Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink Piglets and Fond Farewells

My favorites...Pink Piglets with a dash of black and white.

Rogue won 3rd place in the Market category, meaning, muscle tone and physical appearance and Cormac placed 6th, also in the market category.

Good bye Rogue and Cormac...we love you!


  1. Oh Sweetie...
    Beautiful share today. I love the little pink piggies ofcourse. Aren't the black and white ones cute though? I love them.

    Looks like Rogue and Cormac did wonderful. So when they place do you sell them? I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. I would never make a good farmer. I just get to attached.

    Beautiful photos and I have so enjoyed going to the fair with you. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    Those little piglets are sooooooooo cute. Great pictures. Hugs

  3. I really don't want to know where those animals are going! Have a fab weekend, Bonnie

  4. I couldn't bear to watch them go.

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  6. When we trained hunting dogs everyday for 20 years, I couldn't feed the training pigeons for 2 days in a row or I'd get attached. I know how the Circle of Life works, and am an active participant, but I don't do well feeding my own meals. Thank you for being such good providers for those of us unable to do what you do with such obvious love and pride.

    Congratulations to your winners and the caretakers. The animals look healthy and cared for. Who could ask for more?


  7. Well, I hope you're looking into some good ranch property cause it looks to me like you got a real ranch girl on your hands. You must be proud. Congrats!


  8. OMG those piglets are really dang cute...the other day, I saw a guy walking a pink pig down the street...this was not a potbellied pig, typical of being a pet. No, this was a large white, like what you have here in the picture! I just wonder what he is going to do with that sweet pink wonder when it grows up! CONGRATS to your daughter who has worked so hard and proven how smart she is! YOU ARE A PROUD MOMMA!!!

    Bisous, Anita

  9. Congrats to the future farmer on her dedication, hard work and eventual success. I know you are proud.

  10. Congrats to the future farmer. I love the photos.

  11. Oh they're adorable - I want a piglet lol!!! Well done on your success :)

  12. Bunny you and your piglets are just too funny. I have to admit their pretty darn cute.
    So is your new site. Once again you changed on me and to think I freaked out when I lost my little on plain background. hahaha
    You change yours like their panties. sorry..I got carried away.
    I guess you will find my other comment on the fair. Loved my visit and you

  13. Hi Bunny: First corn in the front yard and now pigs. Can I suggest "green acres is the place for you, farm living is the life"! Your piglets are so cute. I have been thinking alot about you. I see all is well with you and yours. God bless you my dear friend! Martha

  14. Oh I know that has to be hard! How do let go of something you raised for so long. That was one reason I never got attached to cows. My dad was always selling them!
    Congratulations any way!


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