Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playing in the Dirt

Remember this post?
I've been playing in the dirt lately and planting veggies and flowers. This year, again, I swore I was gonna plant my tree, a petite crape myrtle and again, I swore up and down the isles of every nursery and DIY store in a 20 mile radius looking for luck. Being that I had no tree, I decided to plant flowers around the edges of this area. Last year I went on a garden tour and came across a clingy flowery plant that I very much admired and after talking to the owner of said plant, she gave me some seeds in a baggie and wrote on it, "plant late January". Fast forward to this past January where I found them and proceeded to plant them...the problem was, I forgot what kind of flowers they were. So I waited and waited and did my research...seems I planted Sweet Peas and they are gorgeous!

and then I planted Mexican Sage because it reminds me of velvet...

and these guys seem to pop up everywhere and how they got there I don't know, but I like them so I let them grow wherever they want........nasturtiums

and since I can't find my tree, I decided to look for another tree that would fit my criteria, pink, white or lavenders blooms and not to tall, but alas, my agricultural lovin' daughter scretly behind my back and planted this

corn....stinkin' corn. I know, it could be worse, she could be planting something else and I know when she goes to College, I will miss her shenanigans. So, after seeing this, I went ahead and planted tomatoes,which are doing very well...

and just recently green bell peppers and something called Salsa chili....again, not my idea

I will you keep you posted on the progress and of course, I wanna see what you all planted this year...I'm just sayin'


  1. I planted nothing, I have black thumbs.

  2. I have been soo busy this spring with work and travel and side work and family and softball and then it has rained so much that havent gotten the garden tilled. I was looking forward to it but I guess not this year.

    I did mow the grass last nite in the dark.

  3. AnonymousMay 19, 2011

    Garden looking good--i have squash, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, 3 kinds of basil.


  4. Your fingers are much greener than mine Bunny, everything's flourishing! Love your Mexican sage - that's the perfect description for it, like velvet :) x

  5. I really love sweet peas too, they smell so nice, and give us tasty treats as well-a perfect plant..
    Since i live where I live, we are not supposed to start planting until this weekend, so I won't, actually, I'm waiting to get a big trough from a friend that will be perfect for planting a nice sald mix, and some tomatoes and annuals will round it off...
    I'll take some pics later in the season, but remember, its all container gardening, hard to dig up a huge concrete patio, which is my 'garden' area...

  6. Such pretty pictures! How dedicated you must be!
    I have been really bad at keeping up with my commenting! I have dedicated the weekend to catching up! Now Sophie is sleeping so well I have a bit of free time in the evening!!! Yay!!!

  7. Hi Bun, everything is looking great. Our planting season is over. After Tuesday storm, we had dust. Yuck! Everything is a mess and I can't seem to keep up. Enjoy your bounty. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. I gave up on planting a while back....I ruin everything! I love your orange Halloweenie flowers!



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