Saturday, May 19, 2012

All By Myself......Don't Wanna Be......

Yup! Even though Eric is home, I'm by myself. He's sick and he's quarantined to the upstairs....I'm hiding downstairs. Plans out the window and when I HAVE to stay home...I start getting a little squirrely, antsy, impatient, bored.....Get the picture? It's not his fault...he IS sick, I have proof...I took his temp and it's a little high and the biggest giveaway...he doesn't want to eat and he's been napping now for about 3 hours.

So, I putter around the house (downstairs) and try not to make noise. I clean the kitchen which took all of 10 minutes. Wondered into the backyard and weeded my veggie garden...took another 10 minutes, played with the cats and then came back in. Did a little crafting but now I have to wait for that to dry. So more ahem....waiting. What I'm waiting for, I don't know. Am I waiting for Eric to miraculously come barreling down the stairs with keys in hand yelling, "Let Go" or am I waiting for something exciting to happen to me? If so, it'll have to have a GPS on it...cuz I can't leave the house. So I get on the computer and talk to Raquel, but after 20 minutes, I can tell by her answers I am annoying her. So I tell her I gotta go tend to her father ( a white lie) and I cruise Pinterest, but honestly, that just makes me antsier because I really want to make all the stuff I see, but I can't because I need to go get it....but I can't leave the house.

What will happen if I leave the house? I don't know....but I can bet cha' Mr. Murphy Law will show up on my door step the minute my car makes the corner. So, I answer the phone and it's Brenda and I'm excited cuz I'm using my voice and actually speaking to someone. I ask her how it is OUT THERE? Oh, it's exciting...she's on her way to see her horse and then she has a date and then.....she's gotta go because she's on a schedule. I told her I used to have a schedule.

We had planned to go to a car dealership tomorrow after the Hockey game. We sold Raquel's car and now she needs a new and improved one. Pretty sure that's out the window...except for the Hockey game....Eric can watch that lying down. So, Perhaps tomorrow I will craft some more and tend to my Etsy, which, btw, I've sold 2 items. Maybe edit some pics and take a few. Harass Raquel some more and call Brenda and find out how her date went.

If worse comes to worse...I can do Mondays laundry....on Sunday....I'm just Sayin'


  1. I'm jealous. Seems everything is a rush around here. I was sick last week. I will pass on doing that again but I did let the wife leave the house. Let? She ran out the door before I could whine again. LOL

    Congrats on the sales.

  2. Well, guess there is something to be said for being single...
    The only thing that stops me now (and I can always make stuff) is the lack of money...but that is such a normal part of my life that I've never really let it totally hold me up..just have to change over to Plan B..
    that's what you need, bunny, a Plan B...
    Hope your hubs is well soon...

  3. Hope your guy is better. Is Pinerest the most addictive thing???

  4. So sorry Bunny that your honey is sick. I hope by the time you read this that he is well and you guys are out and about.
    I have sure missed you and been wondering how your doing. Sounds like you are really busy if your selling on Etsy.
    Let me know how you are

  5. Bunny honey I miss calling you that...hahaha
    I hope you did not catch what your hubby had.


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