Friday, July 15, 2011

Lucky Me

I'm back from Vegas and all I did was vegetate...vegetate in the pool, near the pool and in the room. We ventured out for dinner only and did not go anywhere near a casino...not even walk through one. My intent was to relax ...and I did.

Before I left I received a wonderful gift from my artsy fartsy friend Wendi. Seems I won a pair of earrings...any pair of my choice. I picked these cute little sand dollar earrings with little tiny feathers and baby blue iridescent pearl beads. They are more beautiful in person as my photo taking skills lack just that...skill.

Wendi is one of the most creative and talented people I know. Not only does she create stunning jewelry but, she makes the cutest and cuddly crocheted hats and caps around. You can take a gander at her stuff here and drop her a line or two...Thanks Wendi and if you all wanna know why I picked this particular pair... I'll tell ya ...this coming August we are going here...

...and I thought being that I have a blue bathing suit and I'm going to Hawaii where there are possibly tons of sand dollars...I picked those. Oh Hell, who am I kidding...I just liked them~

I'm Just Sayin'


  1. I could use a relaxing trip to anywhere but here. Glad you had a nice time.

  2. I like those earrings. Good choice.

    Hawaii?? Sounds fun.

  3. Love those earrings! You certainly are getting around this summer! Good for you! There was a casino at the hotel we stayed at in Kathmandu but we never ventured over there once. Don't understand why anyone would want to be in a dark casino when there's the great outdoors to explore. It's super hot here with temps about 125 most days. I am in full blown pajama mode. :) Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  4. Thans for all the lovely compliments, bunny! Have the other half rtake a picture of you with the earrings on..I nver get to see anyone in my earrings but me!
    Have a great time in Hawaii!♥

  5. Hey Bunny, have you been to the fair yet? Just as an FYI, I used to work at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the one pictured above, for many years. I loved it there.

    Glad you had a fun time in Vegas and I am hearting those earrings!


  6. Hi Bunny: I was thinking about you this morning. I see you are having a great summer. Remember I love you. Hugs, Martha

  7. Love the earrings, so very cool!


  8. You met Flo and Eddy? Awesome!


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