to China with you, as well, but someone (anyone) is gonna hafta win the lottery first..♥

  5. I so hope she does!!! That would rock!

  6. Haha, keep us posted :-D I imagine your email will have Ellen chuckling, since you always make me laugh!

    I would probably chicken out at the last second, or I would volunteer. I may be coming to the OC for a visit soon, so the logistics are looking good :) Like LuLu, I would need a teeny piece first.

    Thanks for visiting me! I love the "spring-y" look of your blog :)

  7. Oh I soooooo wished I lived by you! I would drive to your house right now! I wonder if any of my friends that live nearby have that secret wish...I ahve to find out :) You are too great Bunny!

  8. Oh always make me laugh!
    Where do you come up with this stuff?????
    I can see you getting on the Ellen show for something like this. Its so you.

  9. I will do a matter of fact, I want to see the great wall of China too. Maybe we should go together and I will throw the pie in your face there! Would that be disrespectful?

    Let us know if you get on Ellen! That would be a HOOT!


  10. Ha! You are crazy! And Ellen just might be crazy enough to do it for you. Last month some of our teachers took a whipped cream pie in the face for charity. You should have hopped on a plane and volunteered. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

  11. Bunny, YOU ARE CWAZY! LOL!!!!!


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