Friday, June 19, 2009

Our National Treasure...

Do fathers get short changed on Fathers Day? Perhaps fathers don't get the respect they truly deserve. To me, it seems that Mothers on the other hand get way more attention on their day as oppose to dear ol' dad day. I know that mothers pretty much rule the roost ( at least in my home), they traditional tend to the children, and most likely take care of the house and everything that comes with that, but, fathers have played a very important role in society from the beginning.
They hunt and brought back the food, they go off to war, they historically have made huge decisions and most importantly, without them the human race would cease to be.

All I know is that when Mother's Day comes around..."stop the presses", this country comes to a stand still, phone lines are tied up, airports become crowded, flower shops increase their prices and forget about getting into a restaurant.
You are expected to fawn all over your mother,aunt, grandmother and wait on her hand and foot. Please don't get me wrong, I've been on both ends of that statement, but it just seems to me that we should give dad, husband, uncle or grandfather the props that they deserve. In today's society, traditional roles may have changed a little due to changing times, but I still would like to put that male up on a pedestal. You have heard of the term "male ego"?

Everyone likes to be validated and that includes men. So in a nutshell, let's treat our men on this special day and perhaps on an occasional day throughout the year like the national treasures that I know they are.

Here's mine...Eric ~

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