Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pile of Piglets and One Happy Camper

One of the sows at the farm had her babies...12 of em'. Aren't they the cutest thing? I like the pink piglets the most but these are right up there. There is another sow that is due in about 2 weeks and her babies should be pink...Interesting fact about expecting sows..their gestation length is, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.

These are 2 days old..7 girls and 5 boys. I couldn't get too close as this mommy pig was a little temperamental and cranky.

On another note: Today was Raquel's first day at the fair. Although the fair doesn't open till tomorrow, everyone needed to arrive this morning very early to help set up. She was so excited.
hmmm, wonder if it's because her boyfriend will be there too...EVERY FRIKEN' DAY...nahh!!!


  1. Oh My Goodness Sweetie...
    I just love the little pink piggies. My Saturday post was all about piggies. I think you would love it. I can't wait to see the next litter of babies coming. I have always wanted to see a real baby up close, and now I can honestly say I have. They all look so healthy. Can you imagine having 12 at a time? She has her snout full.

    Please stop by and see my monkeying around today, but you would so enjoy my post back about 3 to see my pink piggies.

    Have a gorgeous day. I will be watching for the new litter to come.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. They are the sweetest things..I just love me some piglets! Just goes to show, bunny, that great minds think alike..and now you too have something to contribute to Piggie Tuesday!

  3. I appreciate what you're trying to convey, but those are the ugliest things i've seen! Sorry-truly only a mother could love.

  4. Bun Bun, these are so darling. I always think about Charlotte's Web every time I see a wee piggie :)

    Go easy on Raquel and the BF sweets..*ducking*..ahhhhhh to be that young again....

    She's such a beauty!


  5. Those piglets are adorable! So is Raquel... get a gun!

  6. Oh gosh...she is growing up too fast!! But at least she is involved in SCIENCE and she is a smart girl.....imagine if she didn't have an interest other than her boyfriend....then the worries could escalate even more! CUTE PIGLETS!!!! Have a great, great weekend, Bunny! Anita

  7. Those lil piggies are way too cute! I will have to show them to the kiddos!

    Fair time is so fun! I hope Raquel does well! I admire that girl of yours! She is such a cutie too!

  8. Oh boy am I glad I wandered over from Fragrant Liar's - piglets are definitely in the top five of cutest baby things ever. Whee!

  9. Holy Sow! I mean Cow. No wonder the gestation period is so short. How can mama pig even carry that many babies around in her belly? Not surprised she is a little cranky! The piglets are darling though :D

    Raquel is lovely! How exciting to be taking part in the fair!

  10. All babies of any kind are so sweet and cute. How can anyone think they are not? And all mamas want to protect their little ones. Especially mamas with teenagers. HA! The fair should be in full swing now. Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  11. AnonymousJuly 18, 2010

    They are so cute! I had pigs many years ago, I love them. When I lived on a farm they were my favorites of all the critters. I hope you post pictures of the little pink ones after they arrive. Hugs

  12. Hi Bunny,

    Your daughter looks so much like you, and it's obvious that she loves what she's doing. Oh, by the way, nice video blog. Yard sales are fun aren't they.


  13. Awwwwhhhhh! the little piggies are sooooo cute!


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