Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swap and Bait

Occasionally I go to a great swap meet with Brenda, the problem, although it's not that big of one, is that If I go pick her up I am going in the opposite direction, If she picks me up, it's way out of her way, so we compromise. We meet half way, half way meaning, the parking lot of the Holiday Inn right off the freeway. This Holiday Inn sits right next to the off ramp so that when I sit in my car and wait for her, I can see the cars coming off the freeway down the ramp.....which is what I was doing when I saw this....

I watched him as I casually sips my morning diet Pepsi and thinking, man! what a life. Poor guy! People at the stop sign at the bottom of the exit giving him money and him nodding and mouthing thank you. Him not knowing where his next meal is, where he or his family are gonna sleep tonight. Does he even have a family? When was the last time he had a shower? He looked like he needed one...about a week ago. And just as I wondering how long does one stand here and ask for help, he starts to walk down the Blvd and into the the parking lot....my parking lot.
I'm thinkin' he's probably gonna use or try to use the hotel facilities or perhaps find a tree and sit and rest ..but no, he keeps walking, past me. Now I'm thinkin'...Whoa, buddy...you better not be getting into a car. Not that homeless people don't have a car, I'm sure some of them do, but this guy looked like he didn't even own underwear let alone a vehicle. And sure enough, he walks up to a truck, takes the keys out of his pocket, opens the door, reaches in, puts on sunglasses, throws the sign in the cab and grabs a cigarette from his torn shirt pocket and lights up.....and stands there taking in the view ....besides this

Needless to say, I am shocked!! OK, again, I know homeless people own cars, homelessness, meaning without a home not car-lessness meaning without a car... but really? A brand new gorgeous Ford F10 in burgundy? If your homeless your probably without money and if your without money, you can't afford food, bills, clothes and a home, but how can you afford a brand new car? You can sleep in your car but THIS was a spankin' new huge truck.

I just watched him, couldn't take my eyes off of him actually, so much so that Brenda is parked right next to me and I didn't even see her pull up. As I hop into her car I instruct her to check out this guy....Yeah?, she says. I tell her the whole story and without a blink of an eye she tells me that people do this ALL THE TIME....AND THEY MAKE MAJOR MONEY!!! She's telling me how angry it makes her and that when people have a dog with them, they make more money. I believe her. She travels for a living, here and in other countries, she's seen a lot. Me, I don't get out much, which is why I'm still shocked at this.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some of them are really homeless but what am I suppose to believe. I'm just sayin'


  1. We probably don't want to know how often we are "taken in" by BS. When I watch the news and see people crying about being down on their luck, all the while with fancy cell phones, manicured nails, coiffed hair, Coach purses... I can't help saying to myself... "It's no dang wonder you can't pay your bills and you're losing your house!"

  2. I would have yelled from my viewing spot that he was a lower than low scum bag. Shame on him. Nice truck tho. LOL

  3. I had to show this to my husband we are country bumpkins and we are shocked. Of course my brother tells me all the time about things like this just amazing.

  4. Well, let's face it, professional athletes make enough to keep a small 3rd World county going for quite awhile, and movie stars..20 million a picture..for what?
    That makes me angry..put it into perspective, this guy is working harder than I'd ever want to and doing something completely humiliating for his 'spare change" which, no matter how pitiful he looks, is gonna be a lot less than any b-ball player makes in 5 minutes on the court...

  5. Yep, sadly there are people who's personal ethics are low enough to do this.

    I never give to people on the street these days. I don't know if you have a similar scheme in the US, but here they have secure boxes on the streets where you can donate to homeless charities. That way you know your money's going to the right place.

  6. A friend once told me a story where he stopped at an intersection and tried to help a guy with a "Will Work For Food" sign. He had a small farm and would be willing to pay the for him to do some work there. The guy showed up at his place in a nice truck and said he would give him an estimate.

    A cop stopped at an intersection near the house. He offered to take the guy to social services to get help. The guy wanted nothing to do with it.

    I think some of these folk make decent cash doing that and the overhead is low.

    I work two jobs and still end up driving an old beater.

  7. bunny- just wanted to thank you for your wonderful sidebar about my giveaway..it's very much appreciated*hugs*

  8. Most of those people today are scams i mean getiing free money from us that work hard.

    My church members (offered help)watched several people like that in my town and they would not do any work for food or shelter just wanted CASH one said said he usually got about $125.00 a day

  9. I figure in the end it doesn't matter about the other person. It only matters that you do what you feel is right, even if you are being taken in. At least you know in your heart that you are giving from a pure heart. They, on the other hand, will reap what they sow. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  10. Very funny. Love your observations!

    Your roses on the top of your blog are awesome! I love roses, so beautiful!

    Have a nice weekend...


  11. i also had to see it to believe it. We drink alot of diet coke and of course pay for the cans at time of purchase.Always put out a bag or two for recycling each week until one day i saw who was taking them, a woman in her fancy car, heels and dressed to the 9's. So asked a grandkid if he wanted them and would come and get 'em once a mth. He said sure and still comes for them 5 yrs later; he uses the $30. or more for his starbucks. Tis a much better feeling to help a family member get his coffee in than to buy gas for a rich stranger.

  12. You have absolutely no reason to apologize for your feelings. You have a right to be shocked; we ALL do. That man is a deadbeat of the worst sort. He gives the true homeless a bad name.


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