Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's in a Name?

Many people including some of you, have asked me about my name...bunny and how did I get that name from Victoria. Believe me it's made for some funny stories over the years...but I won't get into that right now. But what I will get into, is how this name was created. Let's start with my birth, which is funny all by it's self.

I was born Thanksgiving morning in a hospital or more to the point, the hospital bathroom or even more to the point, the hospital toilet. mother was in labor in her hospital room and had to go to the bathroom or so it seemed. The nurses would've let her and as soon as they left the room, my mother jumped off the bed (it was high off the ground) and fell in the process. And so, as she naturally went to the I come. She pressed the emergency button and by the time the nurse came in to check,there was my mom holding me as she sat on the pot. Then they wheeled her on a gurney with me between her legs into the delivery room. But the funny thing is, the next day after NOT seeing the Dr. for any of this, he leisurely strolled in her room the day after and asked her if she wanted to circumcise me. Hmmm,,,don't think so! And to make matters worse, a couple of weeks later, she received his bill for delivering me...they made a deal somewhere down the line..

anyways...My father used to call me honey bunny bucket. You know, as an endearing nick name and that I was told, stuck for a while mother found out that the term "honey bucket" were the buckets the military used to clean out the outhouses and latrines. So then it became honey bunny and then finally there you have it. I 've been called a lot of things...bunz, bunola, bun bun,bugs and for a while, my brother used to call me victoilet...which really would piss me off at the time, but now it's hysterical.

My husband Eric acquired his name in a very strange way too.

When he was born, my in-laws didn't have a clue as to a name. When a nurse asked Elizabeth (mil) his name, she told her that she didn't know and what names do you like? It just so happened that the nurses sister had just given birth a week ago and said that they had named him Eddie. Hmmm, Elizabeth thought, that's a good name and after talking to Tony (fil) they decided, yep...Eddie it is. The problem was, that Elizabeth's German accent was so strong, that when the recorder came around and asked her the baby's name...the Eddie name sound just like the Eric name..and the recorder promptly wrote down Eric...instead of Eddie. Good thing they liked that name too! So there you have it folks...don't get me started on Meredith and Raquel....I'm just sayin'


  1. What a hysterical story! I love it!

  2. OMG - what a story! I was named after my mother's pen pal from Georgia. Enjoyed the photos of you and the bloggers over at Anita and Ruben's blog!

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2010

    Wow, when you were ready to make your appearance in this world you did, huh? I enjoyed this post so much and loved it. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and I love the name Bunny. Hugs

  4. Wow, I didn't know that about Eric...or should I say Eddit?!?!


  5. So glad you finally told me about your name! I have always wondered how you got the name Bunny.
    I guess that is what we should be calling my son Clint because he was born exactly the same way you were. Back then the nurses did not think you knew anything about your own body when your telling them the baby is coming.
    My doctor also charged us for delivery. lol
    Well Bunny honey I hope you have a very safe and happy 4th

  6. What a hilarious story; Bunny you are so unique and special!
    Names are important and i never thought i suited mine. Even so, i didn't really push to name my own kids what i wanted and i really wished later that i would have. You named your daughters both beautiful, current and timeless names.
    My cousin Helen was supposed to be Ellen; a combo of her parents Elsie and Len. But she had an accent also and the register person thought she said Helen and so thats what it is.

    Brothers and their derogative nicknames for sisters! My neice Rhea used to be called Diah-reah or Rhea-tard by her brother. Oh how she hated those nicknames and can anyone blame her.

  7. OH really made an entrance, didn't you?

    Victoilet....OMG, that is just wrong in so many ways!

    My best friend back home's name is Victoria and I have always loved that name. I also love the name Bunny too...soooooo girlie!

    Happy 4th!


  8. Now that was a very funny "true"'re aren't going to believe this but my father's middle name is Bunny.....I use to think my grandma was kidding until she showed me his birth certificate a few years ago.

  9. BUNNY!!! Now the mystery is unfolded for the two of you! WOW! What some women go through during delivery! I can't believe you came out so fast!!! Thank you for answering my question that I asked you when we were sitting around Rusty's table! I will never forget that day. I hope you enjoy your buttons, and I just love my tag that you made me dear Bunny!


  10. Hi Bunz, Bunola Bun Bun, Bugs, Bunny!
    I'm finally getting around to something like normal on blogging and catching up with blogs like yours that I follow. What I say here is therefore related to more than your latest post.

    I love the story about how you got your name, and the way your born was amazing. I couldn't believe that the hospital charged your family a Doctor's fee for delivering you when he wasn't there and didn't even know if you were a boy or a girl, but then I quickly remembered: hey, it's health care in America, land of the $4 aspirin tablet.

    I know how frustrating it is to have your computer crash. My laptop school computer went down this last semester, and from now on I have a back up external drive hooked up to it just in case.

    I wish you and Eric the best as your daughter soon goes off to college. This is a really special thing you are doing.

    Finally, it was so great to meet you and Eric at the family/blogger reunion in California. I will never forget it. Anita talked about you so many times and she's the one who turned me on to your blog. How? I'd hear her cracking up and she'd say, "You've got to read this." So I did, and still do.

    Your blogger pal in MN,

  11. Way funny...Happy Fourth of July to you!!!

  12. Thanks for the laugh. Happy 4th.

  13. Fabulous story!
    One of my best friends is named Bunnie, actually!

  14. Bunny, thank you for the giggle! Really. Out loud. My grandmother was trying to decide on a name for her first daughter (my aunt) and, after skimming through the WWII era morning paper, mentioned to her husband that the name "Latrine" had such a lovely sound. That is....until my grandfather told her what a latrine actually was. We still laugh about that one! Your Mr.'s story is a fun one as well! ~ Angela

  15. What a great story! Your poor mom! Giving birth in the bathroom! Funny Bunny!
    I think getting names mixed up at time of registering or recording is quite common. I hubbies parents went through that too.


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