Monday, May 2, 2011


A little peak of what's on my plate. Been busy creating. Sorting through buttons, yarn, fabric and just about anything else most people discard.

This Christmas Tree is made from taupe colored yarn, an assortment of buttons , some dingle berries and lots of glitter. I found this old chippy tin at a yard sale for 10cents...

Dollar Store religious candles made into festive Christmas candles....same thing right?

and more...honestly, about 20 of them which are packed away in a cool spot of the house and this candle stick and stray votive I found that I stained

This, well, I don't know what this was when I found it. It's like a food cover made from metal with a little birdie sitting on top. Painted it, added a button ( of course) and I paired it with this once again, lost English tea saucer...I suppose you could place anything in there if you wanted

and this honey of a cookie jar hive that I painted, shellacked and topped with a whimsical bee

Your probably wondering what am I gonna do with this stuff...Well, hopefully, in October I'll be a vender in Escondido (that's near San Diego) at a re purpose, recycling, makeover flea market. One of the problems I'm having is that some of my items I've never seen before. I've looked high and low all over the internet, etsy, ebay and the assorted blogs and I'm having a hard time pricing certain items. Guess I'll find out come October....I'm just sayin'


  1. Great job on these! Love them!


  2. Love that bee hive! Price high! You can always barter, right?

  3. You HAVE been busy! Yes, yes, price high.

  4. PS: I thought I was the only person to say "dingle berry!" (the ones I speak of are much different than those) LOL!

  5. Love the items you made. I am sure you will make a good profit.

  6. If you have to put a cage over your food it prolly aint cooked near enuff.

  7. You have been busy creating some very pretty things. That bee hive is adorable. Hugs

  8. My family used to live in that area, and often told me how much I would love that Market- good luck, bunny, but then , I just know you'll do really well!♥

  9. Hey Bun, what a surprise to pop over and see a beautiful bouquet of roses in your header. Lovely! You sure have been busy. I hope do some of the same over the weekend. Have a good one! Best wishes, Tammy

  10. That little cover is the cutest cloche I've ever seen.
    xoxo bj

  11. Bunney honey I think that is a good sign you can not find your pieces that means you have one of a kind ...right!
    Your doing the right thing by stocking up now for your new adventure.
    Just had to come by and wish you a very Happy Mother's day


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