Monday, July 12, 2010

Video Treasures

I've decided to show you my yard sales treasures by video. I came about this idea through my friend Angela over at Free Spirit Haven. Keep in mind that I haven't been sleeping much lately...lots on my mind, I'm tired and without make up. Yes...this is the real me folks....except now as of this date...I'm back to brown hair

Click HERE for my yard sale findings!...and yes...I really am this mellow and I do say "cool" a lot.


  1. Get back honky cat... love it! You made a haul, woman! Impressive!

  2. BUNNY! YOU MADE OUT BEAUTIFULLY! I love are so beautiful and your humor is as wry and perfect as can be. Each item is a steal! And look at all those buttons. What are you going to create? AND I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! Those hard wood floors are TDF. I have them in the older part of the house. Our renovation is coming! We met with the excavator yesterday and he said this job was EASY! There is just one job ahead of us however, which will push our start date to August. WHO CARES! As long as it gets started and by Christmas, we are sure to have a new space to entertain! So wish you all could come out here to freeze your butts off, but to warm yourself with another laugh session!

    HAVE FUN! Oh...we had a killer diller yard sale last weekend and we made out like bandits, and we even "gave stuff away"!


  3. Girl, you look amazing, what the heck were you talking about..cripe..every time I'm doing my videos I usually have a baseball cap on, no make up on and people asking me if I have a black eye (ummm,,NO..just dark circles under my eyes people, thanks for the comment) lol

    My You Tube channel is gotta do a video response to my yard sale haul videos (anyone will do)...I have quite a few subscribers that will enjoy your video and especially if you plan on doing more...

    I still can't believe the prices for those trees..and everything else..FREE..yaaaaaaaaaaaa..I'm screaming!! lol

    It's fun isn't it, showing all our goodies...I don't know what's more addictive,,yard saling, or showing everyone my hauls each week,,lol

  4. Hi Bunny, FREE is a word I can get behind! What a haul. I really enjoyed your little vlog and you are hysterical. I loved when you said one of the books...helps you deal with crap. Laughed so loud my dog gave me a funny look. You weren't wearing makeup? You looked great.

    Have a fab day, Bonnie

  5. Oh girl great finds! How lucky are you getting this stuff free!
    What is your deal with clowns????HMMMMM!
    You are too funny.
    Cant' wait to see your circus theme! Good luck!
    And o yes love,love,love freebies too.

  6. Bunny, I so enjoyed your video! And the treasures you! Especially buttons ~ who sells buttons at a yard sale? That's such a great find! And hey, if I looked like you, I would be thrilled to go without makeup. Looking forward to your future finds and your circus setup! p.s. - Are you displaying the clowns in another room? ;) ~ Angela

  7. I just love what you post. So interesting!
    Thanks for the grin.
    Must go look at your yard sale finds.

  8. Hi Bunny - girl, you made out good! Was nice to see you live and in person. Those buttons are fabulous. Best wishes, Tammy


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